Over the last few years, the sky has been full of what looks like contrails, but these trails don't dissipate like normal contrails. These are chemtrails which are far more toxic and sinister than normal contrails.
There are 2 types of contrail, exhaust vapour from the jet engines, and contrails formed by vortex at the edge of the wings. Chemtrails are sprayed out of nozzles.
Some people don't believe there is such a thing has chemtrails, and all trails are contrails.
Some people will debunk chemtrails, with theories that are a lot crazier than the idea of chemtrails, which confirms that chemtrails are real.
Some debunkers, use the idea that chemtrails are exhaust contrails from a engine that has been fuelled with toxins added to the fuel. That idea is crazy, any water added to the fuel would expand as steam and damage the engine, unless the engine has been purposely developed to have water injection, but even than you could only add a small amount of water, and you couldn't add much toxins, because the deposits would also damage the engin, so that wouldn't be very effective. So a lot better to spray directly into the air.
Another debunker theory, is the tanks that hold toxins are ballast tanks to keep the plane level. Plane have to be light so why would you have ballast tanks, when you can use aerodynamic ways to keep the plane level?
Some debunkers say the nozzles are use to wash a plane following, as I said crazy.
So why do the spray chemtrails?
Some chemtrails are use as a weapon, to spray toxins. Some are used to control the weather. Some are use to combat global warming. Some to help H.A.A.R.P.
In the past bacteria has been sprayed from high buildings on a unsuspecting public, so using planes to spread disease would spread it over a larger area, but some bacteria can't survive the high altitude, however spore forming bacteria like anthrax can, and similar bacteria has been used. Also toxins like aluminium and barium have been sprayed. Some people have had Morgellons disease which cause fibres to grow out of people pores. This is thought to be caused by chemtrails.
Some chemtrails are used to seed clouds, to make it rain. Also nano particles of aluminium to reflect the sun away to combat global warning.
HAARP is a very high power transmitter, which may be used to control the weather, cause earthquakes, mind control, and if use on a too high power, discharge the ionoshere on to one spot. Chemtrails increase the conductivity of the atmosphere and make HAARP more effective.
All this geoengineering is very dangerous. Aluminium is very toxic and causes brain damage. When you mess with the weather you playing a very dangerous game, and it the thought that they have already cause irreversible damage. Misuse of HAARP could blow away the Earths atmosphere.

© Michael P Fear. (May 2013)

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