Dec. 26, 2013

With the coming of this New Year, 2014, many opinions have now been heard concerning our economics, the Elite world-control, the Grey's and Reptilians, as well as our President and elected officials, military, as well as police departments!

What many do not yet know, concerning our situations, is that at this time in history, the prophetic 144,000 men/women have now incarnated, to help with the take-back of our government and personal freedoms, here in the USA! We have also, the group of benevolent planets, that are known as the "Galactic Federation and Andromedian Council" here to assist as well.

For a very long time, since the end of World War II, our currency has been owned by the Rothchild Banking system in Europe. This family has also been a financier of the Nazi regime w/ a few American backers. However, the Grey's have shared as well the inventions used by Hitler, that being the rocket and submarine technology of that day and age. They then shared with the US military, the under water-sonar invention, which decided the out-come by sinking the Nazi submarines, thus winning the Allies victory! 

These Grey's, originally from the Zeta Renticulum star system, have been with us for sometime. Now situated at the deep-underground military base near the town of Dulce New Mexico. Working with them there, are people in our own military. The base is connected with many others in this country, using under-ground railway systems. The Grey's are now guilty of the abduction of our children, over 120,000 in the last ten years, taken and used to drain the hormonal serum from their pituitary glands! This is then mixed w/ various chemicals and used to feed their ever growing populace. They are now addicted to our hormonal extracts!

This is the reason, for the plans out-lined in the "Agenda 21" proposals, which will shortly eliminate 90% of this planets population if it is carried out successfully. This will then leave a small, manageable amount of humans, which can then be treated as "cattle in the field" to provide this race, with the needed additives for their survival.

At this time, upon this planet, the "Archon/Demons" have been driven down, curtailed to this present sphere temporally, until such time as their admission into the famous "lake of fire."  Many appearances of momentary "shape-shifting" have been recorded upon videos. This is a situation which now needs to be taken seriously! This will happen however, only to individuals who have conceded themselves to be used by this dark-force presently. This situation will only be allowed to continue to the year ending in 2016.

The political party, now under the title of ", registered w/ the Electoral College, is the one which we all now need to focus our attention upon!  This next election will be crucial, not only the USA, but the continuing existence of this present world as well. Although this party has not yet announced a specific candidate, what will be required when the time is right, is a "write-in ballot" be cast by our voting public, to allow for a recount, so as to convince our Electoral College of the landslide results! 

This decision however, is up to you as a Nation. No color, race, or religion will individually make the difference now. This is for everyone together, to consider and choose as one group of humans, as to exactly what we all wish to do.

If elected to office, this President will lift all laws concerning the production of hemp. He will convert our engines from gas to hydrogen, taken from the water we drink. He will make free electricity, available in time for all. But this is just the start! He shall re-print our dollar bills, and bring back our one-time industrial might, by the re-manufacturing of the products used within this countries borders once again.

All of this may sound a bit too good to be true...but it isn't! If this World we live in is destined to continue, it now must take account of the problems, and then solve them by quick and expedient means. This is what the future holds for us all. This is what we can now look forward too.

To start of this New Years celebration, I have some information for all of you now concerning the discoveries made in the last twenty years! That being, the new-molecular "South-spun Electron Fluid Concept" which now dove-tails w/ the famous Seven Year Cellular Rebuild Cycle, in your own body! What this discovery now means is that, now you can remain in the physical form for up to one-thousand years, by remembering FIRST to correct the molecular electron-spin in the fluids that you drink each-day! 

Take the time to watch the three videos listed here! 

A New Cure for Cancer   A New Cure for Cancer & everything else  (and)       A New Cure for Cancer Lesson 3

May our Mother's and Father, the Creator's of everything that there ever was, smile down upon us all this year!

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Nice post, always add a picture to the top, larger pictures post better in facebook. And add a date so people on other websites know when this was written. Great Job I added the 3 videos and tags. Thanks for your time in this it is Great! am

Thank you soooo much Pam Suggs!

Additional information to this posting can be found at: The Secrets Hidden in the Pyramid of Egypt

The CAFRS Swindle-The Biggest Game in Town (and)

The end of the Lucifer rebellion and the coming of the Avatar of ou...

Peace and power to you now!

Laura Enoch (Youtube) DEC 23 RETURN OF THE KING
** Always pray for discernment.

First time to use this phone, super bright light, red eyes, shiny teeth, spots in my vision, and a minor headache. Lol. So next time, I will try with NO light.  

10:30 -- MESSAGE: My daughter, sent down to the earth, to light the path of so many. Soon you will be coming Home to Me, and join the others, in My work and will. 

Not much longer, daughter. I come soon. There are few things left, to do in the world now. All comes to pass quickly. You will see. All that has been prophesied truly, WILL come to pass soon. This is My will this is My way. 

What we do now, is just finish up the final details. Tying up loose ends. Bringing our last hope unto the dark world. The shepherds lead the flock. MY little shepherds, return unto Me soon, where I THE Great Shepherd, will lead THEM, on to their great journey, and work for ME, who is their King. 

Daughter, when the Day comes, you will know what to do. It happens quickly, and I send down, multitudes of My holy angels, unto My true and holy ones, to pull you out of the world of darkness, deceptions, and delusions. Protected under My great wings, none shall be harmed, no not one.

The lies of the world, have deceived so many. But THIS Day, will be like none other, and it WILL gain the attention of MANY of My lost ones, and also many of My disobedient ones, the ones who are lukewarm to Me. These I will spew out of My mouth, like fire out of a volcano. Hot boiling lava, turn to molten ash. This is what it will be like.

This Day, this fire and judgment, raining down upon the earth, the wicked and twisted lands, this is My Judgment Day, upon My wicked children, who are NOT in Me, as they should be. Reserved for the wicked, withheld until the end of time, is the most earth shattering, climactic ending, of ALL times. 

No more tolerations, no more wicked allowed. MY law comes DOWN upon the earth, with a GREAT shout in the heavens. And My holy ones, they shall KNOW that I have arrived. 

They are waiting for Me. They are watching for Me. They KNOW Me. They are Mine Elected ones, that I have processed, cleansed, taught, led, and strengthened in Me. And now they are ready for Me, for My return. 

These special children of Mine, they are lifted up, elevated to a higher standard. And soon, I will left them to higher, heavenly planes, to where they cannot even imagine, long ago forgotten. But soon, all will be restored back to it's rightful place. And My children of light and love, reconciled, and restored. Exciting times. For Me, AND My anointed ones. 

My leadings and teachings, are so special and blessed, without MY Spirit, My Ruach, who could understand it?! No one. Only MY Spirit, can teach MY holy truths. What words mean anything, without MY leadings and teaching. Just words on paper, all need MY Spirit to lead. The deeper layers of My Scripture, are most definitely hidden from all understanding, until these days, children. MY secrets and mysteries, only revealed in MY time. Not mankind's time. 

This is why, all of mankind MUST release old ways and doctrines, else they NEVER learn My true ones! And as I Am Creator, isn't' that what they should want? Instead of the lies and deceptions, they would truly want to know, My truths, if they truly knew Me, and what I could do for them. If there were only obedient. 

BUT, daughter, unless these who have turned their backs on Me, stand and deliver to Me their hearts truly, and accept Me for who I truly Am, they will NOT know of My great love and peace, and My Garden so peaceful and beautiful and perfect, UNTIL they go through the holy trials about to befall the earth, and all of mankind IN it. 

I do know already, who will decide, choose, and change, and who will not. I Am THE I AM. Beginning and end. Alpha and Omega. LORD of ALL. Creator of ALL. And Knower of all. I know already. 

I know every hair on you head, daughter, I know all. The beauty of Me, you are about to see, very soon, My little love. Your heart cannot even KNOW how you will feel yet. But you are so very blessed, and well taken care of. Angels are around you, every move you make, and have been since the day one of your birth there, in that wretched place of death and decay. Sin and evil. 

So soon, daughter, keep focus on Me, and stay encouraged. These ARE the final days, child of light, My little anointed one. Be blessed, and cherish these moments, they are few. 

I tell you daughter, you ARE so blessed. Hold on to that. Know you are near ME. And know, that I do love you so. I take care of you. There is no greater love, than what I have for MY children. Take care. Your love, Yahshua. Holy on the high mountain.

People always ask the question eventually, "What have I been created for?" This has been one of my biggest concerns, ever since I was very young! The reason for our existence here, as well as our re-incarnations over time, is to not only learn through our own experiences, but to qualify for the next level in existence. Human, or alien, doesn't matter at all! Plant, animal or insect at one time, is where we all have started. But to assume that there is no purpose for this entire creation is certainly a silly assumption today!

After a series of physical human incarnations, upon a planet such as the Earth, we move on to the next level of our spiritual beings. We are first re-united as we were originally created. That being 1 male and 7 female spirits. Our next undertaking, should we succeed upon the physical realm, will be to begin creating our own likenesses upon a designated World of our own, picked-out especially for the 8 of us then, by our Creator's! The 8 of us will then assume the position of the "God of that World" and begin the process which we have witnessed here, since it's inception.

This next step in spiritual evolution will be grand in comparison to the meager existence experienced here now. It will involve many assigned angelic beings, as well as a duration of time. When the day arrives for the "judging of our creation" we will simply allow those that have made the grade to advance to the level that we are now at, becoming the beneficiaries of the experience that we now know so well. All of this requires time, but time is eternal for all who make this grade!

The next step for ourselves, will be to expand our domain to include more than one planet. This will mean that the 8 of you will then inhabit an entire Universe, instead of just a planet of you own makings! As your son's and daughter's begin with their own creating processes upon your different planets, you will be able to understand the dynamics of your new-position as ruler of the universe, as opposed to just one planet.

In time and space this experience changes with every epoch, eventually leading ourselves to the stage of development now considered as the ultimate, that being one entire universal space (donut) for each female, all connected together by star-gates and operated from a central source of power! The male part, will always hold the resources then considered the active energy, such as we now experience here.

So time will still unfold for us all, at this stage of development and the future still holds more than even I have been informed of now. But just to imagine what it will be like then, can leave the mind wandering in the possibilities of a lifetime.

For all of you who have ever wondered just what was in store for you now, I wanted to give you just a glimpse of what truly awaits the faithful and devoted, in their future life ahead. 

At this time, in our countries history, many things have taken place to date, which have now led us to the breaking-point of our National sovereignty. The truth about our two party system, is now known to be an insiders game, designed only for the ones who will "do as they are told."  A true patriot, and former Governor of Minnesota, Jessie Ventura, has recently exposed this corrupt system in his book entitled: DemoCRIPS & ReBLOODlicans, as well as his re-opening of the famous "JFK Murder" as well. 

The new-party ", is our independent ticket, returning once again, our freedoms and rights as citizens of this once proud country. In 2016, we all now need to use the famous "write-in ballot" to allow a legitimate re-count, convincing our Electoral College then of the landslide results, once and for all. If this is carried out effectively, we can rest assured, our country will forever be saved from not only bankruptcy, but will continue to lead this world into the 21st Century in modern-day manufacturing, as well as the production of food for all. This is our goal. To create a world filled with the opportunities we have all heard of, but now days seldom seen. To offer these lifetime dreams to every color of being upon the Earth today. To ONLY make crimes of the injustice to all, instead of  the jailing of persons for reasons of suspicion against our tyrannical rulers. 

Think about what you now have to loose, and what one-day's write-in vote, will return to us all.

This next Presidential election will be the turning-point for us all, if we do not take the time now to understand it's fundamental essence. Our young voter's will make the difference by the numbers that they now represent. This will ONLY happen, if they are to align their entire strength with us now! 

I do hope for the best, and am now ready to go to work in whatever capacity necessary, in order to announce the facts and figures, now more than apparent, as an individual of this beautiful U.S.A. I ask you all, to review within yourselves, and the minds of your children, the desires we all hold for our own futures in time. I trust then, we shall all come together to make the difference needed now, in 2016.

God created universal life on earth and in the heavens. But the biggest misery for man is, who created God from (zilch) nothing, from an empty void, a vacuum of empty space with no molecules to begin with? The human brain is wired in such a way that we will never know. Is this life read or is this life really all one big dream? Jesus Christ does exist, because I've seen him.  

Did you know that the famous "Ark of the Covenant" was NOT built by the Israelites in the desert with the famous "10 Commandments" coming through Moses? Watch this video and learn about just where Moses took the "Ark" from before leaving Egypt, way back then (at) 

The Secrets Hidden in the Pyramid of Egypt

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