America was once in harmony with the nature of society & modeled as such to best secure Liberty & Justice to all men regardless of their interests or status in the world. Methinks it was this alignment that made America a light to the suffering of the world & separated our government from being kin to any other. The details of how we were reduced back to Old Government will be for some historian to delineate provided we succesfully return to the New Government which represents not only the people themselves but the order that is most beneficial to the progress, stability & survival of civilized nations the world over. America's current model is represented by the old order of King, Nobles & commoners as evidenced by president, Senate & House of Representatives respectively. America naturally changed this order when it successfully hung Royalty & Nobility on the metaphorical gallows of history for the world to have a good example to follow, which our greatest Ally of the revolutionary war failed to understand unfortunately hanging the man instead of what he represented & left France with the problems that any nation naturally inherits by one family being exalted above the others, who are just as important to their economy as the wealthiest/fortunate. The natural order of today is the healthy balanced family of which in America at least has a king, a Queen & children of equal status with all others. That being noted it is unfortunate that the rich and poor of capital has survived when almost every other wrong has been corrected whether or not it was done to aid our enemies in their attempts to forever enslave the people. So to try to get to the point I wish to gather input for & opinions on the natural order that I have come to the conclusion is best to realign America with the nature of society, the traditional family, in which the fathers takes care of the business outside of the house and the mothers take care of the kids & house. I believe it would work well to start a brand new government representative of the mother for internal governance if we are to govern the people directly at the federal level in the first place. Do you think it's too difficult for people to understand? The first female that was exposed to the idea got hung up on the metaphorical reasoning behind the idea & never actually gave me anything but he'll about being a sexist & everything that's wrong in the world not realizing she was the hypocrite for I stated male & females would be acceptable it was merely the concept of the family being used for balance & order most proper for New Government.

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"It was the poverty caused by the bad influence of the
 English Bankers on the Parliament which has caused in the colonies hatred of the English and...the Revolutionary War."
– Benjamin Franklin

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined."

Patrick Henry
June 26, 1788



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