Gun Control is the Key to Genocide

August 30, 2012

Gun control equals genocide.

Google search "Lethal Laws" and see for yourself what has happened in the 20th century because of gun control. 

Ottoman Turkey 1915-1917 -- 1- 1.5 million dead -- Source document, Art. 166, Penal Code 

Soviet Union 1929-1953 -- 20 million dead -- Source document, Art. 182, Penal Code 

Nazi Germany and occupied Europe 1933-1945 -- 13 million dead -- Source document, Law on firearms and ammunition, April 12th, Weapons law March 18th 

China 1949-1952, 1957-1960, 1966 1976 -- 20 million dead -- Source document, Arts.186-7, Penal Code, Art.9, Security Law, Oct 22nd.

Guatemala 1960-1981 -- 100,000+ dead -- Source document,Decree,39 Nov 25th, Decree 282, Oct 27th 

Uganda 1971-1979 -- 300,000 (mostly Christians) dead -- Source document, Firearms Ordinance, Firearms act 

Cambodia 1975-1979 -- 1 million+ dead -- Source document, Arts.322-8,Penal Code 

Rwanda 1994 -- 800,000+ dead -- Source document, Law of November 21st 1964 on the control of firearms *Notice how how the gun control legislation for Rwanda was enacted 30 years BEFORE the actual genocide. 

Total victims: Approx 57 MILLION!!!! 


Enacting and enforcing gun control laws more often than not leads to mass slaughter of unarmed citizenry.

Keep your guns people, No matter what!  It doesn't matter if it's the church or the government asking for you to hand them over, once they are gone, WE ARE DEFENSELESS!

The only way we would ever NOT need guns is, if they had never been invented!  And that ship has already sailed!

And don't say that can never happen Here, We have a Bill of Rights, Think Again!  They already passed it IN 1961!!!

Don't believe me, check this out!

Gun Control Chart

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    Kevin (Don't Lie To Me)

    Section 717(b) of Pub. L. 103-236 provided that not later than
    Dec. 31, 1995, Director of United States Arms Control and
    Disarmament Agency was to submit to Congress a detailed report
    describing actions undertaken to revitalize United States Arms
    Control and Disarmament Agency.

    Here is the important part from the USCODE download above.
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    Kevin (Don't Lie To Me)

    STILL don't believe it?

    Here's a link to the agency tasked with this violation of our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms!

    Welcome to the Home Page of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament A...

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    Kevin (Don't Lie To Me)

    Thank You, I put a little work into this one, trying to provide all the relevant information.

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