"Financial Planners are Financial Scamers?

To prevent the downright theft by these financial advisers or financial planners, there needs to be put in place a plan too protect investors from fraud and the loss of their money invested into poncy fraudulent schemes, but what does the Liberal Party "Abbott Government do! They want to scrap financial advice laws that were put in place under the previous Labor Government that would protect investors from total financial loss by some shady operators. Apparently to become a financial adviser, all one has to do is an eight day course to obtain a license to invest someones money into their poncy shares that leave you nothing but the empty feeling of been scammed. Forget super schemes, why not Passbook Accounts instead?

There needs to be a "Liability Law" that protects investors from total loss caused by these shady dealers and conman that prey on vulnerable gentile victims who mortgage their home to borrow money from the banks margin loan scam and then defraud them of their cash and assets because the banker sells their shares and leave their suckers or customers penniless.

All financial advisers or planners by law should have Liability Insurance to cover their client loss because of their negligence, a negligent act involves failure to behave in a manner expected when the results of this failure cause a financial loss to others. 

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Comment by Kerry Hay on July 5, 2014 at 11:17pm

Why did the (GFC) Global Financial Crisis happen? It happened because too many Yids on the Stock Exchange got too greedy buying and selling amongst themselves for huge bonuses at our expense. The real money evaporated in their pyramid poncy scheme through dummy Corporations and Big Banks that were handing out loans backed by nothing. When new investors stopped putting money into the stock-market, they panicked and pulled the plug to save themselves and left their stockholders in ruin, because their shares became worthless overnight. Your share loss is anther persons gain (someone must lose in order for someone to win in other-words).            

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