The list could be endless, and it would be based on what would you want. If you through out all of you wants and get to what you actuley need, the list will be way smaller.

Lets start with what will make you die first.

We are going to talk first about natural things not biological, or natural or not so natural ways to die. Since we all are smartenough to know if you get a bullit in the brain your dead no mater how well you prepaired. Or if you have a wave come and wipe you out or a valcano blow. The list there is also endless. So to stick with natural ways to die seems logical to me rite now.

1. The fastest way to die is form exposer. Exposer from weather, to hot you die, to cold you die. Since the poles can do a change if your in a warm weather area but do not have warm clothing for what may now be a cold area your chance of survival is greatly reduced. So regardless of how warm of a place you now live, if you plan to stay there you had better get some realy warm clothing. Parka, long johns, thick sweaters, hats and mittens, boots, wool socks, heavy duty pants, and warm quilts. If you end up in a cold weather area you need to stay warm or you can die in a very short time.

2. The next fastest way to die is from not having water to drink. We all need water and we need fresh water to drink. If you don't have water you will die! In less than a week you would die from dehydration. Not a pretty death. So you need to locate a water sorce. First store all the water that you can, a cistern is the best way to store alot of water. Bottled water is good for a quick fix but won't do you much good for the long haul. Remember your water heater may be holding 30 to 50 gallons so use that wisely. A water bed is also something many people use. Since you sleep on it its a way for you to use your bed as storage of water also. If there is a water sorse that may be contaminated make sure that you have a great waret purifyer. You can also make a solor water purifyer if your in an area that has sun and who konws if there will be sun or cloud cover.

3. Than there is the food issue. If you don't eat you will wither away, your organs will start shutting down, and death will come upon you. Starvation will kill you! SO start stocking up on food NOW! The more plain and simple your diet is the better. Some diversity is gerat but make sure that your body can actuley handle and digest the food that you store, or the food you store can hurt you. I know alot of people that have bought 50 pound bags of beans. But gee thay never eat beans, so if thay do not get there bodies used to the beans and all of a sudden there diet is mostly beans it would make them very sick. So get used to eating the food that your storing. If your alergic to wheat than by all means don't store that!

4. Sickness and Diseaes. If someone gets sick with something that is normaly not all that bad it can still trun into something bad. Like a simple common cold that gose to your chest. Well you can die. So get a good herb book and learn a bit about herbal medicine. Maybe some simple herb could fix you rite up.

5. Wounds. An infection can set into even the smallest of wounds and become deadly. Have a good first aid kit with everything you can scrape together.

6. This can be the first way to die or be listed anywhere in my list. If you are on medications that you have to have to stay alive than you better stock up on your meds one way or another. Order them from India if you have to.


This is just a small list of some of the things that may be needed and the list can go on for eternity. However everyone has needs, and my needs and yours are not the same. But I hope that I gave you a bit of food for thought.

Please list things that you feel are important. You lnow like a well bucket or shovels, tools, and the like.

Please add to this so it can give people food for thought and help them to get ready.

Wishing all of you luck!

Don't forget the duct tape!

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Hope I didn't leave anything out!

I need a kayak, an island, time to prepare, and a good crossbow.

You forgot "a good shovel" :-) [probably already have those]

In fact, we ALL need at least one of those ... for the daily chore of shoveling out and burying Lying Stream Media crap!

Get canned food you may eat directly from the can. Get a individual drinking holder with a filter and buy filter straws very inexpensive and long lasting. MRE's a good choice to. A few cases of sugery drinks is an option or buy dry drink mixes for an occasional change from water.

Don't forget toilet paper. Alcohol wipes or dispensors for cleaning/sponge bath.  Learning to use a Slingshot may save a life. Snares and traps are a must.

A flint stone or fire starter. Magnesuim knife , canteens and condums work for collecting water with a bandana to transfer it with,  Cody Lundean has a survial book called 98.6 degrees how to keep your ass alive. or simular name I read it a while back.

army swiss knife, clothes line and tarp to make a tent. glow lights and 3 day candles at survial center dot com.

portable showers, rain barrels

Honey never goes bad had calories to, grow health erbs or learn to forage.

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