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The Facebook page I Will Be Getting Your Info Off the Recall Petition is reminiscent of the testosterone laced adolescent circle jerks behind Operation Burn Notice.

We are shown a burning house, and we are told that they know where we live, and that there will be retaliation at both the home front and the job site.

While we can roll our eyes at the incendiary fantasies of adolescent asshats, the GAB has indeed put us into a new territory. It would be very difficult to go through more than a hundred thousand pages to find your co-worker or neighbor's signature. It is very easy once a database is created. Witness a nasty convergence of conditions: 1) a highly polarized political climate in which the rightwing supporters of Walker have been systematically encouraged to act out aggressions and hostility, 2) the capacity through online communities for crowd sourcing tedious and overwhelming tasks, and 3) endless search-ability of various data-bases that will never disappear!

I've gotten so used to rightwing zombie spew that I am not surprised by any level of ugliness. Just two weekends ago, I was walking to my car, minding my own business after our little counter-rally to the Support Walker event in Wauwatosa, hometown of Walker and a near suburb of Milwaukee. I live a few blocks from the park where it was held.

I was walking away from the protest, this banner rolled up, minding my own business when a fat man in a Packers sweatshirt came up to me, put his cell phone camera right up in my face, and took my picture (or video, couldn't tell). I said, "Why are you taking my picture?" and he said "Because I feel like it!" I laughed and said, "oohhh, are you gonna put it on the internets? That would be cool! We could friend each other, and then we could both be friends!" at which point he turned to me and said, "fuck you, asshole prick... I'm going to use your picture to find out where you live and fuck you over!"

"You know who you are. WE know who you are. This is gonna get FUN!!" threatens the new Facebook page. Operation Burn Notice, in onanistic self-reflection, is the first to "like" their new page. Gee, what a surprise: like begets like. This new skit is even nastier and meaner than their previous creative projects.

We could call on Scott Walker, Eagle Scout extraordinaire, to lead by example, but, oh, yeah, he already is...  

UPDATE: Walker's Goons deny obvious intentions by citing this article. Their deniability is not plausible and their threats are now shared nationally.