Here is proof that the Elliot Rodger shooting was in fact a false flag/hoax a lot of evidence has been put out with in the past year including the smoking gun witch was that in the BMW where Rodger shot & killed himself there was not a single drop of blood to be found witch made me wonder? & think i don't think hes dead well now more proof may have just come out to support the idea of the whole thing being a hoax these 2 pictures taken in March 2015 were found on a Facebook account under the name Elliot Rodger-Supreme Gentlemen that is now closed but recently have been making there way around the web in these pictures the man resembles Elliot Rodger a lot & claimed to really be him on his FB page & also said that all the conspiracy's of it being a hoax were true & he took these pictures to prove to the world that he is still alive what do you guys think?? is this really Elliot Rodger?? please tell you're thoughts & leave a reply.

Leaks here. -

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Other than  no-dates (at least I couldn't find any) on the photos this looks like one more FALSE FLAG ... "by who?" and "to do what?" should make interesting discovery ...

All information can be provided here. -  Elliot Rodger YouTube. -

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Video of Elliot Rodger May 28th. 2014 after shooting. -

Elliot Rodgers retribution. -

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham said:

Other than  no-dates (at least I couldn't find any) on the photos this looks like one more FALSE FLAG ... "by who?" and "to do what?" should make interesting discovery ...

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