I have a problem with 1BC being the date of Christs birth. According to my Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedias, Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar, 42 BC to 37 AD, left Rome in 26 AD and withdrew to Campainia, leaving power to Lucius Aelius Sejanus. 

So if Claudius started Rule in 14 AD and left in 26 AD this is only 12 years not 15 years as luke 3:1 says. Maybe Luke new or felt that Tiberius Cladius started ruling in 11 AD before his step father died in Nola, Italy in 14 AD.

In 26 AD Pontius Pilate had became governor in Palestine and continued till 36 AD. Herod Antipas, the old fox, was Tetrarch of Ituraea 4BC to 34 AD. Archelaus was enthrarch of Judea 4 BC to 6 AD. Agrippa 1, king of Judea 37 to 44 AD, Slew James. Agrippa II, king of Judea 53 to 100 AD, gave ear to Paul in 54 AD. Herod the great, half Jew, was the king of Judea 37 BC to 4 AD. Herod took the task of rebuilding the temple in 20 BC and in (John 2:20) the Jews told Jesus the temple structures had been in construction 46 years, making that year 26 AD. The year Claudius left Rome. The first year of Potius Pilate. (Luke 3:23) says Jesus was anointed at about age 30. It was Jewish law that a man could not become a priest until he was 30 years old. (Num. 4:2).

going to (Matt ch.2) Herod gave two years of time (verse 16) from the time (verse 7) where he inquired of the wise men when they saw the star appear. Herod died in 4 BC! So we know two years could take us back to 7or 6 BC when they first saw the light (star). The star reappears to the wise men after they left from Herod. Apparently the wise men did not know of the prophecy of the messiah (Dan 9:24-27) and others, but knew to follow the star. Looking at all the written evidence, I put Christs birth at late 5BC when the shepherds were still watching over their flocks (Luke ch. 2).

For this next segment please read Gen. 19:23, PS 19:4-5, PS 84:11, Mal. 4:2, Luke 1:78, IIPet. 1:19 and Rev. 22:16.

If Archbishop James Ussher of the 1600's calculated Adams creation correctly at 4004 BC we can put dates to all the begats in the book of Genesis including the flood, Exodus and so on.

Relative to the sun many things come to light! The sun has an average of 11 year sun cycles in which it flips back and starts over. Isn't this the way of Gods mercy? If you repent you start over again a new.

364 sun cycles is 4004 years, Adam to Abraham 1996 BC was 2008 years. 4004 years from Abraham is 2008 AD. Enoch was translated at age 365. 365 sun cycles from Abraham, the father of faith, is 2019 AD. Enoch was born in 3382 BC, exactly 94 sun cycles to the flood of Noah in 2348 BC, or 1034 years. The flood to Abraham, 1996 BC, is 32 sun cycles or 352 years. Abraham to Christ 5BC, is 181 sun cycles or 1991 years. The birth of the church of Christ by the Holy Spirit, 29AD, to 2020 is 1991 years or 181 cycles. Enoch to 2019 AD will be 491 sun cycles or 5401 years. These and only these are the low points and starting points of the sun cycles found in all of Genesis and New Testament times. Can you see the translation of the Church of Christ happening in 2019 to 2020? On Jan. 4th 2008 was the lowest sun spot activity since record keeping started in 1745 AD.

From Jechonias in 571 BC, half way through the Babylonian 70 year captivity, to Christ 5BC is 566 years. Matt ch. 1 speaks of the three 14 generational periods. The last period at 566 years equals 40.3/7 years each, almost 40.5 years each. If this continued until today from Christ BC 50 generational periods would be 2019 to 2020 AD.

Thanks for listening.

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