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Students in Florida Forced To Take Iris Scans Without Parent Permission

MAY 29, 2013

Well if you can’t teach ‘em, scan ‘em? I guess we should just be glad they weren’t trying to molest them. Michelle Malkin is reporting that at least three Polk County, Florida schools subjected their…


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Worldwide protests planned on eve of Bradley Manning trial

May 31, 2013 

Rallies are planned this weekend in dozens of cities across the globe in support of Private first class Bradley Manning as the former Army intelligence analyst prepares to stand trial for the largest intelligence leak in United States history.

The military court-martial against the 25-year-old soldier begins…


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Monsanto website downed as Anonymous claims hack

May 30, 2013 

Hackers from the Anonymous collective claimed to have infiltrated the website for the biotech giant Monsanto, which has been the subject of recent international protests.

The cyber-attack was carried out as part of #OpMonsanto, an attempt to demonstrate against Monsanto’s reach into every aspect of the food…


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Unapproved Monsanto crop found growing in Oregon

May 29, 2013

A genetically modified strain of wheat that was never approved by the United States Department of Agriculture as been discovered growing in Oregon, triggering a federal probe that is now spanning several states.

Investigators with the USDA want to know why the GMO crop, made by biotech company Monsanto but never…


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Collapse of the Obama Agenda

May 29 2013

While Barack Obama cavorts around the Jersey shore with Chris Christie, back at the White House his administration is engulfed in scandal and the collapse of his second term agenda.

The scandals dominate the headlines. Benghazi, the IRS, and the attorney general’s management of media surveillance will keep the…


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Monsanto and the Bio-Rape of India

May 27th 2013

Earlier this year, Vandana Shiva generated quite a stir within the blogosphere after comparing GMOs to rape in a Twitter post:


Despite the …


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Report on Syria – Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire: “The Syrian State is Under a Proxy War Led by Foreign Countries”

May 27, 2013

Report and Appeal to the International community to support a process of dialogue and reconciliation in Syria between its people and Syrian government and reject outside intervention and war.

After a 10 days  visit to Lebanon and Syria, leading a 16 person delegation from 8 countries, invited by…


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Cardinal George Pell Admits Abuse Cover-Up To Protect Australian Catholic Church


Sydney Archbishop Cardinal George Pell holds a document to the response of the archidiocese to sexual abuse during a press conference in Sydney on November 13, 2012. The Catholic Church should not be the scapegoat in an Australian inquiry into child sex abuse, the country's most senior Catholic cleric…


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UK moves to gag radical preachers, clamp down on Internet extremism

May 27, 2013

The UK Prime Minister has announced an anti-terror task force to clamp down on the "poisonous narratives" of radical preachers who target recruits in schools, jails and mosques. However, some fear the government’s efforts could actually worsen extremism.

According to the Daily Mail, the unit was launched by…


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Unwanted Seniors Added to Unwanted Babies Drop-Off Program

An Alberta hospital group that just opened two "Angel Cradle" baby boxes for the safe drop-off of unwanted newborns has expanded the program to allow people to drop off unwanted old people.

"Far too many babies and oldies are being abandoned in dumpsters," said Dr. Nina Swan of Covenant Health, the Catholic-based, government-funded health care adminstration that…


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Neo-Humanity: Transhumanism Will Merge Man With Machine

Posted about 15 hours ago

Susanne Posel

Occupy Corporatism

August 10, 2012

Science and religion meet at the intersection of a $5 million grant gifted to UC Riverside in…


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US F-15 fighter crashes in Pacific Ocean off southern Japan, pilot recovered safely

May 27, 2013

A U.S. Air Force F-15 fighter crashed off the southern Japan island of Okinawa early Tuesday after the aircraft developed problems in flight. The pilot ejected and was recovered safely.

The F-15, flying out of Kadena Air Base, went down in the Pacific about 115 kilometers (70 miles) east of Okinawa, the…


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Hack the hacker: US Congress urged to legalize cyber-attacks to fight cybercrimes

May 27, 2013

US Congress should legalize attacking hacker’s computers with malware, physically destroy networks and take photos of data thieves and copyright violators with their own cameras in order to punish IP thieves, the IP Commission recommends.

The commissioners - former US…


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McCain sneaks into Syria, meets rebels

May 28, 2013

Republican Senator John McCain, a staunch advocate of US military aid to the Syrian opposition, has made a surprise visit to war-torn Syria and met with rebels. The controversial move comes as Russia and the US are trying to set up a peace conference.

According to a report by the Daily Beast, Arizona Senator…


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Department of Homeland Security Teaching Kids To Go To FEMA Camps In a Time of Crisis

May 23, 2013

Public schools in cooperation with the department of homeland security are now teaching kids safety measures, and advising that they seek relief in FEMA camps in a time of crisis. But are these post disaster relief camps, or military internment camps?

FEMA , the Red Cross, and the department of homeland…


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May 22, 2013

As Nashua, NH, residents witness armored vehicles patrolling the streets of their usually peaceful town, blogger Pamela Rae…


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'Secret deal with Israel': UK newspaper claims Russia cancels alleged S-300 sales to Syria

May 26, 2013 

The media hype around Russia's alleged sale of S-300 missiles to Syria is still mounting, with UK press claiming Moscow shelved its agreement with Damascus because of a "deal" with Tel Aviv. Israeli media has shrugged off the report as "a fairytale."

The Sunday Times claimed that Russia agreed not to supply the…


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Mississippi considers prosecuting women for stillbirths and miscarriages

May 26, 2013

The Supreme Court of Mississippi is currently considering a case that could lead to charges of manslaughter for women who suffer miscarriages or stillbirths.

Nina Buckhalter was indicted for manslaughter in 2009 after giving birth to a stillborn baby girl named Hayley 31 weeks into her pregnancy.

According to a Mother Jones…


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‘Guantanamo guards shot my client 5 times for no reason’

May 21, 2013 

Over 100 Guantanamo prisoners continue their hunger strike in protest against unlawful – and as it turns out, violent – detention. RT met with the lawyer of inmate Moath al Alawi, who has been shot by guards, denied medical treatment and force-fed.

A reported 103 of Guantanamo’s 166 prisoners are participating…


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Investigative journalists threatened with felony for exposing security flaw

May 21, 2013

Investigative journalists with Scripps News Service have discovered a major security lapse, in turn accessing the private data of tens of thousands of cell phone customers in the United States.

Scripps isn’t being hailed for exposing the error, though, and has been accused by telecom attorneys of hacking into…


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