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Monsanto and the FDA: Two crime families working a trillion-dollar hustle

March 02, 2013

Perhaps you remember the ill-fated Just-Label-It campaign. A number of activist groups petitioned the FDA for a federal regulation that would make labeling GMO food mandatory.

The petition amassed over a million signatures. But the FDA decided only 394 of these were legitimate, because all the…


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UN demands prosecution of Bush-era CIA crimes

March 04, 2013

A United Nations investigator has demanded that the US publish classified documents regarding the CIA’s human rights violations under former President George W. Bush, with hopes that the documents will lead to the prosecution of public officials.

Documents about the CIA’s program of rendition and secret detention of…


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DARPA scientists want to create database of all conversations

March 04, 2013

Your digital footprint could be getting a whole lot bigger: Pentagon scientists are searching for a way to transcribe every real-world conversation that happens into computer-readable files.

Robert Beckhusen of Wired’s Danger Room says…


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Grocery loyalty card purchases surveilled by insurance companies to raise rates and deny claims

I warned Natural News readers about this years ago: those grocery store "loyalty cards" that they push on you to enjoy discounts on groceries are actually a behavior surveillance technology that's used to capture and profile your grocery purchasing patterns. This data is then sold off to insurance companies who use it to raise your rates by linking your grocery…


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President Barack Obama suggests cutting social security... Hope the people who voted for him are HAPPY

MARCH 3, 2013

In what appears to be a new offensive started on March 3 by Barack Obama in the political battle over mandatory spending cuts, the President proposed putting social…


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Milk Thistle Seed Powder - Organic

Raw Organic Milk Thistle Seed Powder is probably the single best thing you can take for healing, cleansing and detoxifying your liver. Traditionally it has been used as a natural remedy for problems including cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis and gallbladder disorders. Silymarin is the main active ingredient in milk thistle…


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10 Ways To Add Coconut Oil Into Your Diet & Daily Life

You’ve read how amazing coconut oil is…

You know it speeds up the metabolism, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation,  kills fungi, yeast and bacteria, improves calcium and magnesium absorption and supports the development of strong bones and teeth, improves digestion and bowel function, supports thyroid function,…


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Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a condition in which the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the needs of the body. The term “heart failure” should not be confused with “heart attack.” Heart failure occurs after the heart muscle has been damaged or weakened by another primary cause, such as …


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Montana On “Indefinite Detention”: NDAA Is Criminal

February 28, 2013

Montana is the latest of a growing number of states that is pushing back against the Federal Government on the National Defense Authorization Act. The…


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Stop Pointing Fingers at our Children!!!

Here are 5 different articles of insanity of children being accused of violence at school when all they are doing is playing as normal children will do...and just think squirt gun season is on its way which may cause these incidents to rise which brings a threat of drowning in the bull crap...



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Occupy Movement Files Lawsuit Against Every Federal Regulator of Wall Street

February 28, 2013

In several respects, Occupy Wall Street reminds me of the feminist movement. Corporate funded media has declared the women’s rights movement dead ad nauseam for four decades — and yet it thrives and reinvents itself. Similarly, corporate funded media …


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Florida Man Lost in Sinkhole

March 1, 2013

An enormous sinkhole opened beneath a central Florida house on Thursday night, sucking down and burying a man who was in his bedroom.

The man, Jeffrey Bush, 36, was presumed dead after rescue crews were unable to find him and had to suspend the dig because the house, in Seffner, Fla., east of Tampa, had become…


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State Department says hotly contested Keystone XL won't have 'substantial impact'

March 02, 2013

Despite stark warnings from environmental groups and politicians over the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, a new State Department report calls the project environmentally sound. A top US environmental group says the report is the result of "malpractice."

The March 1 Draft Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement says…


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Obama signs sequester bill

March 02, 2013

Austerity has hit the United States as President Barack Obama signed into law a directive ushering in significant cuts to federal agencies' budgets and triggering the sequester that has been debated in Washington during the last several weeks.

In the White House on Friday, President Obama inked his name to the order,…


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