RT website -Anti-WikiLeaks hackers claim responsibility for DDoS attack

Aug 17, 2012

The RT.com website went down for hours worldwide on Friday after a massive DDoS attack, with the hacker group calling itself AntiLeaks claiming responsibility. Yes. We are behind the DDoS attack on #RT_com,” AntiLeaks wrote on Twitter.

The hackers that attacked RT.com put a #FreePussyRiot hashtag in the end of their tweet, expressing their support for the three alleged members of punk band Pussy Riot who are currently on trial in Moscow.

The DDoS attack disrupted RT’s extensive reporting on the final day of Pussy Riot trial. RT has been following the band’s case on a daily basis since their infamous 'punk prayer' at Russia’s Christ the Savior Cathedral in February.

The three women will hear the verdict later today. Their controversial case dubbed, by some in the Western media as 'theatre of the absurd,' has sharply divided Russian society and sparked criticism both in Russia and abroad, with many public figures expressing support for the group.

AntiLeaks registered a Twitter account on August 4, when they claimed responsibility for taking down the WikiLeaks site.

“Tango down http://wikileaks.org #Wikileaks #Cowards” AntiLeaks boasted on Twitter two weeks ago.

The group called Julian Assange “a new breed of terrorist” and said they launched their attack in response to his attempt to seek asylum in Ecuador.

The attack coincided with WikiLeaks’ release of a new portion of emails supposedly acquired by the hacktivist group Anonymous from the server of consulting firm Stratfor. The latest leaks concern the alleged existence of a clandestine US-based surveillance system called TrapWire, which collects images from surveillance cameras across the US and uses them to track individuals and preemptively identify possible threats to national security.

In reaction to the DDoS attack on RT.com, WikiLeaks tweeted that “Anti-WikiLeaks group is claiming to be behind the DDoS takedown of Russia's international broadcast network, RT, which has been supportive.”


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