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Red meat lovers have more kidney cancer

December 29, 2011

People who eat lots of red meat may have a higher risk of some types of kidney cancer, suggests a large U.S. study.

Researchers found that middle-aged adults who ate the most red meat were 19 percent more likely to be diagnosed with kidney cancer than those who ate the least. A higher intake of chemicals found in grilled or…


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More speed cameras coming to the region in 2012


Drivers in the Washington area can look forward in the new year to more of the speed-enforcement cameras that have raised millions of dollars for jurisdictions around Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Prince George's County plans to add an average of six cameras every…


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'2012: What’s in Store...’

December 26, 2011

The Private Global Power Elite embedded in major governments is dead set on imposing World Government on us sooner rather than later. Let’s look at 12 mega-processes – veritable “Triggers” – that we infer they are using to achieve their goals.

All roads lead to World Government.  This should come as no surprise.  London’s Financial…


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Americans will be transferred to foreign prisons under NDAA

 December 21, 2011

If you’re upset that congressional approval of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 can send you away to military prisons and be tortured in America, don’t worry — it could be worse.

The US could send you somewhere else.

No, really. They could. And they can. Anywhere else, too.…


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First Amendment Under Attack: 18 Examples Of How They Are Coming For Our Free Speech

December 20, 2011

In the United States today, the First Amendment is under attack like never before.  Technological innovations such as the Internet have made it possible for average Americans to communicate directly with one another in ways that completely bypass the mainstream media, and this is making the elite very uncomfortable.

They have decided…


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FDA admits supermarket chickens test positive for arsenic

JUN 8, 2011

Back in March, Tom Philpott wrote about the "insane" practice of feeding factory-farmed chickens arsenic:

The idea is that it makes them grow faster -- fast growth being the supreme goal of factory…

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'No Merry Christmas,' U.S. House Members Told

 December 18, 2011

Members of the House of Representatives are being told that no holiday greetings, including “Merry Christmas,” can be sent out in official mail.

According to the Washington Examiner, members who submit official mailings for review by the congressional franking commission that reviews all congressional…


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Who Is Watching You!!!

Big Brother Is Watching You!!!…


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Alabama Man Files Lawsuit to Keep Obama Off Ballot For Eligibility Issues

Mark Kennedy, Defendant

DECEMBER 16, 2011

A man from Birmingham, Alabama is filing a lawsuit in the Jefferson County Circuit Court to keep Barack Hussein Obama off of the Alabama ballot, citing problems with Obama’s birth…


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WE ARE CHANGE 12-10-11 EXPOSING THE TRUTH - With Howard Nema


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After 220 Years, The Bill Of Rights Is No More

Dec 15 2011 

The first ten amendments to the United States Constitution is known as the Bill of Rights.  They have been the law of the land for the last 222 years to the day.

Now, the Legislative branch of the United States has passed a bill to essentially do away with all that has been fought for and blood spilled over. For you that do not know,…


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***ALERT*** This has been sent to me: Fącebooƙ Șeȼurity

Fącebooƙ Șeȼurity
  • Warning: your account will be turned off because someone has reported you. Please do re-confirm your account security by:



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Texas Faces Blackouts as Grid Supply Fails to Meet Demand

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (yellow), ISO-NE of New England (teal) and SaskPower (in red) could face early challenges in providing enough generating capacity.

December 5, 2011

The electrical grid in America can be roughly split into three separate and individual areas. The Eastern Interconnection…


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The Debate: Perry wins; Newt survives; Mitt loses

 December 11,2011

Another debate has come and gone with corresponding poll numbers sure to follow.  Let’s jump in.  Mitt Romney is seeing his presidential nomination slip away to Newt Gingrich while conservatives are getting a last ditch effort by Perry and Bachmann to not kiss the next five years away to Barack Obama.

At this rate, Newt could be right —…


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1/3 Kevin Annett - Hidden From History - The Canadian Holocaust - Spectrum

 Nov 24, 2011…


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Senate Votes To Let Military Detain Americans Indefinitely, White House Threatens Veto

December 11, 2011

The Senate voted Tuesday to keep a controversial provision to let the military detain terrorism suspects on U.S. soil and hold them indefinitely without trial -- prompting White House officials to reissue a veto threat.

The measure, part of the massive National Defense Authorization Act, was also opposed by civil libertarians on the left and…


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20 Things You Should Know About the Bill That Could Ruin America

Last week the U.S. Senate passed 93-7 a version of the National Defense Authorization Act that includes provisions giving the military the right to detain you forever and without charge…


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Federal agents raid Mormon food storage facility, demand list of customers storing emergency food !

 December 10, 2011

This was clearly illustrated by the recent traitorous passage of the egregiousNational Defense Authorization Actby the US Congress

But in order to fully implement the ultimate goal of total control and tyranny, the federal government is now actively collecting the names of individuals that are preparing for the future by…


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