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Police chief calls child pronography findings ‘very disturbing’


Four Thunder Bay men have been charged with accessing and possessing child pornography, which police say is only the tip of the iceberg concerning child pornography in the city.

“There is far more going on in this city than the four people just arrested,” said police chief J.P. Levesque at a Thunder Bay Police Service media…


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Timelines.com sues Facebook

Timelines.com, a small Chicago-based company, has filed a trademark-infringement suit against Facebook on Thursday on the grounds that the Facebook could "eliminate" Timelines' business.
Timelines.com is a website that lets people record and share personal or historic events, and contribute…

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Streetviewed: Google cars snooping on WiFi users not an accident

April 30, 2012

Google bosses knew their Street View cars would collect e-mails, names, addresses and other personal data from Wi-Fi users around the world, a government report shows. The search giant had previously claimed that this data collection was a rogue act.

Neither a mistake nor the work of an unauthorized engineer was behind Google's…


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A Few Who Helped The House Approve CISPA 248-168


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Giving Birth in Chains: The Shackling of Incarcerated Women During Labor and Delivery

As birthing choices are increasingly prominent in the public conversation, pregnant women are more and more empowered to decide what sort of care is right for their bodies and their child.

Not so for pregnant women who are incarcerated.  Not only are their decisions about care restricted, but many incarcerated pregnant women are physically restricted while…


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What or Who killed Andrew Breitbart? Now the Coroner is dead! What did he know? by Fred Brownbill.

APRIL 29, 2012

We hear today of yet another very strange death in the saga of the sudden death of Andrew Breitbart, a man I was shocked had a sudden major heart attack and died.  You all know he was an investigative jounalist with no fear and bought real news, truth  and breaking stories via his website, Breitbart…


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Internet bill could allow DHS to spy on Congress, Supreme Court


A new proposal by Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee threatens to give the Department of Homeland Security the power to spy on Congress and the Judicial Branch.

Under Jackson Lee’s amendment, the already controversial Cyber…


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Occidental College Transcripts Reveals Obama Claimed Foreign Citizenship to get Scholarship

In 2008, candidate Obama called Bill Ayers an "English Professor" who he knows and runs into in his neighborhood. He condemned "despicable acts" Ayers committed when Obama was "eight years old."


In a move certain to fuel the debate over Obama's…


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URGENT: Stop #CISPA – Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act! Call Now!

April 24, 2012

Concerns with internet takeover are no longer alarmist. The House of Representatives is voting this week to eliminate all Internet privacy – yes that’s your banking, emails, the works! If  HR 3523, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act (CISPA) gets enough House votes, the Feds can access any of…


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House approves CISPA 248-168

April 26, 2012

The House of Representatives has approved CISPA with a vote count of 248-168. Initially slated to vote on the bill Friday, it decided to pass it Thursday after approving a number of amendments.

The snap vote took place after Congressional legislators approved a number of amendments to CISPA. Apart from cyber and national…


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White House 'strongly opposes' CISPA, threateans to veto

 April 26, 2012

Congress is slated to vote this week on America's most controversial bill in waiting — the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. But now the president’s advisers say they will recommend Obama vetoes CISPA if it makes it to the White House.

Following comments this week from within the Obama administration that…


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US Sergeant booted off Marines for Obama Facebook posts

 April 26, 2012

A US Marine has been given “other-than-honorable discharge” for calling president Obama an “enemy” and making Facebook comments about him. The decision has caused a row over whether the Pentagon’s social media policy violates rights of the military.

Sergeant Gary Stein, who had served in the Marines for nine years, including a…


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Homeland Security Buys Enough Ammo for a 7-Year War Against the American People

April 23, 2012

 As we recently reported, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), an agency that says its main purpose now is to thwart “homegrown terrorism,” has awarded a contract to ammunition manufacturer ATK for acquiring 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammo. You can view the announcement of the ammunition purchase at…


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“Energy” Drinks Are More Dangerous Than You Think!


It is  a public health safety, please pass on this article to all the contacts in your address book especially those with teenage children, and make copies to show to all the people you know.

This drink is SOLD in all the supermarkets IN OUR country.  and our children ARE…


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The journalist: Homeland Security's top terrorist?

 April 24, 2012

If you want to know what the US Department of Homeland Security has been working hard at lately, leave it to a multimedia journalist from Miami, Florida to lay it out for you: they’ve been busy on Facebook.

Freelance journalist Carlos Miller was documenting a law enforcement raid on the southern Florida’s Occupy Wall Street…


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Good Drug News Editors found!

The majority of Americans favor ending the Drug war.  Continual news of progress towards ending it is broadcast on Twitter.com/TransformDrugs.  Keep up to date on decriminalizing our country, "The Land of the Free."

And I just found this tonight.  In your face reporting on corrupt Special Interest twisting our justice.


Corruption of our politics poses an existential threat to the core of our republic. Will we be a self-governing nation of the people, by the…


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morgellons latest

I am not sure if this where I go to give some info I found on the subject of morgellons.

The is an excellent article on the morgellons condition that can be found at viewzone.org.

The article is one of the best I have seen. It does a great job tying all the links that has been missing and the cd has absolutely denied that this condition suffered by least 50000family has been deemed "delusion"to why would our medical community has deemed delusional n why CDC. has denied the existence… Continue

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Japan - Russia Stunned After Japanese Plan to Evacuate 40 Million Revealed

By The European Union Times

18 April 12

new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Foreign Ministry on the planned re-opening of talks with…


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Things are Popping here in Michigan.

The most important long term project here is the Constitutional Amendment to guarantee Collective Bargaining forever in Michigan.  It requires 500,000 signatures.  That is a big effort bur we are up to it.  Without it Wages here become a political football under all that confusion.  So Maintaining decent wages depends on our success in this effort.

Also I am…


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SOPA mutates into much worse CISPA, the latest threat to internet free speech

 April 21, 2012 

Just because SOPA and PIPA, the infamous internet "kill switch" bills, are largely dead does not mean the threat to internet free speech has become any less serious. TheCyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act(CISPA), also known as H.R. 3523, is the latest mutation of these internet censorship…


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