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Germany, Brazil submit UN draft resolution to end mass surveillance

November 02, 2013 

Germany and Brazil have submitted a new draft resolution to the UN General Assembly which calls for an end to excessive electronic surveillance, data collection, and other snooping techniques.

The draft resolution did not point fingers at any…


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Revealing your data: Facebook prepares to track screen cursors

November 01, 2013 

Facebook is a step away from tracking cursors on your computer and portable device screens to understand your tastes better, the company’s top official has vouched in an interview. The project is part of a huge increase in the…


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American focus on Iraq allowed a ‘defeated’ Taliban to re-emerge - top US diplomat

November 01, 2013 

Mistakes in the United States’ strategy in and outside of Afghanistan in 2002 led to a resurgence of the Taliban there, as well as many more civilian and NATO deaths than necessary, the US special representative to…


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Syrian chemical weapons likely to be destroyed abroad

November 01, 2013

The majority of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal will likely be taken abroad for destruction, Russia’s deputy foreign minister said after talks with the special coordinator of the UN-OPCW mission in Syria.

“There are many arguments in favor of…


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DARPA developing drone-mounted lasers to shoot down missiles

October 30, 2013

The research and development arm of the US Department of Defense plans to establish drone-mounted laser weapons, a scheme referred to as ‘Project Endurance’ in the agency’s 2014 budget request.

The Defense Advanced Research…


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Collateral damage: Cost of each US soldier in Afghanistan soars to $2.1 mln

October 25, 2013

The cost of keeping each American soldier in Afghanistan is set to nearly double to 2.1 million, at the same time that crucial sectors of the US military are underfunded, according to a new analysis of the Pentagon’s budget.

US military planners are…


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Police required to obtain warrant before using GPS trackers, court rules

October 22, 2013

A federal appeals court, addressing an issue that the US Supreme Court chose not to cover in a recent decision, has ruled that law enforcement officials must obtain a warrant before attaching a GPS unit to a suspect’s car and tracking them.

The Third…


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Joint decision: Uruguay prepares to legalize sale of marijuana at $1 a gram

October 22, 2013 

Uruguay is set to become the first country in the world to legalize the sale of marijuana at a market price of US$1 a gram. The bill is expected to pass through the senate in November, bringing the $40 million industry under…


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Shale gas company loses bid for injunction to halt N.B. protests

Oct 21, 2013 

One small victory for the planet.. Many thanks to Elsipogtog First Nation, and those that supported them!

Shale gas company loses bid for injunction to halt N.B. protests

A request by SWN Resources Canada to extend…


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‘Constant agony:’ Anti-torture activist undergoes public force feeding to protest Gitmo

October 19, 2013 

An anti-torture activist underwent a nasal-tube feeding outside an appeals court in Washington DC to protest the abusive force-feeding of hunger strikers at and the practice of indefinite detention at Guantánamo Bay.



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US begins shifting Afghan logistics hub from Kyrgyzstan to Romania

October 19, 2013

The Pentagon has begun transitioning its Afghanistan air logistics base to Romania and plans to complete the shift from Manas Transit Center in Kyrgyzstan by July 2014 when its contract ends.

The announcement of the move to a…


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Bomb here, please: US troops may start using Android app to order airstrikes

October 16, 2013

A US lab is working on an Android application which would enable troops to call in airstrikes and control drones via a smartphone. Dubbed the Android Terminal Assault Kit (ATAK), the map-based prototype app is said to be designed to “save…


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How to Escape Obamacare 1 - 7

Oct 16, 2013…


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Boeing caught selling used parts as new to Pentagon

October 15, 2013

The Pentagon’s inspector general has found that Boeing repeatedly charged the United States military for “new” helicopter parts even as it installed used parts instead.

Since 2008, Chicago-based Boeing, the military’s…


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Obama admits hurting Americans to score political points against GOP

October 12, 2013

On Friday, Jonah Goldberg of theNational Review Online said that…


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Google-bye to privacy? Users’ faces, names and comments are going in ads

October 12, 2013

Following in the footsteps of Facebook, anything you post, like, comment or review on Google or tied-in services can in future be used in product endorsement ads.

It means that starting Nov. 11, when Google’s new terms of service go live, all content…


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'Truckers to Shut Down America' Shut Down by Traffic


Today is a great day for everyone who loves the Constitution and thinks Obama should be impeached, because the Truckers Riding for the Constitution are heading to Washington D.C. right now to cause a massive traffic jam. They'll be there soon, they're just …


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Snowden urges EU parliament to protect whistleblowers

October 01, 2013

Former NSA agent, Edward Snowden, has called on an EU Parliament committee to provide protection for whistleblowers and “create better channels” for them to inform. The committee is currently holding an inquiry into the 'Prism scandal'.



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Shock: Wells Fargo bank managers forge their customers' signatures to commit fraud, contends lawsuit

September 22, 2013

A Wells Fargo Bank depositor has charged in a lawsuit that the institution forces its branch managers to meet quotas for new accounts and that they do so by forging customers' signatures on…


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