Bob Boyce On Secret RFID Implant and the Targeting Of Inventors

Bob Tuskin and Shepard Ambellas interview Bob Boyce on his rfid implants. This was the second hour of our show, during the first hour we were joined by James...

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Comment by spopodlyze63 on October 20, 2012 at 9:08am

And think - it can be found in everyone of us - secretly inserted by corrupt doctors or someone else...

On my shoulder was shoot in 2000 in the nearest to the Internal Ministry building park in the center of Sofia.. 7 years later it started huge pain in refugee camp in Trier Germany - some technology used secretly on not subordinated persons - disobedient  and revealing some secrets on public. Many proves/evidences and fact files/prints etc. was stolen and several months not agreed to receive my files and proves in law case for Political Asylum, but Holland have mocked me "We can offer you SOUL Asylum if you want to stay in Netherlands"... SICK BASTARDS and FASCIST in European Union are most damaged brains people..

By me some serious researches for information started from that point (I was shocked to read that article deleted soon - one week later and hole the folder structure from University resources - found accidentally on search):
Using Electro-Magnetic power to command the inserted such chips - it produce waves and influencing the body tissue make HUGE pain and waves in shoulder for example in my case - all the back side near shoulders was vibrating and influencing the nervous system - deeper it feels like jabbing with awl in your back deep and many times...


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