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"Invalid Election Result"

The U.S. election result that elected an alleged baboon for president should have been declared and made invalid because never in U.S. history has there ever been an investigation into a candidate on the eave of winning the election only to lose because of the FBI Director James Comey launching an investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails 9-days out of losing her chance to…


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"Huma Abedin"

America must see video, you be the judge...

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"Huma Abedin"

America must see video, you be the judge...

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"Melanoma cancer cure?"

Bob Hill 72-years pictured above was given a new drug that cured him and gave him a new life.

The miracle drug called Pembrolizumab made by Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD). See link:-…


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"Vets "Purple Heart"

Trump: "I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was so much easier, he said.

Donald J. Trump thanked Louis Dorfman for his Purple Heart medal. Donald you should give this medal back to retired Lt. Col. Dorfman, because yours to keep, Louis is a war hero, and you are an alleged draft dodger. This medal means everything to this veteran and all you can see is…


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I'm small minded?

"Without Prejudice" It's alleged: -

Mr. Kevin Rudd is not suitable to be nominated by me for UN Secretary-General under Jew process. Turnbull thinks he's better than Rudd, we the public doubt that PM Malcolm Turnbull.

Turnbull has a one seat majority in parliament. Was the late postal votes tampered…


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"South China Sea"

The Hague ruling on the disputed "South Chine Sea" islands under maritime law gives free passage without hindrance to shipping and trading lanes under International Law of the sea. Nautical is pertaining to ships, seamen, or navigation. South China Sea is the…


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"America's Gun Control"

There has to be some form of gun control to keep people safe from harms-way and people going about their business especially within safe city zones. Hillary Clinton can only pray that high-powered rifles stay in rural areas and not in towns and cities, they should be outlawed. 

The Second Amendment gives Americans the right to bare-arms to protect their love ones, but…


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"Australia votes"

Australians go to the polls on July 2nd 2016 to vote for there elected government to represent them for the next three years. The two major parties are in for a shock result because they are both on the nose. The Liberal National Party will retain office by only one or two seats.

The Parmer United Party will win one to three Senate seats with other Independents like…


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UK: In or Out of EU?

The UK referendum on the 23rd of June 2016 will decide if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. As it stands now Britain has its hands tired with some freedom with the EU's Free Trade Agreements with a number of countries, but if Britain leaves it will be a short term pain for a long-term gain for Britain. So far 65 billion pound has been moved out of the UK by…


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"Australian dairy farmers need help"

The plight of the dairy farmers need an urgent cash injection to be viable they need the consumer to pay more for dairy products to stay afloat. The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce to immediately grant each dairy farmer a $10,000 interest free grant without strings attached. Everyday the average lost to each dairy is $2,000 this problem cannot go on without…


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"Bloodsucking Vampires"

Don't bank on Us Yids, screw you sucker. With 230,000 shareholders waiting too fleece you?

We are the Freemasons taking care of our brothers who care little about the goyim or goy.

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"Barnaby Joyce's madness"

Actress "Amber Heard" at magistrate Court hearing on the Gold Coast in Queensland today.

Amber and Johnny Depp have been crucified by the…


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"North Korea nightmare pending"

North Korea's Supreme Commander Kim Jong-un e.g., baby-face blabbermouth continues to threaten a per-emptive nuclear strike against South Korea and America. Kim Jong-un keeps testing his missile system in readiness. Launch one more missile and that be you're undoing.…


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"Rolf Harris" shame?

What can we say? Rolf Harris facing 7 more allegations of sexual assault, one as young as twelve. Why would anyone in their right mind behave in public view grope people in this way?

Groping back in the seventies was not seen as been a sexual assault, not what is is today.

All the chargers against Rolf Harris is mostly hearsay evidence that cannot be proven in a…


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"The deadly truth about vaccines and flu shots"

No flu shot or vaccine has ever been manufactured to "cure" the flu. They don't prevent you from getting the flu either. The goal of vaccines is to cause unnatural adverse reactions by injecting poisons and live genetically engineered pathogens directly into your blood stream. Any and all adverse reactions are called a side effect of the vaccine or flu shot by…


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"WARNING-ISIL Invades Europe & U.S.A"

The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 ISIS gunmen have been smuggled into western nations - hidden amongst innocent refugees. Don't welcome them into our way of life, because our western culture is at stake here. Give them a two-year protection visa and send them all back to where they come from, otherwise we will regret ever allowing them in...…


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"Medicinal Cannabis"

Medicinal Cannabis Use. "Severe seizures from epilepsy", "Multiple Sclerosis", "Cancer", "HIV/AIDS", "Severe chronic pain". Click on this link below to watch the video ... ;…


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"Islamic State "ISIL" terrorist"

ISIS think they can terrorize the citizens of Paris, well you're wrong because it's the beginning of the end for ISIL. You lot are just a bunch of poison thorns in the worldwide web of rag-head nutters. You don't belong on this planet with other humans, you're ideology belongs back in the stone-ages, back with the apes and dinosaur era.  EVIL DOERS.…


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