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Joseph Smith's Involvement With Magic, Masonry, and the Occult PART I


Joseph Smith's claim of receiving gold plates from a holy angel, has attracted millions of converts to the Mormon Church, a church which now boasts a membership of nearly thirteen million, and continues to add about a million new members every three years or less.(1)

The church's popularity began with the claim that the Book of Mormon was translated from gold plates. But, where are these amazing gold plates? Since they are not on exhibit to confirm their…


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FEMA Puts Out Contract For Emergency Camps to House “Displaced Citizens”

February 27, 2012

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is looking for contractors to construct temporary emergency camps inside the United States which can be ready for occupancy within a 72 hour time period and used to house emergency responders as well as “displaced citizens”.

The National…


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The Talmud .... The Kabballah .... and other "sacred" pagan texts of the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews

Why are the Zionist Christians mislead?

Why is The Vatican so evil?

Why do Americans mistakenly believe the state of Israel is the sacred home of the "Jews" who live there and own it?…


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Scientist deliberately 'militarizes' flu strain in deadly bioterrorism experiment

 For years, health officials from around the world have been warning that the H5N1 avian flu virus, which is currently not a threat, will one day mutate into a deadly, pandemic strain. But now their predictions -- or warnings, depending on how you look at it -- could come true, as a European scientist has genetically altered H5N1 to…


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Duh.. I know I got supporters around here somewhere?





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More than 1.4 million families live on $2 a day per person

The number of families living on $2 or less per person per day for at least a month in theUSA has more than doubled in 15 years to 1.46 million. 

That's up from 636,000 households in…


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list of Americans who died after they were tasered.

1983 1. August 10, 1983, Vincent Alvarez, 27, Los Angeles, California


2. January 22, 1984: Raul Guevara, Jr. 30, Los Angeles, California

3. August 17, 1984: Larry Donnell Gardner, 32, Burke County, Georgia


4. April 11, 1985: Cornelius Garland Smith, 35, Los…


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Space Command ship

Us Air force space command slips up and got caught landing one of there back researched ships from Aria 51 .Remember the Nazis developed the anti gravity ships in 1940s Vril craft and others.Now they have reached the real deal after project paperclip ended the second world war ,and If you don't believe they came to take us within you have not look in the right places this…


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"Kevin Rudd's come back?

The former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd resigns as Australia's Foreign Minister in the wake of malicious innuendo on his person.

Ms. Julia Gillard and the caucus faction group would still be in opposition had it not been for Kevin Rudd's popularity that won government for Labor in 2007. "Come this Monday a leadership vote will be decided as to whom will best lead the…


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Putin warns US against rearming Georgia

 February 22, 2012

Vladimir Putin said that Russia still hoped to become friends with the Georgian people and criticized the US authorities for rearming the current Georgian regime.

At the meeting with military commanders in the Moscow Region Putin said that the severing of relations between Russia and Georgia was not Russia’s fault or…


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Vets March On WH For Ron Paul And End The Fed! Heres 21 Trillion Reasons Why!




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"Labor's debt limit $200 billion' plus!

Source: Money News by Ross Greenwood: -

Right now the Australian Federal Labor Government is at pains to tell everyone - including us the mug-punters and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), that it will not exceed its own, self-imposed, borrowing limits. However it raised the debt limit ... again. 'How much? $200 billion. And here's a worry. If you work in a bank's…


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West’s poker face at Middle Eastern grand chessboard

February 19, 2012

The planned neo-colonial takeover of the Middle East is gearing up. As the heat rises, the West finds it increasingly difficult to proceed with its grab for dominance and maintain a brave face, says political analyst Adrian Salbuchi.

Things are happening very fast in the Middle East.  Tensions are mounting, threats are being…


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Facebook dabbles with validating user identity

Feb 16, 2012

Facebook on Thursday began testing a way for celebrities, journalists, athletes and others with massive followings to have their identities validated at the globally popular online social network.

"The new process enables people to verify their identities by submitting a government issued ID," Facebook…


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Plane carrying marijuana strays into Obama LA airspace...

...but they cant intercept 2 planes that went off course and ended up in 2 buildings back in '01....

A small plane with more than 20 pounds…


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Just because they're legal doesn't mean that pharmaceutical drugs are any less dangerous than illicit drugs. They are potentially deadly when taken in large doses or when combined with alcohol or other drugs. Sometimes it takes high-profile cases to remind us of the dangers. Here are 18 such cases.

Marilyn Monroe Marilyn…


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Ron Paul's Biggest Supporter Is A Bilderberger, International Financier

 Jan 31, 2012

The largest donor to a SuperPAC supporting Ron Paul is Peter Thiel, the sort of ultra-wealthy, super-national figure Paul and his supporters love to hate.

Thiel -- who gave $900,000 to the pro-Paul group Endorse Liberty -- made his…


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Falak saga latest in India’s battle for its missing girls

A two-year-old girl battling for life in a New Delhi hospital has put the media spotlight on a sordid tale of child abuse and prostitution in the world’s biggest democracy.



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David Griesheimer It eats at him.


   In essence, a TI or Targeted Individual has been placed into a maze of psychological and many times physical warfare tactics which is orchestrated by federal law enforcement. From community harassment tactics known as…


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"Julia Gillard is No Leader"

Ms. Julia Gillard deposed our Australian Prime Minister The Honorable Keven Rudd after he appointed her to a trusted cabinet post only to back-stab my relation Kevin Rudd. What an act of treason on her part, Ms.Gillard can never be trusted by the Australian constituency, what an appalling grab for power by her and her right wing faction supporter Simon Crean and others. Kevin…


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