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US braces for ‘slow-motion train wreck’ as sequestration hits

March 01, 2013

US President Barack Obama speaks to members of the Business Council during a dinner February 27, 2013 in Washington, DC. Obama spoke about the possible effects of the upcoming sequester's butget cuts on the business community before taking questions in a closed session.

As austerity mania…


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Rape victim might be expelled from university for speaking out against attacker

February 28, 2013

An American college student is facing expulsion for publicly speaking out about being raped – even though she never once mentioned the name of her alleged attacker.

Landen Gambill, a sophomore at the University of North Carolina, said the university sent her an e-mail informing her that she was being charged with an…


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Bradley Manning admits to leaking 'the most significant documents of our time’

February 28, 2013

Bradley Manning, the US Army intelligence officer accused of passing sensitive military documents to whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, has pleaded guilty to ten separate charges. The army, however, will pursue the grave charge of aiding the enemy.

Although the army judge has accepted Manning’s guilty pleas on ten…


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ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The only way to prevent another potential World War III FALSE FLAG incident is to expose it for what it is BEFORE it happens.  This is a FALSE FLAG that must not be permitted to occur.  Exposing it in advance should prevent the Bastards That Be from further consideration of this opportunity.


Reading the energies concerning illegal-U.S. President Barack H. Obama's impending visit to Israel, where he is to receive the Israeli Presidential Medal of…


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US prosecutors go all-out against Manning, claim bin Laden benefitted from WikiLeaks

February 27, 2013

US prosecutors are set to call a Navy SEAL – possibly one who participated in the killing of Osama bin Laden – to testify against alleged whistleblower Bradley Manning to prove he ‘aided the enemy,’ a crime punishable by death in the US.

A military court will examine the case to prove that Al-Qaeda directly…


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Obama to threaten Iran with military strike in June, Israeli media reports

February 26, 2013

President Barack Obama says the United States could launch an attack on Iran as early as this June, Israeli media reports.

According to a report on Israel’s Channel 10 News that has since been picked up by the Times of Israel, Pres. Obama will use an upcoming meeting overseas to discuss a military…


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Stuxnet origins: US targeted Iran's nuclear research facility before its erection

February 26, 2013

The first potentially explosive cyber-weapon used to attack Iran's nuclear research infrastructure was developed before Iran even started enriching uranium at the Natanz facility, researchers at the security company Symantec have discovered.

The dormant computer virus that was behind an attack on Iran’s nuclear…


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Vaccine and Cancer

February 24, 2013

So you thought you did everything right. You ate well, you took vitamins, stayed away from toxins? Exercised, didn't smoke or drink or do drugs. Lived a healthy lifestyle doing everything right? You see so many and wonder how did they get cancer? They were "health nuts" how could "they" get…


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Hunters are outraged! The state of Louisiana refuses to allow homeless people to eat venison under any circumstances.

Feb. 25, 2013

Hunters across Louisiana are outraged after state health officials ordered a rescue mission to destroy $8,000 worth of deer meat because venison is not allowed to be served in homeless shelters.

The Dept. of Health and Hospitals ordered the staff at the …


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NRA declares government will seize guns

February 25, 2013

The National Rifle Association claims it has obtained a Justice Department memo that notes President Obama’s gun control initiatives would be ineffective without seizing citizens' assault rifles and requiring a federal gun registration.

It's not clear how the NRA obtained a memo under the name of one of the Justice…


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 May 6, 2012

A very good and true Documentary about Walmart! Enjoy!

WAL-MART: THE HIGH COST OF LOW PRICE is a feature length documentary that uncovers a retail giant's assault on…


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What to do in a nuclear fallout!

Here is a list of links and pages on e books or books to survive nuclear fallout!

11 Steps Survival

Free Nuclear fallout survival guide!…


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Give horsemeat-tainted food to poor – German minister

February 23, 2013

 Germany’s development minister has suggested food tainted with horsemeat should be distributed to the poor.

Dirk Niebel said he supported the proposal by a member of the governing CDU party, and concluded: “We can’t just throw away good food.”

The opposition dismissed the idea, but a priest said it should be…


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North Carolina Lawmakers Kill Medical Marijuana Bill After It Receives Annoying Level Of Support

Feb. 22, 2013

The GOP-controlled North Carolina House Rules Committee killed a medical marijuana legalization bill earlier this week, after lawmakers complained that backers of the measure were bothering them with requests for their support.

As WRAL's …


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Matrix Pictures


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Why does the US government need 30,000 Guillotines and over 600 Million rounds of hollow point bullets?

There are over 800 prison camps in the United States. All fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards. But they are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need to be implemented in the United States…


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February 12, 2013

As the saga of ex-cop turned alleged cop killer, Chris Dorner unfolds in Angelus Oaks, California some people have found Dorner guilty in the court of public opinion while some have elevated him to hero…


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Obama moves to keep kill list memos secret forever

February 21, 2013 

United States President Barack Obama has no plans to show Congress the legal rulings that justify his use of drones to kill US citizens, despite urging from members of his own political party.

Both members of the House and Senate have demanded as of late that the Obama administration explain more about the…


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California cops investigating source of grisly postmortem Dorner photos

February 21, 2013

Following the manhunt that held America's attention for a full week, California officials are now looking into claims that someone has been trying to sell gruesome pictures of fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner's charred corpse to the media.

San Bernardino County sheriff's officials believe someone within the…


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Widespread fish fraud! One-third of seafood mislabeled, Study Finds

February 21, 2013

A study released by the ocean-conservation group Oceana reveals that consumers in the United States often purchase fish that has been mislabeled. If you order tuna at a D.C. restaurant, chances are half the time you’ll be getting another, less expensive fish in its place. But those odds are better…


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