2,000 immigrant children in US to be moved to Dallas housing facilities - Stop passing out beds and Start handing out Condoms!

June 29, 2014

Up to 2,000 unaccompanied immigrant children will be moved from the Texas-Mexico border to temporary housing facilitates in Dallas County by the end of July, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said, as quoted by AP. The decision aims to improve the conditions of the children. The kids will be spending around three weeks at the facilities before being placed with a family member in the US. Authorities have begun preparing the first facility of this kind in Dallas County, and two more will be completed by the end of next month. Jenkins is hoping to help "scared and trapped” kids who are facing “not good conditions” at the border, the judge said.]


Once again we are taking care of the worlds problems when we have joblessness, homelessness, and a country that likes the fight every battle we can find! Has anyone thought to teach these people about Birth Control ? And now it is 2,000 children who could have anything from H1N1 to Swine Flu. Can we support these people when we can not take care of our children in this country of America? Stop passing out beds and Start handing out Condoms! 

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Comment by Kerry Hay on June 29, 2014 at 9:05pm

Pam, we have the same problem here in Australia with illegal boat arrivals wanting asylum, the bring their whole families that we have to maintain and feed, where do they get the $10,000 needed to come here to live. Our federal government is offering asylum seekers $10,000 to go back from where they came from, while thousands of Australian families have nowhere to live except in their cars with no help from our government, and their children are going without proper housing and essentials.

Having an Australian Citizenship does or should not mean permanent refuge to stay? 


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