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Another Vietnam? American support for War in Afghanistan hits historic new low

December 30, 2013

American support for the war in Afghanistan is shrinking to unprecedented levels, even sliding below the lowest points seen for the Iraq and Vietnam wars, a new study shows.

As the United States and Afghanistan negotiate an agreement to extend the presence of American and NATO troops into and beyond 2014, a…


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"Aliens are real"

Graham J. Temperley from Queensland took this amazing photo above of an alien in a secret location somewhere in Queensland, Australia, and he has given me permission to publish this picture above for the very first time. There are three of them on a flying space vehicle about to take off. One of them is a female on the back holding on to a sled, the male who is holding onto a…


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The Norway Terrorist Attack

Anders Behring Breivik killed 69 people, mostly teenagers. This coward had cosmetic surgery on his chin, nose and forehead. A gutless wonder who…


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7 Killed as Iraqi Troops Arrest Sunni Lawmaker

December 28, 2013

Iraqi troops detained a Sunni lawmaker sought on terrorism charges on Saturday and killed his brother and five of his guards after they opened fire on the arresting officers. The incident, which will likely to add to the nation's sectarian tensions, also left one Iraqi soldier dead.

The arrested lawmaker,…


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NASA’s twitchy bouncy roboball may explore Titan one day (VIDEO)

December 28, 2013 

A tangle of poles and ropes that looks like an evilly twitching tent may be the precursor of a future robotic explorer, which would be dropped from a height of 100 km onto Neptune’s moon, Titan, without a parachute.

The construction of the Super Ball Bot is an attempt to create rigid and flexible parts…


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‘Tracked everywhere you go’: Snowden delivers Xmas message on govt spying

December 25, 2013

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has delivered his ‘Alternative Christmas Message’ via a British TV channel. The whistleblower called for an end to mass spying by governments, stating that a child born today will have "no conception of privacy."

Snowden’s …


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from

Dec. 22, 2013 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Pam


God Bless…


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"NASA moon walk, 1969"

One small step for MAN, one joint leap for mankind? With temperatures of 260 Fahrenheit in daytime and 279 Fahrenheit at night, and with temperatures plummeting down from 127 Celsius to 173 Celsius during the day, this astronaut in 1969 must have been super-human?

This photo brought to you by MGM Studios England. A remarkable achievement by MAN.

P.S. "Please view…


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"The Humble Xmas Tree?

We celibate Christmas or Xmas, the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church, the liturgy used in the mass, the musical setting of parts of this. High mass with incense, music, the assistance of a deacon and sub-deacon. Low mass with no music and a minimum of…


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Pam Suggs's Electrical Fuse Box Caught On Fire Tonight! (PLEASE READ AND SHARE)

Dec 20, 2013

Bad News!

My Electrical Fuse Box caught on Fire Tonight. If anyone could help out with a donation to help with repair they can @ This can be made @ to …


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NDAA 2014 being fast-tracked through congress

Dec 16, 2013

The 2014 version of the National Defense Authorization Act is said to be going through congress with lightning speed. With all the controversy surrounding the dangerous provisions approved under the last 2…


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"Behold, Campbell Newman"

This man it's alleged, is the destroyer of job, schools, nursing homes, public caravan parks etc.

All Queenlanders who voted for the Liberal/National Parties regret ever laying eyes upon him. This State Government is only 12 months old, and already he has sacked twelve thousand public servants, four thousand nurses, displaced 500 caravan residents, demolished public…


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HHS Awards Another $58M for Obamacare Navigators

DEC 12, 2013

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius's agency announced grants of $58 million to 1,157 community health centers to allow them to "expand their enrollment assistance efforts as more Americans…


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"Hockey's ultimatum to GM"

The Australian Liberal Treasurer, The Hon. Joe Hockey MP? What were you thinking by giving an ultimatum to the executives of General Motor's Holden, after your insulting remarks, GM will now cease manufacturing cars within Australia by 2017, all thanks to…


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NSA uses advertisers’ cookies to track specific web browsers

December 11, 2013 

The US National Security Agency has quietly subverted the tools used by online advertising companies in order to track surveillance targets and improve its monitoring ability, according to a report based on documents obtained by Edward Snowden.

Presentation slides passed from the NSA whistleblower to the…


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Canada to include the North Pole in its claim for Arctic territory, resources

December 10, 2013

Canadian officials confirmed Monday that the nation is preparing to include the North Pole as part of its Arctic Ocean seabed claim in the multi-country push to prove jurisdiction over further territory in the resource-rich area.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Arctic Council chair Leona…


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Illegal application of pesticides in Indiana leads to widespread contamination of restaurants, nursing homes

December 07, 2013

As you might imagine, the pest control industry is largely reliant upon the use of questionable chemical pesticides that, while effective against pests, may also be harmful to humans. And a recent investigation has found that, in the state of Indiana -- and…


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Meet Your Strawman


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Sweden 'spied on Russian leaders for US'

December 06, 2013

Swedish signals intelligence agency FRA spied on Russian leaders and shared the data collected with the US, local media report citing Edward Snowden leaks. Sweden’s ‘cable access’ made its position ‘unique’ in the eyes of the NSA.

The NSA eyes the FRA as a ‘leading partner’ among the US agencies foreign…


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