Graham J. Temperley from Queensland took this amazing photo above of an alien in a secret location somewhere in Queensland, Australia, and he has given me permission to publish this picture above for the very first time. There are three of them on a flying space vehicle about to take off. One of them is a female on the back holding on to a sled, the male who is holding onto a younger alien. This is just one of hundreds of photos Graham has snapped with his camera. Some aliens even have weapons and they have flying crafts too. These aliens live on the serface of the earth hiding in the bushes amongst our forest. The actual location is a secret for now. Humans for the most cannot see them, they are transparent to us and live in another invisible dimension to ours. These extraterrestrial beings are not out too harm us humans in anyway whatsoever. Thank you Graham Temperley for sharing this amazing picture with us.         

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