Was 911 an inside job?
Looking at all the evidence. I can't see how it could be anything else.
When it happened in 2001, wile like most people I took it at face value, a number of things didn't seem quite right. Right from the start it was billed as "the day that changed the world" OK it change the life of the families of the people involved, and may of had an effect on American business, but the world!. Another thing was George Bush's speech about "this being an act or war, not terrorism" suggest that he was already planing war.
Oslam Binlarden was then blamed for it, even though there was no evidence whatsoever to blame him, only George bush doesn't like him.
The USA then declared war on Afghanistan, because that man who they don't like might be there.
All very doggy stuff.
There are a number of things that don't ring true about the atack. The 1st thing is how could those planes esape the US air defences, and if they were passenger planes, we havent herd anything about the people who were supposely on those planes, and no one as filed any law suits for compensation. So its very unlikly that they were passenger planes, more likly drone planes.
One thing which is very hard to explane is, how a plane could hit the Pentagone and dissapear. There was no wreckage left behind. Also if it was a plane it would have cause more damage, as the hole was too small for a plane, and after the plane crumbled to dust, as they would have you beleive, it could not have penitrated through seval feet of metal reinforced concreate. It was definately not a plane, more likely a missile or a bomb inside the building.
The planes that hit the twin towers had something underneath them, posible a missile. When they hit the tower there was a flash of light BEFORE the plane made contact.
The way the towers colapsed was more akin to a controlled demolition, then being struck by a plane. In fact several eye witnesses said they herd explosions from INSIDE the buildings.
Tower 7 collapsed AFTER a BBC reporter said it collaped.
So all the evidence say they was a conspricy, and it was a inside job. But why would the US goverment do such a thing. It seem they need a war to keep the multi billion $ US arms industry going. With a end to the cold war and Chinia being one of there main trading partners, they need a ememy to have a war with, so they invent one, and stage an atack so the people would accepet war.

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