Chancellor or former Chancellor of the Republic of Germany. Angela Merkel, a leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Angela Merkel has been an inspiration and asset on the world stage since 2005, a difficult job indeed. She was born in Hamburg, West Germany on the 17th July 1954. Angela Merkel AKA Angela Dorothea Kasner, and her father was a Protestant pastor?

Without Prejudice, it's alleged: - Is Angela Merkel' Herr Adolf Hitler's daughter? Many people believe she is, if so she has a good bloodline, because Adolf Hitler was the greatest leader that ever lead the world stage, a man every German should look up too. Can anyone put any truth to this story that she is Hitler's daughter or not, someone must know the truth?    

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"It was the poverty caused by the bad influence of the
 English Bankers on the Parliament which has caused in the colonies hatred of the English and...the Revolutionary War."
– Benjamin Franklin

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined."

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June 26, 1788


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