The human body is a complex energetic system comprised of hundreds of smaller interacting fields of energy.  At the quantum level we are simply patterns of light and information.  Injury and disease are also patterns of light and information.   Change the pattern, change the vibrational frequency, and you change the condition.

Energy Field of the Brain - Photo with permission from "The Living Matrix Movie"

Everything Is Energy

Physical and emotional traumas can cause damage to the human energy field that remains long after the injury or trauma has passed.   This may account for chronic pain.  This may also explain the release of long-held emotional issues after energy work is done on a physical disease.

As vibrating fields of coalesced energy, we interact with and affect each other.  Perverse energy fields, such as cell phones, computers, and artificial lights, also affect us.   A normal, healthy, energy system is able to block, or release these disharmonious energies.  If our system is compromised, we may absorb them and form imbalances or stagnations in our fields.  These imbalances can be detected long before they manifest as physical disease.

Working within a client’s energy field, a combination of Reiki, Reconnective Healing, sound and aroma frequencies are used to facilitate the body to release these blockages and return to a state of homeostasis.

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We are energy controlling a physical body. Maybe the physical body is no more that software. and the physical world is no more real that the landscapes in "world of Warcraft" Or to put it another way reality is virtual and we living in the matrix.
But energy intrudes into this reality as auras. Some people have so much energy that electrical systems are effected by them, or like me you often get small electric shocks from touching certain objects.

In fact mater is mostly space, most of a atom is empty space, with a few atomic partials moving around. Infect wile most people think a atom is very small it is in fact infinite as there is no outer boundary for the electrons. Schroedinger's wave equation predicts where there's a 95% chance of a electron being present. When you get down to subatomic particles you realise that what we call particles are waves, ie mater is energy.

This is a link to a blog I posted about higher dimensions. May have something to do with energy. I have read that we do live in a 5 dimensional world, but thanks to astatine, fluoride, bad diet, maybe chemtrails, we have been dumbed down so we cant understand. Maybe in 2012 when our pineal glands open, it might all become clear.  

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