Feb 13, 2012
WE ARE CHANGE with Howard Nema and Vinny Bdatruth are proud to welcome:
Anthony J. Hilder LIVE this Saturday, February 18, 2012 6-8PM EST only on

Anthony J. Hilder is the creator of The Free World Alliance. He is dedicated and determined to alter the course of "Planet Earth" by destroying the Illuminati's capacity to carry out their crimes "under the cover of darkness. These Vamparian Bloodsuckers cannot exist in the Light of Day.

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Comment by Pam Vredenburg on February 13, 2012 at 9:43pm

"As a Talk Show Host", Investigative Journalist and War Correspondent, Anthony J. Hilder, has done approximately 17,000 interviews over the past 30 years, working 24/7 to bring his dream of a Free World into being. Always controversial, always original, always in the fight for freedom he continues this life-long goal. Hilder is the Author of THE FREE WORLD MANIFESTO.

Anthony J. Hilder's ever-present goal is to insight a Revelation to avoid a Revolution & form an Alliance of Independent Tribal, Linguistic, Religious, Political, Ethnic and Racial Nation States in opposition to the United Nations. Hilder is fully cognizant that the world must have an option to the U.N. and the chaos & killing that is being deliberately directed by this Brotherhood of Death to bring about our control.

Hilder is the Producer of 21 Video Documentaries and is now working on two Feature Films concerning the Illuminati's Evilarchy. Earlier in his career Anthony did a number of Television Shows and Films, such as M-Squad with Lee Marvin, Summer Love with Jill St. John and A Trail to Christmas with Jimmy Stewart. After thirty years around "The Industry," he has concluded that "Hollywood is the Cancer on the Hemorrhoid of the Ass of the Whore of America." He was Vice President "in charge of all production" at Laird International Films. Prior to that, he had a career in the Music Business as an A&R man, Producer, Publisher and Owner of Impact Records. He produced and published two tunes in "Pulp Fiction." As a Documentary Film Producer he made 9-11 The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, which is now in 23 countries and 7 languages. His current releases are "Skull & Bones, the Catholic Connection" and "China's Answer to Cancer" which he shot in Manchuria, Japan, China & Hong Kong. Hilder was the first in the world to produce an Expose of the 9-11 Atrocity. He started that film, Illuminazi 9-11, on September 11th, 2001 and finished in late November of that year. He has done two films on Area 51 and the anti-gravational flying phenomena that is commonly seen there, entitled "Alien 51." The second film is entitled "The Panic Project." Concerning the Bombings at the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, he produced, directed and narrated two films - Reichstag 95 with Ted Gunderson, (former head of the FBI in Los Angeles, Dallas and Memphis) and produced the Oklahoma Atrocity. Concerning the genetic engineering of Aids, he produced "Megamurder" featuring the late, great, Dr. Michael Culbert. Exposing Bill & Hitlery Clinton's catastrophic 8-year reign as Mr. & Mrs. President, he produced The New World Odor. Hilder addressed the Black Bigotry issue in Americca in his now famous debate with Dr. Khalid Abdul Mohammad (America's Black Hitler) in "Kill The White Man."

By far the most notable of his early Productions is Illuminati CFR by Myron Fagan which he released in 1967, forty years ago. These recordings are the first in the world to expose this Evilarchy and their plans to establish a New World Order upon the Ashes of all National Sovereignty, for all People - for all Time. These recordings literally changed the course of Politics in the United States over the past 40 years. It resulted in dozens of eminent researchers opening investigations into "The Enemy Within, " which operates through the Privately Owned Federal Reserve System, the Council on Foreign Relations and Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission.


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