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SECTION: Herbs, Milk Thistle, Silybum marianum

Annual. Large, glossy, spined plant with intricate white pattern on the leaves. Solitary 2” purple flowers. All parts are edible. Medicinal: spring tonic, increases mothers' milk, anti-depressant. Seeds detoxify the liver, and even help renew its cells. Plant early spring in any sunny soil. Harvest seeds promptly--self-sows.

Sorry, we cannot legally ship this to WA state.

One packet will plant 100 sq ft when using 24-36" spacing in the bed.

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EA CULTURE: A,B/Spacing 24-36"



PACKET LABEL INSTRUCTIONS: Famous as s weed, so not choosey about soil. Start in flats or sow directly into garden. Soil must be well-drained, but do keep soil moist until established. Sow shallow-seeds need light to germinate. Water lightly thereafter. Likes a sunny position. All parts edible-young leaves. Flower heads tonic food. Seeds medicinal. Ornamental-white veined leaves, purple flowers.

Unit Price: $2.50

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