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I am writimg to you today as a matter of urgent desperation. I am a 39 year old man with the National Health Service Number 418 016 8049 and National Insurance number NX 50 84 58 A n with HLA B27 autoimmune disease which gives me a few diseases in one, namely Ankylosing spondylitis, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, Osteoporosis, Reiters Syndrome and had a Heart Attack 5 months ago. Conversly I am also HIV+ with an AIDS diagnosis standing of 5 years where I had Karpososis' Sarcoma needing treatment with Chemotherapy

I am writing for some help in the matter of my health. I am very ill at the moment with Liver Failure and with chronic pain. I have done alot of studying over the last few months and I know I shouldn't be so ill. The HLA B27 Antibody is supposed to protect me from a more aggresive course of HIV infection, exept this hasn't happened. My HIV is very difficult to control, and when it is controlled well, my autoimmune disease gets worse. I have learnt I have a very old bloodline which may be of some help to you. My blood group is AB+. Apparently The only way when the HLA B27 doesn't protect you is if you have caught HIV off one of your parents (verticallly, parentally), or before your Thymus gland is fully developed., and my body already had the antibodies as a child. This is due to CTL escapes know i This should be a genetic impossibility as HIV is only supposed to been around from the early 80's and I was born in 1971. I certainly shouldn't have it as bad as I do.. It has also made the autoimmune disease very aggressive. I feel I have been left to die and it's not very fair. The NHS has not been good to me during my life, I was also very badly abused as a child mentally, physically and sexually I told the authorities what was going on and nothing was done about it. Infact I was ignored and ridiculed about this. 
As a voter and as a British citizen I demand and explanation and an inquiry into what has gone wrong.... No-one should be left to suffer in this way!!! Successive governments have left me to die and this has got to stop. Please don't fob me off again... This e-mail has gone to David Cameron and Nick Clegg and I deserve some answers.
I have also been looking very carefully at the science of genetics and have found out that HIV is actually a lukaemia. It used to be called HTLV lll, which is a lukaemia virus. The name was only changed in 1986 to avoid warfare between the 2 parties that discovered it, not for any clinical reason. I have also proved it is genetically the same, even down to a mollecular level. I know that the "virus" mutates our actual genes. It is not the "virus" that mutates. It affects our genes in that it causes a mutation in our white Blood Cells (CD4 lymphocytes) and a mutation in our Tumour Supressor gene P53 located on chromosone 17. Also it alters the function of the P24 gene , and the P120 gene and the GP 19. gene these are very specialist genes which affect cell transcription in our bodies. It literally hacks into our genetic code to alter the function of our cells no natural virus can do this.. especially not in one person. for something Like this it would take many generations!! I also have my suspicions it is also racist and homophobic in nature as the numbers of each of these people is far and away much much more than white straight people. Also doctors don't tell us the risk from oral sex... They tell us its very low, (about 0.5%) yet I have seen papers published by the health protection agency to doctors saying it could be anywhere upwards of 8%. 
There are no differences between HTLV lll (infact any of the HTLV group of "viruses") and HIV. I would now like to question the medical establishment on this issue. I think I may have been passed this lukaemia down my bloodline. I also know Mustard Gas is a well known carcinogen as is HHV 6 (EBV). I also suffered a few years ago from HHV8 (Karposi's Sarcoma) I had chemo for this (Liposomal Doxyrubicin) and it went into remissiThis has enabled me to find out that down to a molecular level That HIV/HTLV lll as it used to be called is in actual fact a Cancer. (Leukaemia). actually that is wrong also. It is a lymphokaemia as it attacks lymphocytes, not leukocytes. 
Also why the name changes?? It used to be called HTLV III/LAV, closely related to HTLV l and HTLV ll (Actually there's no difference in all these diseases, even down to a molecular level)... So when does a disease actually become another disease?
Now we have changed the name to HIV... yet another strain has appeared 'supposedly' from cameroon, called guess what??? HTLV lll... Talk about the recycling of a name!!! and as HTLV stands for HUMAN T Lymphotropic virus, why has it been found in monkeys? 
PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION... IT IS SCIENTIFIC reading of medical papers buried in the old name of HTLV lll not HIV.
I am writing to you in despair. I am a 37 year old man with an Aids diagnosis and also a very rare autoimmune disease (I'm HLA B27+), which causes alot of problems in itself- namely Ankylosing Spondylitis and sclerosing cholangigitis. I am currently at my wits end. I am feeeling very ill and in Liver failure. The doctors don't seem to care or want to do anything about me to make me better. 
I have lots of information on the subject i have gleaned off the internet (infact a whole ring binder full of over a thousand pages of scientific information)as well as copies of orignal letters beween Robert gallo and other scientists discussing the nature of the 'virus' as well as its name change and am ready to "go public" I would like the help of one of your collegues so as my information is 101% correct and up to date. Especially as I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I will send a few of the relevent papers and links in an e-mail to follow shortly...
I know the subject drives you mad but I think I've just found a BIG eureka moment in my study of HIV. I'd like to share it with you or at least pick your brain.
I have just found out that human antigen 6 ( p6 ) is an ''empty vaccine gene.'' It's the exon on human chromosone 5. If this exon somehow became filled with say EBV type 6 (also called, HHV6 and HTLV ll) could this confuse cell transcription, and in every cell then copied (as obiviously the exon is meant to be empty), to produce the double helixed (HTLV lll / HIV)) instead of single strand RNA of the orignal virus?... If It could, could it be a huge part of the puzzle solved and also the leap from ''Virus'' to Cancer I was trying to figure out last year? The mutated form would then be HTLVlll (HIV) and then the ''full'' gene ( the old exon) placement from before transcription would have to be guessed at after transpition, on wherever and whichever place on whichever condon of the chromosone the DNA thinks is suitable. (As all the genes are full and it is looking for an empty gene), ie trying to make a muated copy because there is no gene to act as an exon (or empty gene as a template) to base the postion of the gene on the new codon after transcription, thus also explaning different mutations of the HTV lll (HIV) ''virus''..... Maybe I've got myself a slightly confused, but can you see my what I mean in my theory? I think I may have made the crossover from the virus to cancer, as it is the cell making a copy of itself with the mutated gene instead of a copy of the unmutated Virus itself...

PLEASE HELP NO-ONE WANTS TO LISTEN and I'm fed up with this and I want to take this to the Court of Human Rights... I have a right to be heard!!

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