Stop Pointing Fingers at our Children!!!

Here are 5 different articles of insanity of children being accused of violence at school when all they are doing is playing as normal children will do...and just think squirt gun season is on its way which may cause these incidents to rise which brings a threat of drowning in the bull crap...


Maryland School Suspends Two Six-Year-Old Boys for Pretend Shooting...

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Comment by Hawaiian Princess Awakened on May 10, 2013 at 9:52am

This is ALL so crazy!  That is why for years now, I've encouraged parents to pull their kids OUT of govrnment schools and home-educate!  It's gotten so much worse!  The NEA have their agenda set according to the NWO for years NOW!!! And whatever is happening in our country... sets the precident for what is taught in Govt schools!  I urge, for the sake our children... that all "truth seekers", PULL their kids OUT of govt schools before we lose them.  It's redonkulous the "accusations" children endure...  we ALWAYS played...  and guns were NO exception!  Now people/parents/teachers freak out and turn our kids in... for being kids?   Hell NO!   Pull your kids out!   There are great homeschool tools... anyone need help?   Just ask me.  Parent... YOU are equipped to teach your kids and there are ways to have you "covered" by non govt agency's according to your state law. 

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