ECO of Major Oil Company and Elite member of the Illuminati Circle - Confessess Elite's Agenda To Pastor Lindsey Williams

The Economy
Anyone who is remotely familiar with the New World Order and how the corporate and political machinery operates outside the scrutiny of the public eye and mainstream media, will know that the agenda of the elite is meticulously planned and that the eilte have what they call a timeline which sets out the order of events that they want to happen within a given framework of time allowed for those events to occur. Illuminati researchers have always had at their disposal moles from within, e.g the Bilderburg meetings, who leak information which allow members of the alternative media to predict with stunning accuracy the price of the dollar or the price of oil, for example, years or months ahead of the events actually occurring. It will come as no great surprise to any illuminati investigator that the elite plan to bring down the United States of America in order to facilitate their greater plan of building a New World Order out of the consuming chaos. The question among researchers has always been when are these events going to occur and not if.

World events seem to be moving very fast indeed and are a strong indication that something more sinister is just around the corner. The economic events outlined by pastor Lindsay, however really does throw the cat amongst the pigeons in that the people of the United States of America have two years at most to wake up to what is going on and rise up against what is happening, or in Lindsay's own words, "its over". Lindsay said that the reason the elite are now in a position to bring their timeline forward is because in the last 2-3 months of the Bush administration, the American public gave them 21.5 trillion dollars. What Lindsay didn't elaborate on however, was just how the American public gave the elite this money, but one strongly suspects that Lindsay was referring to the money paid at the petrol pump. Lindsay summed up the elite's attitude the the American public by saying, "the elite are laughing at the gullible, stupid American, who has fallen for every line that they have put out there for you. You've taken their baseball, apple pie and beer, you have run with it and you are satisfied to take their job, 'Just Over Broke' and accept what they have given you and you have not risen up or rebelled", Lindsay said.

Lindsay revealed that one of the first things that is going to happen is an increase in the stock market, adding, that it's going to go up and up and up and at the very end, you will lose everything, he said. Mr X also told Lindsay that the price of gold and silver is going to rise rapidly and that gold and silver will be the only thing you can depend on. Lindsay emphasized the fact that it is also the currency that the elite use and that they just laugh at paper and can pull the rug out from under it anytime they want. Lindsay also warned that if any of the listeners have gold, they should not keep it in a safety deposit box but, didn't or couldn't, elaborate on it further when asked by the host Alex Jones, if they were going to raid the safety deposit boxes? Except to say, that, people should watch what's coming out of Hollywood because they are going to tell you what they are going to do through Hollywood, he said, adding, that the media was their mouthpiece and Hollywood was their perversion. Lindsay also revealed, that within two years almost everyone (figuratively speaking) will be working for the federal government and to understand how it is going to happen, people have to consider the Health service that will soon be under government control as well as General Motors, Chrysler and the banks, adding that they are taking over 5 or 6 of the smaller banks every week. He pointed out that the president of the United States is now the CEO of General Motors and Chrysler and that everyone working for them are now officially employees of the federal government and that they want to narrow it down to just 9 major banks who will be so bailed out that they will come under federal government ownership. However, Lindsay was quick to point out that the bank takeovers are not going to happen all at once and will be spread out over the two year period as not to alarm anyone and wake them up to what is going on.

Lindsay talked at length on the national debt of the U.S and told listeners that it's not necessarily the national debt that is important in terms of the economy but rather, that someone must pay the interest on the national debt. Lindsay pointed out that at the national debt is normally bought by the Treasurer of the United States of America by issuing T-Bills and securities and for as long as anyone has known the dollar has been the reserve currency of the world and that when nations do not any longer, use the American dollar for the sale of crude oil, then, they don't buy our T-Bills and Securities. Lindsay revealed that, unbeknown to the sleepwalking American public, the Federal reserve are already buying back T-bills and securities and as Alex Jones pointed out; this is called monetizing the debt, which is something that cannot continue and that it's something that both Zimbabwe and Argentina did before their economies collapsed with hyper inflation. Lindsay said that its only a matter of time before other nations find out what is going on and then they will no longer be lining up to buy our securities and T-Bills and at that point its over because the dollar will totally collapse and will not be able to sustain itself. Lindsay says that within two years inflation will rise sharply and at the point that it starts to go up and up and up, it's over for the dollar.

So will Lindsay be proved correct and his critics silenced like last time Lindsay made such a prediction quoting inside knowledge? Whatever the outcome, the only certainty is that we don't have long to find out and the even sadder irony is, that by the time people do wake up to the truth about what is really going on in the world, it will probably be too late. Moreover, Lindsay is not the only one talking about the imminent collapse of the dollar as other forecasters are also predicting the same thing and along the same time-lines as Lindsay. However, there is one thing to bare in mind and that is that the elite's plans don't always go according to plan and the timeline could easily change, but maybe it's that sort of wishful thinking that has gotten us into this mess in the first place. The truth is that as human beings living in a society we have become comfortable and conditioned and accept too many things at face value when we shouldn't. Clearly, TV and the media is the tool that has, and is, still being used to do this and in what has become a Godless society filled with commercialism, greed and all it affords, mankind is merely reaping what he sows.

The illuminatifiles Comment...
While the integrity of Pastor Lindsay is not in doubt; one has to ask the question who's agenda is this, and is Lindsay merely being used unwittingly to put out disinformation, and help wreak more havoc on an already faltering economy and push people into the Gold market, as some people have claimed? Or did the elite member who confessed to Lindsay, really have a repentant heart and was his only agenda to get the truth out via Pastor Lindsay; presumably, in order to protect his own family and interests?

Either way, it's a loose, loose, situation; in that, the elite are either trying to manipulate events or they do indeed have a timeline planned for events to take place in the not too distant future. Taken on their own merit, the revelations of Pastor Lindsay could be taken as the inate ramblings of an old fuddie-duddie, fool who is well past his sell by date. However, in light of other evidence such as that of John Perkins who is the author of a book called 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' as well as other financial forecasters forecasting a total economic crash along the same time-lines as Lindsay

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