Copper Pennies + Clear Resin = Beautiful Floor
If you want to try this: Save this picture and go to your local Big Box Home Improvement store and ask them what type of Clear Resin would work the best and what kind of under-lament would be needed. In this picture they had a concrete floor to work with. Yes, it would be cheaper than the average floor, if you did the work yourself. The price, including the cost of the pennies would probably range from $2.50 to $3.50 a square foot.

Now that is cool & cheep. Also somewhere pennies can go too!


Penny floors

It is so centsible! 
It has begun cropping up so I thought I would do a post highlighting this cool idea.
It even fits with my NY state of mind since a bunch of it seems to be inspired by The Standard Grill flooring done by NOTCOT.
With a little digging I found quite a few different examples. And I think I really like the look though I'm not sure I could commit to a big space even though it has such an impact. Some people just did their bathrooms or a table which is great!

These guys did a massive floor by hand!:
A table and a great how to!:

Tiled Penny Floor

By: Diy Maven Jul 02, 2009


Yup, that's right. It's a floor that's been tiled with thousands and thousands of pennies. If you're in the NY area, visit The Standard Grill to see it in person. Having done my share of tiling with mosaic, I can't even imagine. I really hope, for the sake of the back of the tilers, each penny was glued onto sheeting before it was laid. Up-close it's a conversation starter for sure, but I'm loving the texture when viewed from a bit father away. And who knew thousands of pennies could look so lux?


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How long before some KAK markets 'imitations' including other coins ????

This is beautiful, wish my floor looked like this.

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