Cancer Center bans all Christian symbols of Christmas

"No Nativity scenes" - Hollings Cancer Center spokeswoman Vicky Agnew.

A South Carolina cancer center that gave Santa Claus the boot has reversed its decision, but said they will ban any Christmas decorations that are religious in nature – including the Nativity.
The Hollings Cancer Center in Charleston, SC, created a firestorm of yuletide controversy after they told a volunteer that he would not be allowed to dress up as Santa Claus, according to FoxNews
Their Santa ban lasted about two days before they reversed course.
"Perhaps we stumbled here," Hollings spokeswoman Vicky Agnew said. "We are very well aware that Santa is not a religious figure, but we are a state institution and we wanted to tone downthe overt commercial and any religious aspects to it."
Did you catch that? A cancer treatment center wants to "tone down" the religious aspects of Christmas!
So Santa gets a reprieve – but religious-themed Christmas decorations do not.
"That still stands," Agnew said. "We've got a diverse population here and a lot of folks celebrate the season differently – or don't celebrate it."
Hollings will not allow any religious symbols – at all.
"No Nativity scenes," Agnew said.
Contact Hollings Cancer Center director, Dr. Andrew Kraft
, and urge him to reverse the center's anti-Christmas, anti-Christian policy banning religious symbols, especially during the Christmas season.


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Comment by Vindex on November 23, 2011 at 12:58pm

when are people going to learn that symbols aren´t weapons of mass destruction?

Comment by Graeme Sutherland on November 18, 2011 at 4:50am

I never even noticed your comment.... but I can tell you you are just part of the trendy new age, millions of you all saying exactly the same controlled media masonic new age garbage- thinking you are are a free thinker but its like a script, They say fools seldom differ. Keep seeking because you are lost and most certainly just another robotic product!  There is nothing but freedom when you know the truth, it trully does set you are enslaved by your sin and you don't realize it. If you acknowledged a God, who is above you then you would have to humble yourself and stop your pitiful self-worship and get on your face and repent before Him and THAT is what you find so troubling!

Comment by Graeme Sutherland on November 18, 2011 at 3:46am

It is a christain celebration CHRIST-MAS we used to a good go fearing nation, in god we trust and all that, now we are a nation of sick pagan warmongers who's morality has fallen from the gutter to the sewer!

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