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Louisiana Town to Kill All Pit Bulls and Rottweilers: Those Who Don’t Surrender Face Police Action!

November 25, 2014

“They’re going to have to take him from my cold, dead hands before they get a hold of him“ Moreauville, Louisiana – A town in Louisiana has recently voted to ban all Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, calling them “vicious breeds” of dogs. Current owners of…


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Police mistakenly arrest people having epileptic seizures - health charity

November 19, 2014

People with epilepsy could end up with criminal records because police fail to recognize their condition, a charity has warned. They then inadvertently enter the criminal justice system because of behavior they cannot…


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Police required to obtain warrant before using GPS trackers, court rules

October 22, 2013

A federal appeals court, addressing an issue that the US Supreme Court chose not to cover in a recent decision, has ruled that law enforcement officials must obtain a warrant before attaching a GPS unit to a suspect’s car and tracking them.

The Third…


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Police officers get 156 years for 1992 Brazilian prison massacre

Apr 21, 2013

A Brazilian court sentenced 23 police officers on Sunday to 156 years in jail each for killing 13 inmates in Brazil's bloodiest prison revolt in which 111 inmates died more than 20 years ago.

Military police stormed Sao Paulo's Carandiru prison in 1992…


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Anonymous takes down Delhi Police website over gang-rape case

December 25, 2012

Hacktivist group Anonymous has taken down the Delhi Police website over its reaction to weeklong protests sparked by the brutal gang-rape of a young woman, urging authorities to bring the rapists to justice.

It comes as the authorities have…


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The Police State Comes To Arkansas

December 18, 2012

"[Police are] going to be in SWAT gear and have AR-15s around their neck," Stovall said. "If you're out walking, we're going to stop you, ask why you're out walking, check for your ID."

Stovall said while some people may be…


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Police arrest man for threatening elementary schools in Los Angeles, weapons recovered

December 17, 2012

Police in Los Angeles, California have arrested a man that they say made criminal threats against area elementary schools.

The identity of the suspect, apprehended Sunday afternoon, has not been released. On Monday, however, the Los Angeles Police Department…


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Police Install Camera Focused on Back Yard of Woman's Home


Recently I wrote about an ACLU of Michigan report that highlighted the problem of police cameras being installed…


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US Military and Local Police Working Together on American Streets

July 26, 2012

The US military is being used to protect civilian events, like the 2012 Democratic and Republican Party National Conventions in Tampa, Florida and Charlotte, North…


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What Just Happened to the Rule of Law? - Obamacare Has Now Transformed The United States Into A Police State

Jun  29, 2012

Following the Obamacare decision, The Heartland Institute’s Maureen Martin, a Senior Fellow for Legal Affairs, said, “Today’s decision will go down in infamy. It marks the moment when we all lost our freedom because the Supreme Court drew a road map to guide those…


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AN URGENT Message to OUR Military, Police, and Officials from 'We The People'

Please FWD this  to Every Armed Service Email, Police Station, Senator, and even your local Fire Dept. America needs to get her ASS IN GEAR! Time to wake up and realize We have been taken over...


"It seems 'You guys' forget who you work…


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Chicago Police Echo White House Saying First Amendment Rights Can Be Terminated SHARE!!!

 June 4, 2012

There is one thing that Barack Obama has been successful at since taking the helm of the…


Added by Pam Vredenburg on June 6, 2012 at 1:42am — 1 Comment

This will bring in Marshal Law to Every Country ~ This is Not A Police State ~ But Country!

* Estimates at 500,000 in the middle of the day.…


Added by Pam Vredenburg on May 29, 2012 at 6:21pm — 1 Comment

Police chief calls child pronography findings ‘very disturbing’


Four Thunder Bay men have been charged with accessing and possessing child pornography, which police say is only the tip of the iceberg concerning child pornography in the city.

“There is far more going on in this city than the four people just arrested,”…


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DHS Introduces Green Police

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that it will be creating an “environmental justice” unit that will be overseeing environmental regulations, alongside local governments. The unit’s…


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Indiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing Citizens To Use Deadly Force Against Police Officers Into Law

March 23, 2012

Republican Governor Mitch Daniels has signed Senate Enrolled Act 1 into law in Indiana. The new law allows citizens to use deadly force against police officers they think are illegally entering their homes. Earlier this month, …


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Police Begin Clearing Zuccotti Park of Protesters

Nov. 15, 2011

Hundreds of New York City police officers began clearing Zuccotti Park of the Occupy Wall…


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Tonight: Vigils Across America for Scott Olsen, Marine Veteran Critically Injured by Police Projectile at #OccupyOakland

Oct. 27, 2011

This morning Occupy Oakland and Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) put out a call for occupations across America and around the world to hold solidarity vigils for Scott Olsen, a former Marine and two time Iraq War veteran. Olsen sustained a skull fracture after being shot…


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Police Arrest State Senator at Occupy Atlanta - Oct 26, 2011

State Sen. Vincent Fort was arrested by police at Woodruff Park on the morning of Oct. 26, according to Occupy Atlanta and CBS News.

In a speech on last week’s deadline for protesters to leave the park, Fort criticized Mayor Kasim Reed, stating “We…


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Police, protesters clash in Oakland at Occupy camp. Oct 26, 2011

An American flag is left discarded on the ground as a remnant of the Occupy Oakland protests Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011, in Oakland, Calif. Police in riot gear began clearing anti-Wall Street protesters on Tuesday morning from the plaza in front of Oakland's City Hall…


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