Thank You to all the REAL MEDIA from Brandon J Raub's "Mom"

Aug 19, 2012   By Cathleen Thom

Since Brandon's detainment many have reached out to us to know "his story".
We have deliberately have chosen NOT to talk to mainstream media. You may be thinking why? Why not get the word out on a larger scale? Surely this atrocity against him needs to be heard everywhere possible.
We believe that mainstream media is compromised. That main stream media is owed and dictated to regarding what they can and cannot report and say. We also know they often do not report the real truth and that this is part of the NWO agenda, to deceive the American people. Americans have become brainwashed and kept blinded to the real truth by such media.
We love America and we love real truth. We refuse to allow them to take the events that transpired and allow them to place their "spin" on what really happened.
Thank you to all the REAL MEDIA sources out there who daily place their very lives on the line to report uncompromising truth to the American people. You are to be applauded and we welcome your inquiry.

Fox, CNN, MSMBC, NBC, CBS, ABC we do not need you, nor do we trust you.
We have had the privilege to read, watch and speak with some of the bravest grass roots journalists, bloggers and avid whistle blowers in the nation. You are to be applauded, you are our hero's and we welcome your voice.