January 10, 2014 

Brian Hill is a young, 23 year old, activist who was spending much of his time fighting the laws of the NDAA and gathering signatures to present to a NC Senator to end NDAA guidelines.  Brian was the owner of USWGO, an alternative news outlet.  He had made friends and contacts with other activists throughout the country as he fought for transparency and freedom for all.  Brian is also Autistic and suffers from a brittle from of Diabetes.   He is well respected within the activist community for his hard work and dedication to his work.

Brian’s home was raided in August, 2012 and Brian was accused of downloading child porn.   The police removed all laptops from the house, took all hard drives out of desktop computers, all usb cards, memory sticks and many CD’s were removed.  All of Brian’s personal vacation photos were seized as well as all of his political findings under the “looking for child porn” search warrant.   The day after Brian’s house was ransacked by local law enforcement, Brian felt he could no longer reside in the home and relocated to Virginia to be near his family.

Brian remained without indictment for over one year but he wanted the return of his property that had been taken during the raid of his home in August, 2012.  He paid an attorney $75.00 to write a letter to the police, requesting the return of his property as he had never been charged with any crime.   (I must stop here and post my own comment but if this young man was such a dangerous individual, why was he not arrested for 14 months after his home was raided?).   The chief of police at Mayodan, NC wrote back that his items would not be returned because there was a secret investigation.

In December, Brian received a call from a detective from the town of Mayodan, NC that he could now come and pick up his items as this town was not bringing charges against Brian. He could pick these up on 12-13-2013 at 10 AM.  Brian was admitted to the hospital on 12-12-2013 and Brian’s grandfather contacted the police to notify them that Brian could not come to retrieve his property as he had been admitted to the hospital the previous day.  Brian’s grandfather was advised that there was a federal warrant for Brian’s arrest and that  Brian’s property had been turned over to the FBI.  The grandfather was told that someone from the Department of Homeland Security would come to the hospital to arrest Brian.  Brian remained in the hospital for several days when his family received a call from an individual identifying himself as Homeland security.  He advised the family that Brian needed to turn himself in to the police in NC or they would start kicking in doors, even hospital doors in Virginia.  On 12-20-2013, Brian’s mother received a call from the hospital reporting that Brian was arrested and taken from his hospital bed.  He was transferred to jail in Winston-Salem, NC and accused of having one picture of a child on his computer.

Brian’s multitude of health concerns including unstable brittle Type 1 Diabetes became an immediate concern to the family.  Brian must have his blood sugar checked many times during the day and is dependent on Insulin typically 4 times or more per day.  He is also Autistic and suffers from OCD.  The family was concerned that the jail was not made aware of all of Brian’s conditions and a call to action was placed to try to educate the jail staff regarding Brian’s health needs and his need for constant monitoring due to his Diabetes.  The family received several calls from Brian and he reported that he was not receiving his life saving doses of Insulin.  This didn’t only worry the family but seriously affected Brian’s mental state due to his lack of Insulin, his OCD and his Autism.  To date, no one is totally clear on whether he is having his blood sugar check correctly and whether or not he is receiving his medication as ordered by his physician.

Brian remains in jail today, 1/10/2014 without bail and his release would be dependent on requirements that cannot be met by his family because the government is demanding Brian be labeled under the Adam Walsh law.  This is an interesting law but would not apply to Brian since he has not been convicted of any crime.  Under this law, Brian would be required to register as a sex offender and not live near children.  We can’t stress this enough but Brian has never been accused of improper contact with children, downloading child porn or any other actions related to children.  So this leads us to wonder how one picture related to child porn could have been found on Brian’s computer?

Let’s look at the situation that took place with Luke Rudkowski (Known to many of you as Luke We Are Change).  Luke was sent an email from a Tormail account.  The email had an attachment which claimed to be information about Bilderberg.  Had Luke opened that email attachment, one image containing child porn would have downloaded on to his computer.  Luke quickly notified the FBI regarding this occurrence.  Stewart Rhodes from Oathkeepers and Dan Johnson from People Against the NDAA  also report the same type of event regarding Tormail and child porn.  All of these brave men have interacted with Brian at some point during their time in the activism arena.

What better way for the government to discredit activists as strong as these men than to accuse them of downloading child porn?  Any rational thinker who knows a thing at all about child porn and the disgusting behaviors of a pedophile, knows that it would be highly unusual for a pedophile to have just one picture on his computer.  So how did this picture get on to Brian’s computer?  Did he open up mail and download this file thinking it was something vital to his activist role?  Was there ever child porn on his computer at all?  This is a good question since his property was out of his care and control for more than a year.  Did Brian become a target of a federal plan to discredit activists and utilize child porn to do this?  This is not unheard of either and if you think this is crazy, you better think again.  Our investigation is going to lead us to an answer to this question once we are able to actually speak to Brian.  In the meantime, we are trying to locate any other activists who may have been accused of any incidents like this one.  While we investigate this, Brian needs your help.  He needs letters of support and encouragement.

Due to Brian’s limitations, we ask that you print or type a letter to Brian offer him your support.  This case has government entrapment written all over it. Now try to think of how frightening this must be for a person in Brian’s condition.  Your letters are greatly appreciated.

Please help us fight for Brian while he remains in jail fighting for basic medical needs.

You can write Brian at:
Brian D. Hill # 1908253
Forsyth County Detention Center
201 N. Church St. Winston-Salem, NC 27101


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