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UN ordered depopulation of 3 billion people by food malnutrition has started

While investigating the WHO and UN role in the biological weapons attack called the A-H1N1 (Swine Flu) pandemic of 2009, criminal intelligence (CI) agents from Canada and the US have stumbled upon a covert and sinister plan to kill off as many as 3 billion people by food malnutrition. The organization that is responsible for preparing for the murder of 3 billion people is…


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The truth.

It seem that all the conspiracy theory people, ufo experts. politicians, have a divine line to the truth.

But most claims to the truth, are just peoples opinions.

The truth is denied to most people and only available to the elite. It is hidden under the vial of the official secrets act, national security, and simply lies.

So how we to know the truth? Certainly not the main media, as they are controlled by the Illuminati. The independent media is a more reliable route to the truth.… Continue

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Money is a man made creation, it's just a piece of paper, or a bit of information on a computer, but we let it become or masters. We are slaves to money.

money lets the elite enslave us. we spent 8 hours or more in a place we rather not be working for someone we hate, doing things that bores us mindless, and for what? to make this elite person we hate rich.

Without money we be free, there be a lot less work and no wars, but we have been brainwashed in to thinking that money is… Continue

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This strain of swine/bird flu, I believe was created in a lab, it's very rare for diseases to effect 2 species let alone 3. Also the people who are most venerable, are not the very young and very old, but the people in-between. It also is more dangerous to overweight people, where normally thin people are more venerable.

The 1st cases were in Mexico, and it seems that i…


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Why are so many people unaware of the new world order?

The 1st thing is that most of the world media is controlled by the Illuminati. So they only see what they want them to see.

The next reason is, that they are comfy in their own little world, and they don't want their boat rocked.

Some people cant accept that their government is evil. They think the government is there to serve the people, no they serve themselves. But most world leaders are just puppets for the new world… Continue

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New world order

Over the years our freedom has been eroded, with political correctness, the nanny state, silly health and safety laws and CCTV surveillance. but that's only the tip of the iceberg. The powers that be, want to create a world fascist state, a new world order.

The powers that be, are known as the Illuminati.

The Illuminati have a power structure like a pyramid, with the working class people at the bottom forming the base. and somewhere in the middle, the world leaders. Somewhere near the… Continue

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911 a inside job?

Was 911 an inside job?

Looking at all the evidence. I can't see how it could be anything else.

When it happened in 2001, wile like most people I took it at face value, a number of things didn't seem quite right. Right from the start it was billed as "the day that changed the world" OK it change the life of the families of the people involved, and may of had an effect on American business, but the world!. Another thing was George Bush's speech about "this being an act or war, not… Continue

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Mysterious animal deaths

Recently we have been hearing news of mass animal deaths. The frighting thing is that there is no satisfactoriness explanation for them.

The media blame, cold, fireworks, starvation, changes in the earth's magnetic field, but none of these explain why so many.

Is this the end of days, or is the real explanation top secret?

In the case of birds, there has always been bad weather, and fireworks have been around for a long time, but we don't usually hear of so many mass deaths. Some… Continue

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How to fight the new world order

The first thing the people must know is that, the people who rule are few, but the people who are ruled are many. So if the people who are ruled realize that. the illuminati will fail to get their new world order.

The worst thing we can do it riot. that will give them a excuse for more oppression.

The other thing we must not do is let them divide and conker. we must be united and not get pulled in with slogans like "Alex Jone is a shrill" comments like that just divide us, but we must… Continue

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Wachovia cheated investors by inflating markups!

Wachovia Capital Markets cheated investors by charging inflated prices on securities tied to home mortgages, regulators alleged Tuesday. As the housing market weakened in 2006 and 2007, the transactions helped Wachovia avoid losses on assets that had declined in value, the Securities and Exchange Commission said, adding that the victims included a Zuni Indian tribal pension…


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Radiation from Japan's crippled nuclear plant detected in MILK in two U.S. states

No health risk: Tiny amounts of radiation have been found in milk produced in California and Washington, but the EPA said it was far below levels of concern .

Low levels of radiation have been detected in milk in two U.S. states, the first sign Japan's nuclear crisis is affecting American food.

The findings, in Washington state and California, prompted the…


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Bilderberg Group Members|The Most Powerful Group in the New World Order

The true story of Bilderberg group

The Bilderberg group is indeed the most powerful organization of the world. This is a group of influential people which includes mostly the top politicians and businessmen around the world.Bilderberg is not the official name of this group, the Bilderberg title came from the location where the first official meeting of this group took…


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Gates: Gadhafi placing bodies at sites of coalition attacks

Washington (CNN) -- Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is placing bodies of people his regime has killed at the sites of some missile strikes by the U.S.-led coalition, according to intelligence reports cited by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

In an interview to be broadcast Sunday on the CBS program "Face the Nation," Gates said he was unaware of coalition attacks…


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Glowing! Radiation At Japan Nuke Plant 10 MILLION Times Normal

TOKYO — Radioactivity in water at one earthquake-crippled Japanese nuclear reactor soared to 10 million times its usual level Sunday, prompting the plant operator to evacuate workers, local media reported. The report about Fukushima Dai-ichi reactor No. 2 came as Tokyo Electric Power Co. workers were grappling with how to remove and store highly radioactive water pooling there…


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White House insider says ATF gun smuggling scandal to dog Obama

A White House insider has come forward to report that the gun smuggling scandal that has engulfed the ATF will dog Barack Obama for the foreseeable future. The insider told blogger Mike Vanderboegh, who along with National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea broke the story of the growing scandal at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and…


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Japan investigation into nuclear plant radiation leak

Japan investigation into nuclear plant radiation leak

Workers who stepped into radiation-contaminated water during Thursday's operation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, are shielded with tarps before receiving decontamination treatment at a hospital in Fukushima Two nuclear plant workers remain in hospital…

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Make Your Own Energy: Save the World

"Personalized Energy"

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dan Nocera talks about Sun Catalytix, the company that's producing the next generation of solar energy. He recently discovered an inexpensive way to power homes and transportation by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen with the Sun.

Perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of his concept is that of…


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'Superbug' spreading to Southern California hospitals

A dangerous drug-resistant bacterium has spread to patients in Southern California, according to a study by Los Angeles County public health officials.

More than 350 cases of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae, or CRKP, have been reported at healthcare facilities in Los Angeles County, mostly among elderly patients at skilled-nursing and long-term care…


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UK used School shooting to pass anti gun laws.

"In May 1998, the matter was raised in the House of Lords by Lord Burton, who asked for a copy to be placed in the library of the House. Lord Sewel replied for the Government and refused.

Mr Matheson said: "If suspicions of a cover-up are ill-founded, I can see no reason why the Crown Office…


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