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At 4:25pm on April 20, 2011, Russell W. Minor Sr. gave Pam Vredenburg a gift
Thanks Again Pam
At 4:22pm on April 20, 2011, Russell W. Minor Sr. said…
Thanks For The Invite Pam
At 9:53pm on April 10, 2011, LaVerne Swanson said…
I am really sorry to have misled you or at least by not clarifying my situation about the fallout. I didn't mean to worry you. I just know that my age , smoking, improper diet and rest has it's affect on my immune system.  One again it's pouring down hard here.We do get a lot of rain but lately it's out of control!! Thanks again Pam, for all your efforts in all the good you do.
At 6:35pm on April 9, 2011, Hannelie Sass said…
Thank you Pam for the warm welcome. You make me feel special! I love your videos. You are great and me being an South African, I cannot start to tell you how we need TRUTH out here. I have made it my mission to do just that! Thanks for being such a motivation to me. You have got no idea what it means..Regards..Hann
At 2:40am on April 9, 2011, Ivy Greene said…

Thanks Pam.


At 2:38pm on April 8, 2011, Raymond LaFay Rolley said…
ok. another first. i feel like a reluctant child, and u are nursing and coaching me along. there is appreciation, u know. my reluctance is 3-pronged: time, current events, and the knowledge that the same organization of people monitor internet info, orchestrate & monitor the wars; i.e., CIA: one inevitably benefits these ignorant slimebags! On the net, immediately, without a cop being present, one is aware, "anything u say may be held against u in a court of law"...someone, if needs be, will scour every word u'v said here, if it can be brought to degrade u, or 'prove' that u r perhaps, "a terrorist". i'm not 'affraid', but more, contemplating the wisdom, and what can really be done? what value does it have now...? at all turns, they "milk the heffer". in my case, i need start a page ot blog, with a new cosmology; root principles...and offer the right challenge regarding human identity. No-one has properly nailed identity, in the new age. so that's still the crux. what i say, will be explosive...obviously unique and authentic as Hermes! what i write is very "stealable" very "one of a kind"-ish. do u think this format could be used to write a book?...that makes a bit more sense to me, otherwise its more like casting confetti to the wind. so i'm thinking and watching. There is a healthy distrust for the entire system, thats being processed. I am an authentic soul, this mechanism is one that latches onto, my mind, because IT, doesn't know. someone also sent me, said to enhanse fb!? i'm still figuring. UTS interfaces with fb...would u call it an enhancer? i'm sure, if u r of the good heart, we will converge perfectly. i am, but i came here lots to learn,...yet i'm so old! and very greatful for my bright mind. thanx4all/lol blessings....peace&luv
At 8:23pm on April 07, 2011, Michael Fear gave Pam Vredenburg a gift
At 6:01am on April 6, 2011, mari said…

i appreciate the warm welcome, Pam-thank you


At 5:07am on April 6, 2011, Ronald Lee Howell said…
Thank you for that cool welcome,Pam! :-)!
At 12:26am on April 3, 2011, Ronald Lee Howell said…
Hi my friend Pam! :-)!
At 6:06pm on March 31, 2011, tery on said…
happy to be on board, truth seeker used to be my handle
At 1:05am on March 31, 2011, Michael Jones gave Pam Vredenburg a gift
At 12:26am on March 31, 2011, Craig Alan Miller gave Pam Vredenburg a gift
Thanks for the invite Pam!
At 5:21pm on March 25, 2011, Pamela A. Vredenburg gave Pam Vredenburg a gift
At 10:33pm on March 22, 2011, Mother of Seven gave Pam Vredenburg a gift
Good Job Pam!


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