BE WARNED! - List of Keywords and Phrases DHS Uses to Monitor Social Networking Sites and Online Media

Most of the 'published' lists are vague generalizations at best.  A next-level-up isn't much improvement but it does contain a few names ... some to be flagged because they have the government's attention (I made the list three times :-) the rest to note any responses - are you stupid enough to accept it?, or do you know a damned lie when you see one? - you post whether in reply, on some BB or other communications NOW THAT THEY HAVE YOUR DATA!

This list is rather long and will be updated by the government as soon as they get wind of the exposure.  It took a full day to de-dupe and alphabetize ... and here it is.  If you want, cut'n'paste into a word file and find'n'replace "comma space" with a Paragraph Mark.  Enjoy.  Isn't it comforting to KNOW there are COMMUNISTS on GOVERNMENT PAYROLL looking out for you by counting the molecules of air you breathe ... and whether or not you're angry at them for their atrocities?

Abu Sayyaf, Afghanistan, Agent, Agriculture, Agro, Agro Terror, Aid, AIDS, Air Borne, Air Marshal Federal Aviation Administration-FAA, Airplane, Airport, Akuria, Akurian, Al Franken-Alan Stuart Franken, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula-AQAP, Al Shabaab, Al Sharpton-Alfred Charles Sharpton-Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr, Alan Colmes-Alan Samuel Colmes, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms-ATF, Alejandro Castellanos-Alex Castellanos, Alex Jones-Alexander Emerick Jones, Alicia Menendez, Aliha Asur High, Allah-Allahu Akbar, Alqaeda In The Islamic Maghreb-AQIM, Ammonium, Ammonium Nitrate, AMTRAK, Amy Marie Holmes, Anderson Cooper-Anderson Hays Cooper, Andrew Napolitano-Andrew Paolo Napolitano, Ann Coulter-Ann Hart Coulter, Ann Curry, Anthony McLeod Kennedy, Anthrax, Antiviral, Antonin Gregory Scalia, Arellano-Felix, Armed Revolutionary Forces Columbia, Armstrong Williams, Artistic Assassins, Assassination, Attack, Authorities, Avalanche, Avian, Avian Flu, Bacteria, Barack Obama-Barack Hussein Obama-Barack Hussein Obama II-Barry Soetoro, Barbara Walters-Barbara Jill Walters, Barrio Azteca, BART, Basque, Basque Separatists, Bay Buchanan-Angela Marie Buchanan, Beltran-Leyva, Benjamin Fulford, Bernard Shaw, Beyoncé-Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, Bill Clinton-William Jefferson Clinton, Bill Hemmer-William George Hemmer, Bill O'Reilly-William James O'Reilly Jr, Bill Schneider-William Schneider, Biological, Biological Epidemic, Biological Event, Biological Infection, Biological Weapon, Black Out, Blister, Blister Agent, Blizzard, Bo Gritz-James Gordon Gritz, Bob Beckel-Robert Beckel, Bob Kur-Robert Ellis Kur, Bob Schieffer-Bob Lloyd Schieffer, Bob Woodruff-Robert Warren Woodruff, Bobby Farrell, Body Scanner, Bomb, Bomb Squad, Bomb Threat, Border, Border Patrol, Border Violence, Boris Yeltsin-Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, Botnet, Breach, Bret Baier, Brian Williams-Brian Douglas Williams, Bridge, Brit Hume-Alexander Britton Hume, Broadcast System, Brown Out, Brute Forcing, Burn, Burst, Bush Fire, Bust, Cache, Cain and Abel, Cal Thomas-John Calvin Thomas, Caleron, Campbell Brown, Cancelled, Car Bomb, Carl Cameron, Cartel, Cartel de Golfo, Center For Disease Control-CDC, Central Intelligence Agency-CIA, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Charles Gibson-Charles deWolf Gibson, Charles Krauthammer, Charles Osgood-Charles Osgood Wood III, Charlie Rose-Charles Peete Rose-Charles Peete Rose Jr, Chastity Bono-Chastity Sun Bono, Chaz Bono-Chaz Salvatore Bono, Chemical, Chemical Agent, Chemical Burn, Chemical Fire, Chemical Spill, Chemical Weapon, Cher-Cherilyn Sarkisian-Cher Bono, Cheri Jacobus, China, Chris Berman-Christopher James Berman, Chris Cuomo-Christopher Cuomo, Chris Matthews-Christopher John Matthews, Chris Wallace-Christopher Wallace, Christiane Amanpour, Chuck Scarborough-Charles Bishop Scarborough III, Ciudad Juarez, Clarence Thomas, Closure, Cloud, Coast Guard-USCG, Cocaine, Colin Powell-Colin Luther Powell, Collapse, Columbia, Communications, Communications Infrastructure, Computer, Computer Infrastructure, Condoleezza Rice, Conflicker, Connie Chung-Constance Yu-Hwa Chung Povich, Consular, Contamination, Conventional Weapon, Cops, Crash, Crest, Critical Infrastructure, Customs and Border Protection-CBP, Cyber, Cyber Attack, Cyber Command, Cyber Security, Cyber Terror, Dan Rather-Daniel Irvin Rather Jr, Dana Loesch-Dana Eaton-Dana Eaton Loesch, Dana Ruth Schwartz-Dana Bash, David Icke-David Vaughan Icke, David J Frum, David Mayer de Rothschild, David René James de Rothschild, David Rockefeller Jr, David Rockefeller Sr, Deaths, Decapitated, Dedicated Denial of Service-DDOS, Dee Dee Myers-Margaret Jane Myers, Delays, Denial of Service, Department of Homeland Security-DHS, Deutsche Post-DHL, Diane Sawyer-Lila Diane Sawyer, Dirty Bomb, Disaster, Disaster Assistance, Disaster Management-DNDO, Disaster Medical Assistance Team-DMAT, Dock, Domestic Nuclear Detection, Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, Domestic Security, Don Imus-John Donald Imus-John Donald Imus Jr, Donald Trump-Donald John Trump Sr, Drill Exercise, Drug, Drug Cartel, Drug Enforcement Agency-DEA, Drug Trade, Drug War, E Coli, Earthquake, Ebola, Eco-Eco Terrorism, Édouard Etienne Alphonse de Rothschild, El Aku-El Aku Aliha Asur High, El Paso, Electric, Electric Failure, Electric Outage, Elena Kagan, Ellen Degeneres-Ellen Lee Degeneres, Ellen Rona Barkin, Emergency, Emergency Broadcast System-EBS, Emergency Management, Emergency Response, Enriched, Environment, Environmental, Environmental Terrorist, Epidemic, Erosion, ETA, Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, Evacuation, Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild, Explosion, Explosive, Exposure, Extreme Weather, Extremism, Facility, Federal Air Marshal Service-FAMS, Federal Bureau of Investigation-FBI, Federal Drug Administration-FDA-Drug Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency-FEMA, FedEx-FEDEX, First Responder, Flood, Flu, FMD, Food Poisoning, Foot and Mouth, Forest Fire, Forrest Sawyer, Fort Hancock, Fundamental, Fundamentalism, Fusion Center, Gang, Gangs, Gas, George H W Bush-George Herbert Walker Bush, George Soros, George Stephanopoulos-George Robert Stephanopoulos, George Walker Bush-George W Bush, George Will-George Frederick Will, Gerald Riviera-Gerald Michael Riviera, Glenn Beck-Glenn Edward Lee Beck, Government Funded, Government Funded Terrorism, Gregg Jarrett-Gregory Walter Jarrett, Greta Van Susteren-Greta Van Susteren Coale, Gretchen Carlson-Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson, Gretchen Hamel, Gulf Cartel, Gunfight, Guzman, Gwen Ifill-Gwendolyn L Ifill, H1N1, H5N1, Hacker, Hail, Harris Faulkner, HASMAT, Hazardous, Hazardous Material, Hazardous Material Incident, Help, Henry Kissinger-Heinz Alfred Kissinger, Heroin, Hezbollah, High Jacker-Hijacker, Hilary Beth Rosen, Hilary Rosen-Hilary Beth Rosen, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton-Hillary Rodham Clinton-Hillary Clinton, Home Grown, Homeland Defense, Homeland Security, Hostage, Howard Stern-Howard Allan Stern, Human To Human-Human To Animal-Animal To Human, Hurricane, Ice, Illegal Immigrants, Immigration Customs Enforcement-ICE, Improvised, Improvised Device, Improvised Explosive, Improvised Explosive Device-IED, Incident, Industrial, Industrial Spill, Infection, Influenza, Infrastructure, Infrastructure Security, Interstate, Iran, Iraq, Irish Republican Army-IRA, Islam, Islamic, Islamist, Jack Cafferty, Jamal Nkosi Simmons, James Carville-Chester James Carville Jr, Jamie McIntyre, Jane Fonda-Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda, Jennifer Griffin, Jerry Springer-Gerald Norman Springer, Jesse Jackson, Jesse Louis Jackson Sr, Jesse Ventura-James George Janos, Jihad, Jim Clancy-James Clancy, Jim Lehrer-James Charles Lehrer, Jimmy Carter-James Earl Carter-James Earl Carter Jr, Joe Biden-Joseph Robinette Biden-Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, John Bolton-John Robert Bolton, John David Gibson, John Glover Roberts Jr, John King, John McCain-John Sidney McCain-John Sidney McCain III, John Stossel-John F Stossel, Jon Scott-Jonathan Arthur Scott, Jon Steinman, Joy Behar-Josephina Victoria Occhiuto, Juan Williams, Juarez, Judy Woodruff, Julie E Bidwell-Julie Banderas, Katie Couric-Katherine Anne Couric, Keith Edwards-Keith Edwards Vautherot, Keith Olbermann-Keith Theodore Olbermann, Kelly Ripa-Kelly Maria Ripa-Kelly Maria Ripa Consuelos, Kennedy-Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, Kevin Madden, Key Resources, Keylogger, Kidnap, Kim Komando, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Kraran Hanretty, Kristin Dos Veitch-Kristin Dos Santos, La Familia, Lady Gaga-Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Lame Stream Media, Landing, Lanny J Davis, Laura Ingraham-Laura Anne Ingraham, Laurence Fishburne-Laurence John Fishburne III, Laurie Dhue-Laurie Walker Dhue, Law Enforcement, Lawrence Ari Fleischer, Lesley Stahl-Lesley R Stahl-Lesley Rene Stahl, Leslie Sanchez, Lightening, Lightning, Linda Douglass, Linda J Ellerbee, Lisa Ling-Líng Zhìhuì-Lisa J Ling, Listeria, Lockdown, Looting, Los Zetas, Lou Dobbs-Louis Carl Dobbs, Louis Eugene Wolcott-Louis Farrakhan-Louis Farrakhan Muhammad Sr, Lying Stream Media, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Madeleine Albright-Madeleine Korbelová Albright, Madonna-Madonna Louise Ciccone, Magnitude, Major Garrett-Major E Garrett, Malware, Mara Salvatucha, Margaret Claire Hoover, Maria Bartiromo, Maria Shriver-Maria Owings Shriver-Maria Owings Shriver Schwarzenegger, Marijuana, Maritime Domain Awareness-MDA, Marjorie Clifton, Mark Levin-Mark Reed Levin, Marlene Sanders, Marsha Wedgeworth Blackburn, Marta, Martha MacCallum-Martha Bowes MacCallum, Mary Joe Matalin, Matamoros, Matt Lauer-Matthew Todd Lauer, Megyn Kendall-Megyn Marie Kendall-Megyn Kelly-Megyn M Kelly-Megyn Marie Kelly, Meredith Vieira-Meredith Louise Vieira, Meth, Meth Lab, Methamphetamine, Metro, Mexican Army, Mexican Cartel, Mexicles, Mexico, Michael Moore-Michael Francis Moore, Michael Reagan-Michael Edward Reagan, Michael Savage-Michael Alan Weiner, Michael Steele-Michael Stephen Steele, Michele Bachmann-Michele Marie Bachmann, Michoacana, Mika Emilie Leonia Brzezinski, Mike Huckabee-Michael Dale Huckabee, Militia, Mitigation, Mitt Romney-Willard Mitt Romney, Moslim, Moslim Brotherhood, MS13-MS-13, Mud, Mud Slide, Mudslide, Muslim, Muslim Brotherhood, Mutation, Mysql Injection, Nancy Grace-Nancy Ann Grace, Nancy Pelosi-Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi, Narco Banners, Narcos, Narcotics, Nathaniel Philip Victor James Rothschild, National Biosurveillance Integration Center-NBIC, National Guard, National Infrastructure, National Laboratory, National Operations Center-NOC, National Preparedness, National Preparedness Initiative, National Security, Nationalist, Nationalist Recruitment, Nerve Agent, Network, Neuvo Leon, New Federation, Newt Gingrich-Newton Leroy Gingrich, Nick Clooney-Nicholas Joseph Clooney, Niger Innis, Nigheria, Nitrate, Nitrite, Nogales, North Korea, Norvo Virus, Nuclear, Nuclear Chemical Spill, Nuclear Facility, Nuclear Threat, Obiang Nguema-Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska, Oliver North-Oliver Laurence North, Organized Crime, Orpah Winfrey-Orpah Gail Winfrey, Outbreak, Pakistan, Palestine Liberation, Palestine Liberation Organization-PLO, Palestine Liberations Front-PLF, Pandemic, Paris Hilton-Paris Whitney Hilton, Pat Caddell-Patrick Hayward Caddell, Pat Sajak-Patrick Leonard Sajdak, Patti Ann Browne, Paul Edward Begala, Paula Zahn-Paula Ann Zahn, Peter Doocy, Peter Gregg Arnett, Phishing, Phreaking, Piers Morgan-Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan, Pipe Bomb, Pipe Bomb Incident, Pirates, Plague, Plot, Plume, Police, Pork, Port, Port Authority, Powder, Power, Power Lines, Power Outage, Pox, Prevention, Public Health, Quarantine, Rachael Ray-Rachael Domenica Ray, Rachel Maddow-Rachel Anne Maddow, Rachel Marsden, Radiation, Radical, Radicals, Radioactive Leak, Ralph Nader, Recall, Recovery, Recruitment, Red Cross, Relief, Resistant, Response, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-FARC, Reynosa, Reyosa, Richard A Galen, Richard Roth, Ricin, Ricki Lake-Ricki Pamela Lake, Rihanna-Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Riot, Robert F Cunningham-Robert Ferrell Cunningham, Robert Zimmerman, Robin Quivers-Robin Ophelia Quivers, Roland S Martin-Roland Sebastian Martin, Roman Abramovich-Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich, Ron Paul-Ronald Ernest Paul, Ron Reagan-Ron Reagan Jr-Ronald Prescott Reagan, Rootkit, Rosie O'Donnell-Roseann O'Donnell, Rupert Murdoch-Keith Rupert Murdoch, Rush  Limbaugh-Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg, S E Cupp-Sarah Elizabeth Cupp, Salmonella, Sam Donaldson-Samuel Andrew Donaldson Jr, Samuel Anthony Alito Jr, San Diego, Sarah Palin-Sarah Louise Palin, Sarin, Scamers, Screening, Sean Hannity, Secret Service-USSS, Secure Border Initiative-SBI, Security, Security Breach, Security Standoff, Security Threat, Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology-SMART, Service Disruption, Shannon Depuy-Shannon Bream, Shelter, Shelter In Place, Shepard Smith-David Shepard Smith Jr, Sheriff Joe-Joe Arpaio-Joseph M Arpaio-Sheriff Joseph Arpaio-Sheriff Joseph M Arpaio, Shooting, Shots Fired, Sick Swine, Sinaloa, Small Pox, Smugglers, Smuggling, Snow, Social Media, Soledad O'Brien-María de La Soledad Teresa O'Brien, Somalia, Sonia Maria Sotomayor, Sonora, Southwest, Spammer, Spill, Spillover, Standoff, State of Emergency, Stephanie Cutter, Stephen Gerald Breyer, Steve Bell, Steve Doocy-Stephen James Doocy, Steve Kroft, Stone Phillips, Stone Stockton Phillips, Storm, Strain, Stranded, Stuck, Subhash Kateel, Subway, Susan Molinari, Suspicion, Suspicious Device, Suspicious Package, Suspicious Substance, SWAT, Symptoms, Taliban, Tamaulipas, Tamiflu, Tamil, Tamil Tigers, Target, Task Force, Ted Danson-Edward Bridge Danson-Edward Bridge Danson III, Ted Koppel-Edward James Koppel, Ted Nugent-Theodore Anthony Nugent, Tehrik I Taliban, Tehrik I Taliban Pakistan-TTP, Temblor, Terror, Terror Attack, Terrorism, Terrorist, Terry Holt, That Damned Akurian, Threat, Tijuana, Tina Fey-Elizabeth Stamatina Fey, Tom Brokaw-Thomas John Brokaw, Tom Haydon-Thomas Emmet Hayden, Tornado, Torreon, Toxic, Trafficking, Transportation Security Administration-TSA, Transportation Security Grid, Tremor, Trojan, Tsunami, Tsunami Warning Center, Tuberculosis-TB, Tuscoa, Twister, Typhoon, United Nations-UN, United Parcel Service-UPS, Unknown Powder, US Citizenship and Immigration Services-CIS, US Consulate, Vaccine, Violence, Viral Hemorrhagic Fever, Virus, Vladimir Putin-Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Warning, Washington Media Group, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority-WMATA, Watch, Water Borne, Wave, Weapon, Weapons, Weapons Cache, Weapons Grade, Weather, Weather Disaster, Weather Disaster Emergency, Weather Emergency, Wendell Goler, White Powder, Whoopi Goldberg-Caryn Elaine Johnson, William John Bennett, Willow Bay-Kristine Carlin Bay, Wolf Blitzer-Wolf Isaac Blitzer, World Health Organization-WHO, Yemen, Yuma, Zbigniew Brzezinski-Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski

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Comment by Colonel Robert F. Cunningham on June 13, 2012 at 5:22pm


Welcome to the "Bawlers of the Decade" Club!

I just wish this WEREN'T the tip of the iceberg.  And the only 'cure' isn't by civilized or peaceful means.  I advise every prudent person to prepare to deliver more Hell in return than the OWG bastards can bring with them when they come for you.

And its only a matter of time .........

Comment by LaVerne Swanson on June 13, 2012 at 3:26pm

I'd say this list pretty much covers it. I guess we're all in this together! lol!

I'm only laughing so I won't cry.

Comment by Colonel Robert F. Cunningham on May 30, 2012 at 11:05am


The list doesn't have to have YOUR name ... but YOU will be monitored if you use any of the words or sequences in the list :-)  I can't imagine how our 'government' missed someone as famous as you!  They got me FOUR times and I'm about as 'famous' as I am popular, somewhere in the range of a pork chop at a Jewish wedding.

Even so, if you THINK for yourself you're a THREAT to the Elite!  I guess they hate anybody that has an ability they don't ...


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