Many of us are facing financial hardships.  I know I am.  I don't give up or give in to the frustration of it though.  I look for new ways to do things.  I've been without electric power for a little over a month.  The only power in my home is due to a 400 foot extension cord that a neighbor is letting me use so I can keep a few things on at the time.  I've cooked outside on the firepit, sat at night with candles and found that while it's challenging it's also doable.  

As our nation changes and many of us experience less money than we are used to it's important that we take heart and stay on track.  Desperation is not where we want to spend our time and energy.  There is no solution found there.  Being angry doesn't help a lot either although it's understandable.  

Use the situation you are in to discover more about yourself.  Find new ways to do things.  Most importantly have fun.  It's just a thang, as the old saying goes.  It will pass, a new experience will come along soon.  

While you may not be enjoying the circumstances you find yourself in, there is always a silver lining so look for that.  Every time a door closes, another one opens.  Be ready to move, take new action and create with new thought.


Love light joy..

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

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Good post! I have been through the no electricity stage, living in a tent and so forth. It is not the life I would want to keep, but it is bearable.  You make good points in your post. It really just boils down to what is truly important in one's life. I will be the first to admit that I enjoy my creature comforts: electricity, PC, running water, indoor bathroom, etc. But...I can do without them and do well at the same time. It really is a matter of mindset and attitude.

What bugs the H*** out of me is when I see people that cannot make their monthly bills worry about what to buy for christmas. What the H*** is wrong with this???? But they are more concerned about Christmas gifts then about trying to get their monthly budget under control. And society at large supports that idiotic mindset, actually promoting it.

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