May 28, 2012

By mike paczesny

Hey guys, so if you don't really know me or haven't heard, I represent We are Change Milwaukee, an alternative media organization based on holding government accountable for their actions. ( I am headed to Virginia to cover one of the most secretive and secluded meetings in the world. The Bilderberg Group meetings. (

The last time this group met inside the United States was 2008 when it was rumored that they selected Obama over Hillary as the DNC nomination. It is also rumored that similar decisions will be made at this meeting about Romneys VP candidate and many other financial decisions. The problem is foreign dignitaries will be attending and many financial decisions will be made behind closed doors, without the public's knowledge, this in essence is plutocracy.

My specific reason for attending will be to document who attends, response of the local police and local reaction. There may be a demonstration also and that will also need to be covered. As the group lifts the veil on secrecy more details should emerge. The bottom line is I will be there to see with my own eyes, to bring you information as I see it and hopefully to answer some questions you may have. I hit the road tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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Comment by Pam Vredenburg on May 28, 2012 at 11:56pm

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