Hi my name is Deejaegh beck and I am a Targeted Individual trying to survive this unwanted torture against me. I set up a website called World Against Gang-Stalking. I've been stalked for 2 years now and my life has become a living hell. I've lost virtually everything because, of this hate crime.

I'm now homeless and being mocked by my community. Please help me stop this mindless torture; because I am innocent. This stuff is ILLEGAL and it should be punishable by death, because it committing an act of possible suicide. Help me please I am begging you for my life.

There are over 1,000,000 targeted individuals througout the world who need yout help. We just want this to end, anyways here is the website to check out. It explains something called gang-stalking syndrome. Thank you for helping me and all of the targeted individuals out.

Deejaegh a.k.a Stephanie T.I


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You only made ONE mistake ... you bought an ad of your intentions !!!

As a (very) old military man, I tell you on solid authority, to NEVER let the enemy/targeted have the slightest clue as to what you have in mind for them !!!

In preparation for such encounters, I use a little garlic-laced lead shot, any available salt, and the hottest cayenne pepper I can find --- crotch or head shots provide a 'neva-do-dat-agin' PhD to the most ignorant and dedicated jerk elements !!! 

Then I just go on about my business ... never had a repeat in the last forty years !!!

Yep .. by every god-player in sight ... mostly god-players-on-government-payroll - because government has unlimited logistics, communications, funding and personnel on-call while the common Sovereign, like us, must foot the bill out of whatever limited resources we have !!!

THAT is why I NEVER let anybody know what I intend, when or where I intend it - nor do I spare the bastards when I erupt on them !!!

There's a rather comprehensive documentation - free to read without any sign-ins or other KRAPolia because it isn't a commentary/exchange site like UTS - Search "theakurians" - click the cover and enjoy :-)


THANKS for keeping this site alive !!!

Bobby ..........

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