In this update i have also pointed mass animal deaths on the map in addition to other disasters using resources listed at the end of the post.


This map shows floods, lanslides, 5.9+ and unusual Eq's, Sinkholes, Cracks, Fissures, Volcanic activities and Extreme weather all over the world between August 1- August 20.



Indonesia: flood Sekojo , Jeddah...

Thailand: flooding hit several northern and northeastern provinces

Bangladesh: ”Our homesteads have gone under water.. / Erosion by river, devouring around 325 feet

North Korea: floods dozens of people killed or injured

Fourth Time in a month: Sicily's Mount Etna erupts again

Strong quake 6.1 jolts central Japan, no tsunami alert

Freak Hailstorm hits New York boroughs

Lava Flow from Sciara del Fuoco, Stromboli , Italy

Sinkhole Almost Swallows Minivan - Cincinnati, Ohio

Interesting earthquakes in Bárðarbunga volcano system"

THOUSANDS of dead fish have washed up along 8km of Lake Alexandrina's shore

Dead fish mystery at Lea Lake

Thousands of fish mysteriously die in Moroccan river

Thailand: Several provinces to flood crisis/Sukhothai flood/Videoes...

Philippines: Heavy flooding Manila up to waist-deep floodwater

Vietnam: The streets of Hanoi under water Photo / The river city, paralyzing traffic

Laos: Floods hits Vientiane

India: Uttar Pradesh Ghagra River breaches embankment / five villages were inundated in Barabanki

Honduras: Evacuation due to high flood levels of flow of Ulua / flow lvl of Ulua "have risen 6 m"

El Salvador: Flood in Santa Ana / "the water level rose up to 85 inches"

Spain: Freak storms hit Barcelona

Malaysia: flood Kangar, Perlis

Satellite Image Shows Ash Plume Drifting From Krakatoa

Large Sinkhole Closes Street in Montreal, Canada

Large Sinkhole Opens in Downtown Ellsworth, Maine

Flood in Guyana

Chile’s Puyehue-Cordón Caulle Continues To Spew Ash

Satellite Image Shows Ash Plume Drifting From Krakatoa

Philippines: Floods swamp several towns in Cavite, Batangas, Rizal

Australia, Sydney - Nice, but not normal!

A large crack in the earth near Highway 191 and Van Ness Road, AZ


Tornado in USA on Wednesday, 03 August, 2011 at 03:00

Extreme Weather in Pakistan on Wednesday, 03 August, 2011

Extreme Weather in Canada on Wednesday, 03 August, 2011

Russian Volcano Shows Signs Of Impending Eruption

Hawaii: Volcano spewed rivers of lava and crater collapsed

100's of kilograms Fish dead in Georgia

Alaska: New lava dome at Mt.Cleveland, alert level raised

Chile: crack in the ground measuring about 200 meters in Arica


Alabama: road engulfed by the sinkhole

Heat Wave - North-America - USA / State of Texas

Flash Flood - Europe - United Kingdom / England

Heat Wave - North-America - USA / State of Tennessee

Pakistan: building collapse in Lyari area of Karachi kills nine

Hawaii: Volcano spewed rivers of lava and crater collapsed

7 of 10 Floods as of 5 August

Iraq hit by extreme weather, record temperature

7 of 10 Floods as of 6 August

Altos, Paraguay: Geologists puzzled by the appearance cracks and steam

India: bridge collapse in Mumbai

Extreme Weather - North-America - USA / State of Montana

Sinkhole in Saskatchewan, Canada

7 of 10 Floods as of 7 August

Rare EQ shakes Israel's coast

Volcano Eruption - Indonesian archipelago - Indonesia / West Sumatra

Thailand: Floods kill 20 in northern Thailand

Malaysia: landslide kills 7 near Cameron Highlands resorts

Thailand: record-breaking heavy flooding / Yom River in Phichit was stressed by high water levels.
India: Mangalore: No Let Up in Rain Fury – Sea Erosion Worsens / Flood fury on, 20 Jorhat villages hit / flood at Teok; NH-37 under water / 700 acres under water
Bangladesh: Low lying areas of this district situated near river Padma have been submerged
Indonesia: flood Gorontalo Boalemo
Malaysia: Flood Sungai Batu Pahat
Mexico:  The river overflows in San Vicente Coatepec Chichester, at least 100 houses flooded(In some places the water level was over three feet tall) / Continues to increase the level of Samaria
Cuba: The damage caused by heavy rains in Santiago de Cuba (rain - o.omm)

Vietnam: Embankment area of An Giang are sinking.

Malaysia: Embankment in Bajuin Cracks

Indonesian volcano unleashes fresh burst:

Bangladesh Sinking: Flooding in Cox’s Bazar worsens

Australia, Tasmania islands: Worst flooding in 20 years
Mexico: Despite the remoteness of the storm, there were waves of up to six meters, causing flooding in some streets of Boca Pascual and Paradise.
Vietnam: Embankment area of An Giang are sinking.
India SINKING: Nearly 300 houses were damaged fully or partially due to sea erosion / Hundreds of villages have been submerged due to the rising water levels of the Teok, Puthinadi, Mudoijan and Kakojan rivers / As many as 80 villages underwater
Thailand: submerged over 40,000 acres of 22 million Baht

Thailand: Floods still worrisome in some provinces/North and northeastern regions still under water

Mexico: Two girls killed by landslide hill in Mazatlan

Australia: Rain decreasing, waters rising / Residents evacuate as floodwaters rise
India: Sea erosion has intensified at Kody Bengre near Kemmannu in Udupi / “There was no downpour on Tuesday, yet our road is still under water. That proves the authorities’ callousness,”
Venezuela: Floods affect 400 families in Brisas del Lago

Sinkhole, Broomall, Philadelphia, August 10

New Eruption Starts At Alaska’s Cleveland Volcano

Fish kills in Bayou Black, Thibodaux

Myanmar: worse flooding in more than 30 years hits Pegu

Mynmar: Flood in Myanmar's Bago region worsens (No words about rain)
Pakistan: 2 villages, crops inundated( water level 3 foot)
India: kolkata flood / Floods affect hundreds of thousands in India and Nepal
Bangladesh SINKING: Patuakhali district get flooded due to heavy downpour and tidal surge
Philippines sinking: Perennially flooded villages of Bato in Camarines Sur
Venezuela: "Every time the river floods, homes are flooded. The water level has reached over one meter high. "

Peru: Strong waves in South and North Chico causes flooding and damages to fishermen.

Hundreds Of Birds Found Dead In Oklahoma

190-ft Sinkhole Discovered Beneath I-90 Connector Tunnel - Boston, MA
Xiang'an District,  Xiamen, China. August 11:
Sinkhole Closes Road in Montoursville (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

M 6.0 - EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN - 2011-08-11 18:22 UTC

Mt. Ibu Emits Thick Smoke

Mass Of Dead Fish Found In N. China City

Italy: Sinkhole swallowed garbage truck, Casalnuovo

India: flood ravage Jammu, at least nine persons were killed and 20 others injured

Australia: Rising sea levels wear away Victorian coastline / school, kindergartens close as water continues to rise in Gippsland
Bangladesh: "Rafts made of banana plants have become a preferred mode of transport."
Ecuador: "At least in the last three years is the first time we have these winds and waves from the south. Such waves of distant events are rare on our shores."
Peru: Strong waves in South and North Chico causes flooding and damages to fishermen

Indonesia: karawang Sinking

Large Number Of Fish Found Dead In Central China River

Water and Gas Main Break Opens Gaping Sinkhole in Harlem - Manhattan, New York
Downtown Vancouver Sinkhole a Mystery - Vancouver BC, Canada
Huge Sinkhole Closes East Burdick Expressway - Minot, North Dakota

Large Sinkhole Opens in New York City

Pakistan: flooding kills 21 in Sindh

Investigators trying to determine cause of dead fish, turtles on Pearl River
Sinkhole Swallows Car in Sioux City, Iowa
M 5.9 - NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN - 2011-08-13 07:21 UTC

4 Killed, 40 Hurt In Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse

Heavy Rains Flood Streets, Trap Cars In Parts Of NYC And Long Island

Cambodia: Floods cause serious damage

Sinkhole Swallows Car in Upper Marlboro, Maryland


New York breaks city's rainfall record with nearly eight inches soaking city


Indonesia : Mount Soputan volcano erupts again
E.Russia :  Shiveluch volcano churns out more ash

Massive Sinkhole in Staten Island, New York
Massive Sinkhole in Mandan (Bismark, North Dakota)
New Zealand: Snowmageddon

South Africa: Cold front brings snow to Johannesburg

Australia: was made to close the highway to all but local traffic because of high tides.
Pakistan: 85 villages inundated after River Tavi flows in flood
India: .Floods worsen in central N.E.India

Colombia: earth movement, cracks and destruction of houses in Cartagena

Pakistan: Badin Sinking.


Indonesia Sinking: Bojongsari/Bintang


Thailand:Which is filled with water that flooded rice fields on high until the rice is not visible. The sea water to foul smelly rotten rice paddy normally end up dead.
India SINKING: Rising sea levels and rapid soil erosion have landed at Mumbai's doorstep
Philippines SINKING: Bulalo flood /Pagsanjan flood




Extreme rainfall in Norway leads to major flooding and devestation


China: sinkholes in the southern provinces, сracks in the north


India: Land Cracking, Three Families Shifted


Large Sinkhole Opens in Newaygo, Michigan

Vietnam: Three houses collapsed into the Tien River

Colombia: Lert by strong waves at the Port of Buenaventura
India: They reached the sand mount in the sea some 500 meters away when the high tide started approaching
Thailand:  (Bangkok )Community outside of the vehicle barrier 13 in a total of about 1200 households and 27 communities have been affected by tidal flooding
Pakistan: More saline water gushing out of canals and drains inundated crops and villages and fresh breaches developed in different waterways on Tuesday

Earthquake, Magnitude 6.2 - OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 2011 August 17, 11:44 UTC


Sinkhole Opens, Killing Man in Southern California - Steam Rises - August 17, 2011


Indonesia's Mount Lokon volcano erupts again

Cambodia: Flooding 37 villages and damaging over 5,000 homes

Thailand Sinking: The floods began in March and remain stagnant in most areas

Pakistan: Pakistan floods leave 60,000 homeless/Floods Hit Southern Pakistan

India: Floods continue to impact many parts of India

Malaysia: Their home of 20 years, a dilapidated squatter house that sits by a riverbank and subject to flooding when the tide is high, is without piped water and electricity
Australia: projects are not built on sand prone to sea rise erosion. heavy erosion caused by storms, high tides and sea level rise
India: Yermal Bada , Sea erosion on 07/08/2011 Udupi Karnataka / Assam floods: NH cut off, 260 villages hit
Philippines: Kapatagan, Lanao Norte landslide strands passengers  / Landslide kills 3 miners in ComVal / Landslide hits Cebu orphanage


Sinkhole Swallows SUV in Detroit, Michigan

Storm kills 3, injures 71 at Belgian festival

6.5M Eq, Near the East coast of Honshu, Japan

UK: Flash floods hit southern England

Indonesia, Sibatu SINKING: Cibatu flood rain - 0.0mm
Thailand: Ayutthaya, a punt to help rescue the old man unconscious in the home district, Ban Shock, which is flooded with high Out to sea every room
Turkey: flash flood wreaks havoc in province of Ordu


SUV Swallowed by Sinkhole - Chicago, Illinois


Magnitude 6.2 FIJI REGION Friday, August 19, 2011 at 03:54:26 UTC

Mississippi bridge closed due to 18-inch crack in beam

U.S.A. , New York: The Hamilton section of Howard Beach flooded really bad compared to the more usual high tides that flood the area and the city government continue to ignore
Pakistan: "Badin due to its geographical location was prone to cyclones and sea intrusion however....."
India: Flood Waters Enter Over 1,000 Bihar Villages
Bangladesh ,Satkhira SINKING: the water returns to invade Rishilpi and the whole area of Satkhira district (Max rain 1.6mm)
Australia, Tasmania: The levee gates at Longford in place as the water rises on Friday. The level was 5.5 metres at this stage

3 die in flash flood in Pittsburgh

7.5 and 5.0 eq in the Vanuatu Islands
Etna erupted again




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Disasters on the MAP : Aug 1 - Aug 7 2011I

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