October 2012 Blog Posts (126)

Dangerous Signs and Symptoms of Heart Failure


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Morning Bell: The Administration’s Messy Story on Libya Attack

October 1, 2012

Washington is notorious for dropping news it doesn’t want scrutinized too closely on the last day of the work week. So last Friday was a convenient time for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) to release a statement about the Obama Administration’s conflicting accounts of the attack that killed the…


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East St. Louis enforces city-wide lockdown after weekend murders

September 26, 2012

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (KMOV.com) – East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks has enacted a tough curfew for  residents under the age of 18 after four people were killed and three others injured over a violent 36-hour span.

During a press conference on Wednesday, the mayor said anyone under 18 years old will…


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Genetically Modified, Certified Organic, Real Food?

March 22, 2010

It seems counterintuitive to think that genetically modified plants could possibly be considered real food. After all, the whole point of eating and growing real food is to avoid organisms that have had their naturally nourishing qualities tampered with in the name of “progress” and profit motive. But a recent…


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Can Wearing a Bra Kill You?

If you didn't burn yours in the 'Sixties, you might want to put it away now. "Bras cause breast cancer. It's open and shut," says medical researcher Syd Singer.…


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Ex-TSA agent: We steal from travelers all the time

October 1, 2012

A TSA agent convicted of stealing more than $800,000 worth of goods from travelers said this type of theft is “commonplace” among airport security. Almost 400 TSA officers have been fired for stealing from passengers since 2003.

Pythias Brown, a former Transportation Security Administration officer at Newark Liberty…


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