Horrifying!  Gold-Plated human fetuses being eaten at the Bilderberg Meeting, Chantilly, Virginia.

Infowars Alex Jones Believes Bilderberg Attendees Ship in Gold Covered Roasted Babies to Eat

I personally discerned the report and the gathering.  Alex Jones is not only correct with his charges, he's the only NEWS outlet with the honesty, integrity and courage to report his suspicions!

Anyone wanting to learn how to Spiritually Discern - it takes a great deal of practice, effort and energy - contact me direct. I'll send the process and procedure, then YOU can verify these things for YOURSELF ...

Unfortunately for those of us in THIS Generation, these things are happening as we live and breathe.  The evils of high government, high courts and high religions are far more unspeakable than the authors and translators of our holiest books dared to print - with the sole and exclusive exception of "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" - free to read on line.

Make no mistake:  there is not one sitting Judge on any bench in these United States that is not complicit with such atrocities or Obama would be in jail for being the criminal he is!  And he would still be in-company with those who currently surround him as they would be housed in the next cells.  The very fact any of them, specifically but not limited to those Judges too, remain free is our own TESTIMONY AGAINST OURSELVES!

That we tolerate such conduct on our own soils makes delivery of finances and support to our openly declared enemies - the Islamic nations - appear like minor offenses by comparison.  Be not the least bit dissuaded, our continued membership and overwhelming financial support of the United Nations is no less an abomination; and there are those of us accounted in all the Sacred Records of Humanity who have declared it so upon our Sacred Honor.  And we will not retract one comma!


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Comment by Colonel Robert F. Cunningham on June 3, 2012 at 2:31pm


Missing children is a RAMPANT GLOBAL plague!

The next time you VOTE or make a political contribution THINK OF THIS and ask yourself, if YOU had or know of a missing child could THIS be why that child will never be recovered?

And WHAT is our government - from the White House to the local city janitor - doing about it?  NOTHING!  They're IN on it, whether they're smart enough to know it or not, and the White House, both Houses of Congress, State and Territorial Governors and Legislatures are ALL without excuse.

Comment by Pam Vredenburg on June 3, 2012 at 1:56pm

That is F**KEN Gross of them to be eating the mess! Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Colonel Robert F. Cunningham on June 3, 2012 at 12:27pm

Top 100 Illuminati Banksters Meeting for Satanic Child Sacrifice in Colorado on June 21st!


Glenn Caanady


Top 100 Illuminati Banksters Meeting for Satanic Child Sacrifice in Colorado on June 21st!


Place: The Kimball Castle aka The Cherokee Castle

Date: June 21, 2012    

Time: 9pm to 6 am 

Directions: Take I-25 south of Denver approximately 30 miles to the Castle Rock. Exit west to Sedalia North 1/2 mile to the Kimball Castle - Cherokee Castle.


Update 6/2/12

Stew Webb Just Had a Gun Pointed At His Head!  Attempted Murder!

I just found out this morning that somebody tried to kill Stew Webb yesterday!  Two cars tried to box him in and Stew saw a man sticking a gun out the window taking a bead on him!  Stew slammed his car into reverse and floored it!  The guy couldn't get the shot off and sped away.  Police reports filed!  Stew will be talking about this latest murder attempt on the show that we are trying to schedule for Tuesday June 5th.  We will have a very important mystery guest on that show also so be sure you join the website so we can reach you about it!


Update: 6/1/12

The Bushes Are Satanists!   Here the audio testimony of Anthony Lavey that describes the evil that he witnessed at the Castle done by the Bushes and others!


Click this link to hear Stew Webb's exclusive interview of a former satanist that has witnessed the Bushes at Kimball / Cherokee Castle!


The GOOD GUYS don't wear hats with Baphomet the Goat Headed Demon on them!  They also don't belong to the satanic Skull and Bones fraternity!  And you thought the Bushes were Christians?  HA!


Evil satanist George H. Bush a #77 Knights Templar with the Baphomet Goat Headed Demon Gold Demon!  The 100 International Banker Knights Templars worship Baphomet the goat headed demon, the Devil!  George H.W. Bush along with his son G.W. Bush were also in the satanic Skull and Bones fraternity which is a lifetime organization!



See the Bush Crime Family Flow Chart


Make sure you review the treasure trove of information on and share that site everywhere since Stew Webb had over 20 attempts on his life trying to put these satanist crooks in prison.  Stew has paid his dues and deserves the support of anybody that stands against Satan!  Help him financially if you can!  He's been destroyed financially fighting to free this country!


UPDATE: 5/31/12

Hear the full interview with Stew Webb where he talks about the CIA hit teams, Banking collapse and his effort to get everybody involved at exposing the satanists meeting in Colorado on June 21st at Kimball / Cherokee Castle!


We Are Calling All of God's Warriors to Spread the Word!


Federal Whistle blower Stew Webb is organizing a world wide all night protest of a meeting that is far bigger and more important to the Illuminati than the current Bilderberger meeting in Virginia!  Stew has gotten confirmation that on June 21st during the summer solstice the top 100 Illuminati Banksters are meeting in Colorado at the castle you see at the top of the page.  Insiders have reported that a new born baby is sacrificed by these evil people during the wee hours of the morning.  You'll be able to see who these people are by which famous people show up in Colorado in the days leading up to the event.  After the party and satanic sacrifice many in attendance will actually make an appearance at a golf event in the surrounding area!   They usually attend the golf tournament at the Cherry Creek Country Club in South Denver.


The castle where all these rich evil people will be gathering is called the Kimball / Cherokee Castle. Stew is asking everybody to get involved in this protest whether you are in Colorado or not.   Apparently there are tours available of this castle during parts of the year but you better hurry if you want a tour because after this article hits they probably won't be allowing too many tourists to go see it!  Do not trespass on the property!  Do not try to be Rambo!  The last time Stew told somebody in the press about this event, they trespassed, got caught and ended up in a psychiatric facility for 6 months!  There is a public road that runs around this castle and a big neighborhood around it.  If you are local and want to help, start looking around the area and meeting neighbors if you can to see if they will tell you anything about it.  Apparently Stew has talked to neighbors in the past that have heard screaming coming from the castle but local police never come out and investigate!


Stew Webb is very familiar with what goes on at this castle because he unwittingly married into the Illuminati Bankers!  His wife was the daughter of one of the top 13 families in the Illuminati - Leonard Millman!  You can read about this and much more on Stew's website at 


Join Project Nsearch and LNM so we can reach you about this event!


Stew has asked me to get the word out about his protest of the satanic activities at the Kimball / Cherokee Castle and I am going to do my very best at rallying the troops around the world to support this effort.  We absolutely must  make a lot of noise against this meeting and get as many people on the ground there as possible!  I will updating this article from now until the meeting with any new information and the updates will be at the top. I need the support of the ENTIRE truth community and alternative news network!  We will be contacting everybody we can that wants to promote and be a part of this broadcast and worldwide effort to shed light on one of the most secret of all new world order events!  This is REAL people and this is our chance to catch them sneaking in!  Get your cameras ready!  To stay in touch on this effort make sure you have joined so we can email you updates.  Also, if you are interested in being on the ground contact us through the websites as this is one of the best ways.  Also everybody should get a Skype account and Add Skype ID team.nsearch so we can reach you that way.  If you want to be on the ground crew in Colorado contact us immediately and give  us all your contact information so we can reach you.  


What to Look For on the Ground as We Approach June 21st!

Stew has told me that in one of the earlier years, they lit a forest fire to keep people out of the entire area so anything is possible.  Obviously we will be on the lookout for a fire that suddenly breaks out in the area before the event.  Stew reports that many of of these Illuminati banksters will arrive a day or two before the event.  One year GW Bush paid a visit to some little shopping center in the Castle Rock area right before the event!  Everybody should post any information they come across in the comments to this page or send it to us for posting.  A little birdie told me somebody might even see a prince in the area.  Would be nice to get a photo of a prince in Colorado around this June 21st time frame.


Check back to this page every day or two as I plan on update it all the time.  Use the comments to give your support but if you want to be involved the best thing to do is contact us by the websites and by Skype.  We encourage anybody within driving range to start checking out the area and taking pictures during the daytime.  See if you can meet neighbors that live around the castle and report what you can as soon as possible.  To pull off this event we need everybody's help.  We're all on a mission from God to shed light on the Illuminati satanic rituals going on the night of June 21st at the Kimball / Cherokee castle.  Contact, press, media, law enforcement and tell everybody to get in place to break the biggest story of 2012!  The leaders of the world are Satanists and we'll be proving it on June 21st!  Every human being reading this article must now choose between good and evil.  Join us now and inform everybody you know to sign up and be a part of this worldwide effort!  Expose the Illuminati satanic ceremony at Kimball / Cherokee Castle on June 21st and let's pray very hard that God will act through men and women everywhere to make this little satanic party something that the ones attending aren't going to like very much!  


Note to the Good Guys in the government and military

Note to all "White Hats" in the NSA, CIA, FBI, local law enforcement and military!  I know that there are many of you that I consider to be the "Good Guys" that know that this event is going to go down soon.   I'm asking for everybody that believes in God and wants to be on the right side of history to call in every favor you have.  Call in all your chips and get us proof of this event going down!  Give us publicity, give us any hidden support you can possibly give us!  We need cameras and other equipment!  Photos and videos can always be  posted to this website after the event.  Do whatever you can do and lets put an end to Satanists running the planet into the ground!  It's time that we bring out the free energy that we all know is out there and build a paradise on Earth.  We are looking for the forces of good on this planet to stand up and do something.  We told you when and where this is all going down.   We can truly change the world if everybody does something for this effort!  Do ANYTHING!  Thank you!


Websites and Radio Shows Standing Against the Illuminati Satanists Meeting at Kimball/Cherokee Castle on June 21st!


If you have a website or radio show and wish to stand with us on this issue, please post links to this information on the home page and keep it highly visible until the event.   Also announce it to all your members and tell them to spread the word!  This information needs to go viral!  Contact us after you've done this with links to where we can see it and we'll add your website to this article.  Let's all join forces and show what good people can do when challenged by pure evil!  Godspeed!


First check out the story then chip in because we along with Federal Whistle blower Stew Webb are organizing a world wide all night protest of a meeting that is far bigger and more important to the Illuminati than the current Bilderberger meeting in Virginia! Stew has gotten confirmation that on June 21st during the summer solstice the top 100 Illuminati Banksters are meeting in Colorado at the castle you see at the main page above . Insiders have reported that a new born baby is sacrificed by these evil people during the wee hours of the morning. You'll be able to see who these people are by which famous people show up in Colorado in the days leading up to the event. So help us with cost so we can put together a 12 hr live broadcast to expose these sick demons. We are putting together some big names to join us so check out the story here.


Posted by Colonel Robert F. Cunningham in support of Truth!


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