ECO of Major Oil Company and Elite member of the Illuminati Circle - Confessess Elite's Agenda To Pastor Lindsey Williams

Chaplin to some of the most powerful and influential people in the world. Pastor Lindsey himself came from humble beginnings and in his own words - somehow, by the providence of God - managed to get a job as Chaplin on the Alaska pipeline, in which, he became very successful. So much so, that the corporate elite that Lindsay served; soon began to realize, that, not only had the incidences of fighting, gambling and drinking decreased dramatically, but more importantly as far as the top executives were concerned, the pipeline was becoming more productive as a result of Lindsey's influence as well as saving the company a small fortune on counselling and solicitors.

Having won the confidence and respect of the men working on the pipeline and subsequently the top executives involved in the project, namely ARCO and other big oil companies, pastor Lindsey was granted executive status and drawn into the inner circle of the elite and began to become involved in board meetings and was privy to many of the important decisions taking place within the upper echelons of these major companies. However, by Lindsey's own admission, the corporate elite that Lindsey served were not the top level elites and were merely highly paid executives of the oil industry that represented the second or third tier of the corporate power structure as a whole. Having said that, many of these people are still privy to decisions and plans from higher up the ranks and in 2007 Lindsay was able to successfully predict that the price of oil would fall from $149.00 to less than $50.00 a barrel in within a year, much to the ridicule and derision of economists and analysts within the mainstream media.

Needless to say that pastor Lindsey's prediction came true. Only, as Lindsay says, it was not a prediction; it was simply inside knowledge that Lindsay had gained from the boardroom. Moreover, the decisions made at the boardroom level to bring the price of a barrel of oil down to around $50 per barrel had nothing to do with improving the lot of the American public or the plight of millions of poor families who are struggling to meet their energy needs with up to 10% of their disposable income being spent on fuel bills. No! Unbeknown to the populous, the fall in the price of oil was a carefully contrived plan that was hatched to break the Arab economy which is based on a rate of around $85 per barrel. Lindsay warns that should the price of oil continue its upward trend, the market will to be flooded with cheap oil from North of Russia and other oilfields that they have at their disposal. The graph to the right was taken from the business pages of the telegraph and independently confirms that Lindsay was correct, despite the derision and ridicule from the analysts and economists.

But what of Lindsay's latest predictions? The U.S Dollar will totally collapse by 2012 and more chillingly, there will be an outbreak of war in the Middle East that will spread throughout the world, sometime after 2012? Lindsey also hinted that president Obama is not sticking to the elite's agenda and as a result, is in grave danger of ending up like President Kennedy, a situation that no doubt, will not only solve a problem for the elite but at the same time, play into their hands as the outrage it would cause among the American public would be used as a pacifier and speed up gun control which is already in the early stages, anyway and is already being drip fed to the U.S public in painfully slow incremental stages.

As far as Lindsey's credentials are concerned, they are in no doubt whatsoever but the question that could be asked, however, is Lindsey merely being fed dis-information in order to discredit him for his previous revelations about the elite's manipulation of oil, in a book entitled 'The Energy Non Crisis', which was first published in 1980 as well as Lindsay's public speaking engagements and DVD's which were subsequently published over the following years. During a recent interview with Alex Jones, Lindsay made it known the real reason for shutting down his website, pulling his books and DVD's and stopping his speaking engagements. According to Lindsay, he was contacted by telephone, by a member of the Elite and told in no uncertain terms that if he didn't shut up him and is family would be killed. Lindsay subsequently pulled his books and DVD's from shut down his website with the following message:

Dear friends,

After 30 years of telling my story and speaking out on various issues that affect America and the World, the time has come for it to end. Due to my age, concern for my family and being called back to the mission field, I feel I must discontinue my incredibly difficult schedule and remove the expenses associated with the books, speaking engagements and DVD's.

I appreciate everyone's support, prayers and kindness shown to me over the past 30 years and sincerely pray that God blesses and keeps you during the years ahead.

God Bless,

Lindsey Williams

According to Lindsay, speaking recently on the Alex Jones radio show on the Genesis Communications Network, the elite's that threatened his life, were pacified by the shutting down of his site and the pulling his DVD's and speaking engagements. Lindsay was told he could go on speaking but was clearly briefed about what he was and wasn't allowed to say and at the time, Lindsay felt he had to choice but to comply. As a result, Lindsay remained on speaking terms with many of the elite's that he used to serve, albeit a with a slightly strained relationship. Recently, however, Pastor Lindsay happened to call an unnamed executive - who Lindsay is refusing to name for his own safety as well as the safety of the individual concerned - from one of the three major oil companies involved in the project, who is now in his mid to late 80's and is said to be close to death. Lindsay said that the individual, who we shall call Mr X; was very chatty, more so than usual and wanted to talk to Lindsay. After arranging to meet up with Mr X, the individual concerned confessed everything he knew to Lindsay about the elite's agenda for the next few years. If true, and given Lindsey's track record there is no reason to believe otherwise, the revelations are shocking to say the least.

It is not totally clear, however, if Lindsay is publishing this information in direct defiance of the elite and putting his own life on the line or if he is simply releasing information that he has permission to. According to Lindsay, the elite have a [twisted] moral code and always let the American public know what they are going to do, largely via Hollywood and the mainstream media. The key to understanding these coded messages, according to Lindsay, is to read between the lines and understand their buzzwords. Before anyone dismisses this as sheer fantasy, one has to look at one of their buzzwords, namely, "New World Order". Several years ago, the term "New World Order" was dismissed both within the mainstream media and major political figures as the fantasy of lunatics and crazy conspiracy theorists with too much time on their hands. However, time has moved on and as their plans reach fruition, their buzzword, "New World Order" is being used openly by both major political figures as well as within the mainstream media.

Hollywood too, has no shortage of plots that are based on reality and mixed in with just enough fiction to keep an unsuspecting public from reading between the lines or visa versa. It's interesting to note, that he latest offering from Hollywood, staring George Cloony and Ewan McGregor called "The Men Who Stare At Goats", is actually based on real events that encompassed a series of projects and sub-projects known as Operation Bluebird and MK Ultra, which ran from the early 1950's through to the early 1970's. During this time thousands of different experiments were carried out in many different fields, to find different ways of analysing and controlling human behaviour. One particular series of experiments that were carried out included using psychics and other paranormal phenomenon such as ESP to try to remotely kill an enemy target by the power of thought alone. If this sounds far fetched, and it does, you have to remember that this actually happened and has been documented as anyone who wants to do their own research can verify. Although many of the Mk Ultra classified files were intentionally destroyed, many of them accidentally survived and are now declassified and many of the declassified files from MK Ultra and operation Bluebird will be made available on this site shortly.

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