A CAB TAXI I'm just a regular guy! (With Video)

[PART 1]
I'm in the process of putting everything in this blog in the right order and I want to add as many details as possible. My writing needs to be edited at the point where the reporter decided not to continue and it's a shame that fear made this writer decide to bail out. I want to have it ready to submit to a publisher soon and I have so much hope that this story will finally get the attention it deserves. There's an incredible amount of personal injury involved in this and the things these people have done are ridiculous to say the least.
Many of my phone calls have been intentionally stopped from coming through and it started at the beginning of 2007. About a month after the phones started getting tampered with, a guy tried to make a deal with me that involved having all the business I could do if I didn't make any waves or call the F.C.C. about what was being done to my phones. One of my friends read this blog and he said it's so outlandish and overwhelming that it has to be true. Well it is all true and nothing has been even slightly embellished. Years of this kind of abuse has taken its toll on me and I feel numb from all the madness.

I shot hundreds of hours of video from October 2007 to October 2009 and approximately 1 percent of the video has been loaded to youtube [4 hours]. Without the video there's no way to prove what was being done to the phones and I'm glad that I covered so many different things. Even though the video hasn't brought anyone to justice or stopped the phones from being tampered with, I do think it has provided me with a little protection from getting railroaded back to a mental facility and it also backs my story. These people toyed with my phones in a lot of different ways and they didn't need to do all this just to be able to monitor my phone calls. I never cared if they were listening in on my phone calls and I've never had anything to hide.
I wish I could find out more about what all was used to accomplish these crimes and it's hard to find out much. Cell phone jamming equipment was used, I was placed on a wide area telephone service or WATS  tower like the old 800 numbers, the Sim cards have been bypassed where they've had full control of the phones including the keys. That's why I was having to wait on the Sim cards to come in the mail and I don't think they could do everything to the Sim cards that come with the Tracfones and Net 10 phones like they can all the other phones with Sim cards. The voice mail boxes stayed messed up and for a long time I didn't even have the option of voice mail. The Credo Mobile phones and at least one of my Virgin Mobile phones would also call the phone numbers out wrong when I played a message that someone left [video 3]. For example if someone left me a message from 405-678-7899, the voice mail would call the number out as 516-789-89-ten-ten and each number was one higher than the other one for some odd reason. The number 5 replaced the 6, 1 replaced the 0, 6 instead of 5 etc. and it was really strange how ten replaced the 9.
They sure went to a lot of trouble for a nobody from nowhere like me and I just don't understand the logic of continuing to do this to my phones for so long. It must be entertaining to them and maybe it gives them some kind of power trip to sit back laughing while for years someone does everything they can to try to stop them. What they did to my land line was also really nasty and there's no doubt in my mind that they have a lot of people inside the phone companies. I've read plenty about it and the Patriot Act has changed things in their favor. I think they'll terrorize a lot more people the way they have me as time goes by and we'll hear a lot more about it when more people start fighting corruption.  If you'd like to help with this story I'd appreciate anything you can do and even simple advice is always welcome. I've decided to number each post in this blog from 1-9 and I'm going to tell a little bit of information about each part. I couldn't decide what to do as far as an opening statement and I think an index that describes what's in each post will help since the blog is so long. I should've had this story finished a long time ago and I gave up for a while after the reporter bailed out. Here's a link to a facebook note that gives a summary of some of the things that have happened and there's just so much to this story.
[PART 1]  I'm still trying to decide how I want to put the first part of the story together and it would be great to have a professionally written opening statement that makes people want to read it. I figure that a lot of people won't read the whole story since it's so long, but maybe by providing a little info about each section it will help grab more peoples attention. People can also read the parts of the story they want to know more about now that the posts are numbered and soon I hope to be able to afford to pay someone to edit everything.
[PART 2]  Talks about how the taxi service got started and some of the things that went on in the first few years from 2000-2003. It covers what happened that got me crossways with our former city manager and he got angry at me after he thought I had cost the city the electric system take over by using my taxi service to give people free rides to the polls to vote against it.
[PART 3]  Describes some of the things that went on from 2003-2006 and  talks about quite a few people that I've had problems with. A guy by the name of Eddy came along and bad things started to happen. I had trouble with the task force, city attorney, county judge, district attorney, etc. and I also had a strange incident happen with the local F.B.I. field agent when I called him in 2003.
[PART 4]  Starts at the beginning of 2007 and this is when my phone troubles began. It covers a deal a guy tried to make with me that involved having all the business I could do if I didn't make any waves or call the F.C.C. about what was being done to my phones. A lot more bad things started to happen after I went against this deal and I didn't know what to do. I was angry, scared, confused, and all I could think about was filing a lawsuit. A lawyer that I consider to be the best in this area told me and two other people to go to the emergency room for protection one night after some major harassment,  and a few days after that a DTF agent pulled a gun on me in the back of Drug Task Force. The phone troubles continued to get worse and it was a huge nightmare. 
[PART 5]  Goes over several incidents of harassment by the police including having a deputy sheriff do some really bizarre stuff with his police car that was scary. Tells about how I got locked up in a mental crisis unit called Red Rock after I went to the Elk City Police Department to try to file a complaint about what was being done to my phones. Describes what happened when I got out of  Red Rock after three days and I had only been back in town about a half an hour when I had two vehicles stop in front of my van on Main Street. One had bullet holes in the tailgate and they were even getting in front of me when I would try to pass in the oncoming lanes. I called the local police department to report what the vehicles were doingband a dispatcher told me "yes we know they won't hurt you" then she hung up.
[PART 6]  Lists off a few things that were going on with my Sprint phones and I was told that a company by the name of Embarq had taken over my Sprint phone service. I got knocked unconscious by a guy in front of a bar and right before he punched me he said that I was disrespecting the wrong people. I had to go meet with two members of the Drug Task Force inside the courtroom at the Elk City Police Department after a news reporter by the name of Scott Hines from Channel 4 in Okla. City tried to return my phone call [it only went to my voice mail]. I had a very odd meeting with the local F.B.I. agent after I had called him for assistance and I'm surprised he even met with me. I had trouble out of a guy that works for the Department of Human Services and I ended up getting put back in Red Rock again, then sent to a place called Northwest Behavioral Center in Fort Supply, Oklahoma for 17 days..
[PART 7]  I finally got my other blog on here and this story tells about when I got locked up in a mental hospital in Fort Supply Oklahoma for 17 days.
[PART 8]  Tells about the local F.B.I. agent calling me on the phone to tell me that this town didn't need a taxi service anymore and if I wanted to get my phones to work right I was going to have to go to the Texas Panhandle to get phone service. A reporter at Channel 5 in Oklahoma City broke out a news camera after I drove to his station about several of my phone calls being intercepted and people were trying to pretend to be reporters, etc including one at Channel 5. I had a crazy thing happen with a company called Telenav and a GPS address sharing account got opened on my phone as soon as I pulled out of Channel 5. I switched my phone service to Tracfone, but only half the carriers calls would come to the Tracfone. The other half of the phone calls went to the Sprint phone still and I never would have dreamed that it was only the beginning of more strange phone troubles. I switched my phone number over to Virgin Mobile, but it stayed where about half the carriers calls went to the Tracfone. I put it on a land line and it still stayed like that for almost two months until I ported over to T-Mobile.
[PART 9]  Talks about what happened when I switched over to a company by the name of Credo Mobile and after a year and a half the phones were still being messed with. Got our local UFO investigators phone number on an unregistered Sim card and it seemed as though the one of a kind situations were pouring in. I filed several complaints with the ACLU in Oklahoma City over the years and on the last Monday of January 2009 I got stopped at gunpoint by 7 police officers just a few hours after begging a lady at the ACLU in Washington D.C. for help. A guy at Senator Tom Coburn's office in Oklahoma City agreed to open an investigation at the end of Summer 2009 after I met with a watchdog reporter at the Daily Oklahoman. Sadly the investigation never went anywhere and  I got some pretty serious threats when this happened. There's quite a bit more that needs to be added to this blog and it's real hard to give a summary since there's so many details. I hope you'll read my story and I've been through way too much to let all these crimes just fade away.
I started A Cab Taxi in 2000 as a joke. I got the idea at my fifteenth class reunion.  At the time, I was working in the office at Homeland grocery store. I’d been there five years and was ready for a new job.  After 18 holes of golf and a lot of beer, I told my old classmates I should start a taxi service since the town we lived in didn't have one. They laughed, thinking I was joking.  The next day I thought of a name for the company – A Cab Taxi – and by dark I was printing up business cards.  Although several people had tried and failed to start up taxi companies in Elk City, I was determined to make it work.  My wife and I were scared. Neither one of us knew much about running our own business. If we failed, I told her, we were going to be up a creek without a paddle.  I already had a mini van and decided to use my personal cell phone (580-821-2945) as the main business line.  A few weeks later I decided to get a business phone with a catchier number. I saw 580-821-2222 was available and thought it was perfect because it could be advertised as 821-ACAB.  I got business cards, reflective lettering for my van windows, and a magnetic sign for the back door – all displaying the new number. Business started picking up in a matter of days.  A friend mentioned my taxi service every time she ran a radio ad for her club.  After a while, I bought a second van so my wife and I could pick people up at the same time. After our first summer in business, my wife quit her job as a waitress and started working with me full time.  A wealthy man in the oil business, Mitch Ore, became a regular customer and helped us expand even further.  He had me deliver groceries to his house at White Eagle Lodge, north of Foss Lake. I also gave him rides around to different bars in Elk City and to Oklahoma City for meetings at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.  I had never made such easy money. Mitch was instrumental in getting our business on the map.  At the end of 2001, we hired a guy to help us on New Years Eve. He seemed okay, so I kept using him and even let his wife drive from time to time.  Several months later, we had a falling out, and he decided to start his own taxi service – Bert's Taxi. I believe this is when our troubles with the law began.  The city decided they needed to regulate us, making sure we had commercial insurance, licenses, etc.  My cousin worked at City Hall as the city inspector’s secretary. She told me to come to her office and show proof of my credentials. I showed her my commercial insurance and operator’s license.  I asked her if the other taxi service had been asked to show proof of insurance and license. She said she was going to call them as soon as I left. Apparently they didn’t have either and got shut down for the weekend. The following week they got what they needed on one van.
A few days later my cousin called again asking how many vehicles we had. She’d heard I was advertising three vans.
The business cards we were using at the time said we had three, because we were planning on starting up a third soon. I told her I would bring down the additional proof of insurance as soon as I purchased it.  The following week I bought a third van, got it insured and submitted all the paperwork.  In the next few weeks we found out the other taxi service was running half-a-dozen vehicles. I was certain they weren't carrying commercial insurance on all of them because the price was so steep.  I called my cousin. The city manager said I had to get affidavits signed by customers of the uninsured cabs, listing tag numbers and vehicle descriptions.  I got several people to ride with them and was shocked to find out they only had to pay $3 for a ride anywhere in town. Two of the passengers signed affidavits about an uninsured pickup and car.  After I turned them in, City Manager Guy Hylton changed his mind about enforcing his own rules. My cousin explained that the city council voted not to enforce the policy, which had already been imposed on us.  Later, the city wanted to purchase the local electric system. The citizens got to vote on the issue.  A few days before the vote, I was joking at a bar about giving people free rides to the polls to vote against the take over. Apparently some of the city manager’s friends were listening.  The vote was an overwhelming “no.”
The day after the election my cousin called and told me the city manager heard about me giving people free rides to vote against their project.  She wanted to know how many free rides I’d given. I thought it was some kind of joke. I told her I hadn’t taken one single person to the polls, and then I remembered the joke I’d made at the bar.  She told me Hylton was very angry and I might be in trouble.
So what if I had given free rides to the polls? It’s not like I would’ve forced people to vote a certain way.  After the misunderstanding got cleared up, things ran smoothly for a while, but I knew the city manager would hold a grudge.
By 2003, we had so much business, it felt almost too good to be true. My wife and I had suspicions about many of the rides we were giving, and people were commenting about some of the places we did business. Friends were telling us it looked like we were being used as a cover for drugs, and I started to get concerned.  I’d heard stories about organized crime and drugs in Beckham County for decades, but I was beginning to discover just how organized the crime was.  We tried being available 24 hours a day a few times, but finally decided to open at 7 a.m. and close around 3 a.m. I took turns with another driver and my wife filled in the gaps. Sometimes I worked 24 hours straight. We ran three vans after dark on the weekends.  We were starting to become financially secure. We had a lot of upper class people using us, because the police were cracking down on drunk drivers. We were in like Flynn with the clique, as I call the group of people that control things around here.  But we also gave a lot of people rides that didn't have cars. I always tried to help people down on their luck by providing cheap transportation or even giving free rides.
In mid 2003, I had a guy named Leonard working for me, but it turned out he had some issues I couldn't deal with. I let him go after a month or so. Two weeks after we parted ways, five drug task force vehicles pulled up to my house looking for him.
I was sitting in my van with my son. Officer Hank Twyman asked if I had seen Leonard. I told him he hadn't worked for me in a couple of weeks.  Twyman turned to Officer R.C. Daniels and said sarcastically, "He hasn't seen him in a couple of weeks".  I asked what Leonard had done and didn't get a reply, so I told them my son and I were going to eat at Western Sizzlin and they were more than welcome to join us.  I put the van in reverse and left the whole group of them standing in the yard. There was no reason for five of them to show up at my house because of something a former employee had done, and they had enough information to know he wasn't there.  About a week later a guy named Eddy came along and started getting about ten rides a day. He kept asking for a job and wasn't taking no for an answer.  He had a girl the same age as my boy and my wife became friends with his wife, driving their child to school.  A friend told me Eddy was bad news and that I better keep a close eye on him. He heard he sold dope. A couple of customers said he was an informant.  The more I found out about our new frequent customer, the more I mistrusted him.  One morning he called my wife and asked her to pick up a computer he claimed belonged to him from a house on the 400 block of MacArthur.  When she got there, the landlord Willis Johnson answered.  The computer belonged to his sister in law Heather Mulligan, who rented his house.  He told her Eddy wasn't going to get the computer.  Heather couldn't pay for party favors Eddy had loaned her, so he took it up on himself to take the computer in exchange for her debt.  Heather had already called the police because Eddy had been driving by her house saying he was going to burn it down if she didn't pay up.  The first time Eddy came to get the computer, Willis ran him off the property, got in his pickup and followed him home. Willis was arrested for trespassing although he claimed he hadn't set foot on Eddy's property.  I decided to go to the police station to see what I could find out about this mess and while I was there I got a copy of a police report that Heather had filed about the threats Eddy had made to burn her house to the ground. 

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