The time has come to forget everything that you think that you know. The stuff that you have been taught by your parents, history, and the media. In fact, if you really want to get closer to the truth then just believe the opposite. From day1 the aim has been to conceal from you the true nature of your being. Yeh, I know,,,,, you heard it all before but what I am about to tell you explains everything about humanity, where it went wrong, and how the species has become alien to the nature of this planet............

In the beginning there was woman. We all recognise the feminine nature of the planet and of nature. That is why we refer to them both as MOTHER. If you have the slightest notion about oneness and uniuversal connectivity then you should already understand that God is the combination of the planet and nature and is therefore female.

Not that a God entity exists at all in the terms of the narrow conception delivered by the bible where a single entity dictates laws and rules and de3mands that they are obeyed unquestioningly. The unfortunate thing is that over the last 7000 years or more, idiot human beings have been convinced to believe that this is true.

God did not create man out of the desert sands you pillocks that believe in the bible. Woman was not created from the rib of Adam, (a storey calculated to demean the feminine role in creation.)Woman created man. She created him to serve her and her offspring who in turn were created to serve the earth and all creatures therein.

The nature of man was conceived in wisdom. He was created with a nature that gave him strength and creativity that was designed to enable him to serve the female and any offspring that wasa produced. Man earned the right to engage in the reeproductive system by proving himself worthy in this respect. The female was recognised as the spiritual superior and men needed to demonstrate that they understood her rtole as protector of life and behave in that same spirit. The act of sexual intercourse resulted in a lifetime bond between male and female that would never be broken. The sense of family extended to all men, women and creatures. Consciousness was universal and there was little use for language and the spoken word. The communication network was global and inherent to all living things.

Now at this early stage I would just liker to point out how what we are now seeing in the technological age created by the male of the species, are systems that, quite clearly, have been designed with the intention of replicating the systems that were natural when woman was Queen. The internet, artificial telepathy, astral travel, etc are, in actual fact, a result of men trying to prove themselves as good as the woman that they have subsequently battered into subjugation. In essence, the entire problems that exist in the world today are born out of the battle of the sexes.

Something happened a long time ago that suddenly caused men to resent the power of the female. It was something that instantly undermined the nature of humanity as intended by Godnature. A method of breaking free of the bond that had held man and woman in a harmonious relation ship, and that was essential to the process of producing spiritual beings that CARE!!!!! and this his is what it was...............Circumfuckingcision!!!!!! The discovery of how circumcision completely alters the psyche of the male. It represents the birth of the psychopathic gene that has lead us all into having to live life in a hellish environment as opposed to a heavenly one.

Far be it from me to be contraversial, but it does seem to me that th3 God portrayed in the Old Testament is closer to being Satan. And, if you choose to look at Genesis in particular, surely you are able to detect that it is simply a work of fiction that was calculated to deceive .I mean even if you accept that God created man, why would he then instruct Abraham to commit a barbaric act of mututilation against his own creation.If you want to talk about blasphemy then the mutilation of Gods creation represents the ultimate. The person most likely to issue such an instruction would be the one in direct opposition to The Creator. The pure fact is that circumcision represents a Satanic blood sacrifice and the original circumcisors were known to suck the blood of the newly circumcised penis. How clear can it ever possibly be that the bible was written by Satanists who had discovered a method of creating an elite population that would rule over the world. Not for a single minute do I believe that Christian society believes that God is an advocate of slavery, and yet here he is, telling Abraham that if all of his offspring are circumcised by the eigth day of life, they will gain dominion over all nations. That means slavery and just take a moment to see how the world is currently ordered.Who holds all the money and runs all of the banks and who as a result have all of us on hamster wheels going nowwere and never even getting close to the true meaning of life. Circumcision equals psychopathy.

Genesis 17:13

Both he who is born in your house and he who is bought with your money, shall surely be circumcised. So shall my covenant be in your flesh an everlasting covenant.

What a revelation that is about the attitude of this so-calleds God towards humanity. That is Satanism in its most blatant form.

Satan is saying that even your slaves must be circumcised. 60% of Americans are being circumcised which makes the U.S. A nation of slaves to Satan.

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Circumcision is still practiced by Rabbis, after the foreskin is removed they suck the male penis.

Here's a book that has unusual information within it "Thinking and Destiny" by Harold Waldwin Percival. Hardcover ISBN 13: 9-780911-650099. ISBN 13: 9-780911-650068. ISBN 10:0-911650-06-7. With a brief account of "The Descent Of Man.   

Thank-you Kerry. I am following your recommendation.

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