I made this discovery because I got upset over the New York Times badmouthing the President.  Look I understand many of you might not like him, but I do.

Regardless, with my decades of accounting experience, I decided to look into their SEC Reports.  By the year of 2017, I started finding mistakes or flaws.  I have subsequently spent over 6 months going all the way back to 1996.

My next step was to enlist the aid of the SEC.  B I G  mistake.  While they have known since May 2019, they have done nothing.

It gets much worse, and I will share much of that in coming discussions.  But for the moment, I want Notes%20on%20NYT.docxto share evidence that this is truth not bs

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I am now trying to get the Miami Herald to partner with me on the release of this information.

Their CFO is as follows:


If many of you could just email him and ask him what he knows, just maybe we can have the proper attention of the media and get the truth out there in a fashion that channels public opinion into the power to punish and fix this situation in the future.

I am open to any and all suggestions here as I have two other corporate matters I should be dealing with.


Keep the Bastards That Be busy with CYA .. and do NOT spare them the time or opportunity to do that !!!

This needs to be blasted everywhere there is an email !!!

If enough of us inundate the email address at the Miami Herald, maybe they will get the point.  If you looked at the evidence I provided, then you will realize the reports violate G.A.A.P.and are the duty of SEC to prosecute and convict.

So my big question is why are the SEC Commissioners giving the New York Times a free ride.

Understand, I have 40+ years accounting and financial experience and I know a bad SEC report when I see it.

The most important point here is 'We the People' have to intercede here and force the SEC to do their jobs.  Then, we need to ask the Whitehouse for new appointees who will do the job.

Even the great Governor Cuomo of New York knows of this and simply remains silent.  It is up to us to make something happen.

Now for those just reading here is another sample of the violation.  In their 10-K (year end) SEC Report for 2017, Investments in Joint Ventures had a value of 1,736,000.00.  You also saw on the Profit and Loss a profit line for Joint Ventures.  Now in the 10-K for 2018, where the financial period of 2017 was now use for comparison, the Investments for Joint Ventures showed zero, with the value that was there added to Misc. assets.  yet the same profit showed up in the Profit and Loss.  Given the financial records from which these 10-K's come from were audited by Ernst & Young, that is beyond huge.

I need all of your help in emailing the address in the reply and ask the bozo to explain why his employer did not inform the public.

Thanks for your attention.

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham said:

Keep the Bastards That Be busy with CYA .. and do NOT spare them the time or opportunity to do that !!!

This needs to be blasted everywhere there is an email !!!


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