A Plea for help I am disabled and trapped in my home

January 28 2012


Written by Daniel J Towsey

(Please note I will be updating this post later with pictures and short documentary videos)

 As some of you may know I am seriously disabled from having
a car deliberately drive over me several times back on Nov 22 2009.

I am writing this because I need help.

The government has refused to provide me with a s safe electric wheelchair.
They gave me one that now no longer works.

I am now imprisoned in my home and I can not go anywhere.

My wheelchair has been deliberately sabotaged.

The other day they took my wheelchair out and said it needed new batteries.
They brought it back and they never replaced the batteries.

The connector for the batteries (cable) has been arching
like an arc welder would do. My chair could of blown up or caught on fire.

Right now my wheelchair no longer has power.

The government wont fix my chair. I live in
Nova Scotia Canada where we have public health care.

The health care is supposed to provide electric wheelchairs for those
that need them.
I need a custom made wheelchair from the American
manufacturer called Bounder.

The chair is expensive but will last for
at least 15 years.

The chair cost $40,000.

The insurance company of
the woman who drove her car over is refusing to pay for anything.

The insurance company is ‘Economical Insurance’ I have enough food for
several weeks but in the event on a emergency I can not go out.

I live up high in a skyscraper. I can not use stairs. I can walk slowly for
short distances in my apartment. I can not walk out doors on slopes
with my walker.

I have a T8 compression fracture of 90%. yes this is
for real. I am in two pieces. I should be dead or paralyzed.
I could become paralyzed anytime if I fall.

I have a prosthesis in my right upper arm so most of my right upper
side muscles are dead.

I have more then nine broken ribs.
I have spinal neck injuries.
I lost my large intestine.
I have many other serious injuries.
I lost my large intestine.
I have many other serious injuries.

My life is filled with constant pain, discomfort and difficulties.

So please if you have any ideas on how you can help please contact me. at
thevisionary@rocketmail.com Thank You.

Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier and The Visionary Folk Photographer

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