Edward Snowden wants to "bring the matter to an end"

January 27, 2014

It was his first TV interview since the flight to Russia: whistleblower Edward Snowden wants to agree with the U.S. authorities. But how? For President Barack Obama Snowden has only scorn. The industrial espionage of the U.S. secret NSA is an open secret - now the informant Edward Snowden mentioned in an interview with the NDR a concrete example of Germany. "If there is information about Siemens that use the national interest of the United States - but have nothing to do with national security - then take this information anyway," Snowden said in his first loud NDR information television interview since the flight to Russia.

Former intelligence officials had first made public with his revelations of how the NSA is listening worldwide phone calls, e-mails mitliest and government spying, including the phone from Chancellor Angela Merkel. Russia has granted temporary asylum Snowden. A return of 30-year-olds in the U.S. who have made an arrest requests seems, for the time being excluded. Snowden speculates in the interview about the fact that not only the cell phone of Chancellor Merkel was bugged. "The question is: How is it logical to assume that it is the only member of the government, which was monitored," Snowden said. "I would say it is not very likely that someone who cares about intentions of the German government only monitors Merkel -., Not their advisers, no other known members of the government, no minister or even members of local governments"
In conversation with the NDR journalists Hubert Seipel former U.S. intelligence officials of reported significant threats : "Government officials want to kill me," said the 30-year-old. As evidence Snowden led an article on the internet platform "BuzzFeed" to. Members of the Pentagon and the NSA had told the reporter that she wanted to kill Snowden.
The U.S. accuses Snowden before disclosure of secrets. Therefore, the informant threatened a prosecution in the case of a return to his homeland. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told the "Washington Post" that a pardon for the stranded Russian computer specialists do not come into question. Without amnesty, however, Snowden fears of an unfair trial and holds a homecoming therefore impossible, he clarified in an online question and answer session.
Holder presented last week in an interview with MSNBC clearly, to be open to solutions in the matter Snowden. "If Mr. Snowden come to the United States and wanted to make an admission of guilt, we would come to terms with his lawyers," Holder said.
Snowden hopes, however, to reach an agreement with the authorities in his home country . Although he do not sit on the phone constantly and wait Snowden said. "Nevertheless, I would welcome the opportunity to talk about how we can bring this matter to a mutually satisfactory way to end," Snowden emphasized, according to a translation of the NDR.
On U.S. President Barack Obama that he sets his According to him, there is little hope. "It is significant that the President says that I am to answer before a court, even if he knows that such a process would only be a show trial."
Only the U.S. president himself was able to stop the world criticized mass surveillance of U.S. intelligence. "The National Security Agency is subject solely to the President. He can finish their action at any time or initiate a change," Snowden said in the television interview.
Snowden sees in the American anti-espionage law from the time of the First World War, which is referred to his indictment, a crucial legal impediment. Under the current laws on the protection of whistleblowers, he can not claim to have acted on his spectacular revelations around the U.S. NSA in the public interest. "I am aware that my life is directly threatened, but I will not let them intimidate you," Snowden wrote on the supporters site " freesnowden.is ".
Snowden's future thus remains completely uncertain. His annual asylum in Russia will expire in August. According to a CNN report Moscow could extend the residence permit. This decision rests with President Vladimir Putin. Russia had the request of the United States, to provide Snowden, declined several times.


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